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What Are Massage Chair Techniques? 

Each massage chair uses innovative robotics to simulate the movements of real human hands. Massage chair engineers study the way a masseuse moves their hands during various massage techniques, manipulations, styles, and methods. Then the chairs are programmed to replicate those movements to deliver a therapeutic massage experience. We’ll take a closer look at which massage techniques are being utilized in the latest massage chairs and describe the healing benefits of each. These are the main massage chair techniques: Air Compression, Hot Stone, Swedish, Balinese, Kneading, Thai, Chinese, Reflexology, Tapping, Chopping, Rolling, Tuina, Clapping, Shiatsu, Vibration, Deep Tissue, Stretch, and Zero Gravity 

Air Compression 
Deep Tissue
Hot Stone
Zero Gravity

Air Compression Massage Chairs 

Using an airbag system featured in every massage chair, the extremities of your body get soothing air compression massage. Air compression can decrease stiffness and improve blood flow throughout the body. Also, the compression technique stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps the body get rid of pollutants. You can change the level of air compression massage intensity to suit your needs. The best stretching is achieved by keeping the body still, which is accomplished by using air compression which helps keep you perfectly positioned. The Luraco i9 Max offers the greatest compression massage because of its impressive 100 airbags.

Balinese Massage Chairs 

A Balinese massage is a full-body, deep-tissue massage. Balinese massage combines light stretching, acupressure, and reflexology to promote blood, oxygen, and "qi" (energy) circulation throughout the body. This approach encourages wellbeing, peace, and profound relaxation. The most recent example of a chair featuring the Balinese technique setting as one of the automatic routines is the JPMedics Kumo massage chair.

Chinese Massage Chairs 

Zhi Ya and Tui Na are two of the techniques used in Chinese massage. Zhi Ya involves pinching and pushing acupoints along the acupuncture channels where the Chi rises closest to the surface to relieve tension and discomfort. Chinese massage therapy known as Tiuna involves pushing, pulling, and stretching the muscles. The Osaki XRest is one of the most well-liked chairs that employs these relaxing massage techniques.

Clapping Massage Chairs 

Clapping is a type of percussion movement called tapotement that is composed of a series of swift, light strikes made with different hands in rapid succession. Although they can be used to many different parts of the body, the two main percussion strokes, cupping and hacking, are most effective on fleshy, large, and muscular body parts, such as the thighs. Clapping is a deep tissue massage technique used by the Ogawa Active XL 3D.

Deep Tissue Massage Chairs 

Deep tissue massage is a deeper level of the traditional Swedish style massage that targets tight muscles and connective tissue. It's especially beneficial for areas that are chronically tense or contracted, like the neck, lower back, and sore shoulders. While a deep tissue massage promotes relaxation, depending on how tense your muscles are, it can be a little uncomfortable or painful at first. The massage strokes work out knots that are deeper within the muscle and are harder to access. Deep tissue massage focuses on chronic pain or muscle tension to provide you with an improved relaxation benefit. The 3D massage roller of the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid goes up and down, in and out, and side to side allowing for a thorough deep tissue massage 

Hot Stone Massage Chairs 

Smooth, heated stones are used in hot stone massage for this type of experience. A massage therapist will hold the hot stones in their palm while massaging specific areas of your body as well as placing them there. The weight and localized heat of the stones warm and relax muscles, enabling the masseuse to apply more intense pressure to particular areas without inflicting pain. Massage chairs use heated rollers to replicate Hot Stone Therapy and deliver a therapeutic massage treatment. One massage chair that uses this healing technique is the Osaki Maestro LE

What are Kneading Massage Chairs? 

Kneading massage is a terrific way to ease pain and muscle tension by lifting and stretching the muscles. Moreover, the elimination of toxins from the muscle and nerve tissue in the area being worked on is facilitated by the kneading massage technique. In your massage chair, your back will be stroked in gentle circular motions on both sides of your spine. The kneading technique is used by most massage chairs. Your neck, shoulders, and lower back will get a variety of kneading techniques from the Infinity Circadian to soothe aching muscles and eliminate fatigue. 

What are Reflexology Massage Chairs? 

Reflexology is usually applied while rubbing the feet at the ottoman's footrest in massage chairs. Reflexology is an excellent way to improve general health, relieve tense feet muscles, and promote relaxation. Reflexology is a form of massage that is based on the idea that pressing on specific areas of the foot will enhance the health of the associated body parts by releasing endorphins, which are naturally occurring painkillers and stress relievers. The Titan Vigor uses movable foot rollers to provide a therapeutic reflexology massage. 

What are Rolling Massage Chairs? 

This type of massage concentrates on the muscles close to the spine by rolling up and down your back while maintaining steady pressure with the rollers. This works wonders to prepare your back for the complete massage from your massage chair by warming and loosening these often extremely stiff muscles. While removing knots from deep muscles, the Titan Jupiter Premium LE uses 3D L-track rollers that move in and out in addition to up and down. 

What are Shiatsu Massage Chairs? 

Shiatsu, which translates to "finger pressure," uses stretching, pressure, and spinning to create a whole-body healing effect that can lessen tension, muscle discomfort, anxiety, and depression. Shiatsu massage is sometimes referred to as the equal of acupressure. Shiatsu massages are historically founded on the belief that the body's life force, also known as ki (or chi or qi), moves through a variety of energy channels. An energy channel is obstructed when you experience pain in a certain location. Shiatsu massage releases these barriers and offers a soothing and revitalizing treatment. The Osaki Alpina massage chair's Shiatsu Point Finder does a thorough body scan to find your Shiatsu points and create a massage that is tailored to your unique body profile. 

What are Stretch Massage Chairs? 

Stretching is a fantastic way to release tight muscles and prepare them for the remainder of the day. With the aid of their integrated airbag system, the majority of massage chairs purposefully pin you into the chair so that you feel a stretch in certain muscles. This kind of massage can help you unwind physically, get ready for a more intense session, or loosen up tight muscles. The Infinity Luminary has a dedicated spinal decompression stretch mode that uses light rolling, tapping, and air compression to stretch your back and legs while also stretching your entire body. 

What are Swedish Massage Chairs? 

One of the most popular styles of massage in the West is Swedish massage. Swedish massage is ideal for people who don't frequently get massages and have a medium pain threshold. Longer massage strokes are used during a Swedish massage to warm up the muscles, release tension, and break up knots. This type of massage also has many additional health advantages, including increased circulation, the Master Drive 2.0 uses low-intensity rolling, tapping, and kneading. 

What are Thai Massage Chairs? 

Thai massage uses gentle touch and stretching techniques to relax the entire body. This is a traditional medical practice with Indian origins. Instead of passively having a Swedish or shiatsu massage while laying on a bed, the client actively participates in the massage while lying on the floor. One can think that the massage therapist and the client are fighting while receiving a Thai massage. The Thai massage technique is one of the full-body massage algorithms offered by the Osaki Belmont massage chair.  

What are Tapping Massage Chairs? 

Tapping is a great way to reduce stiffness, improve blood flow, and dissolve scar tissue. A series of fast tapping strokes is known as tapping, and it works to stimulate connective tissue and muscles. Also called percussion massage. The Titan Summit Flex allows you to pinpoint a specific area of your back that could benefit from tapping. 

What are Tuina Massage Chairs? 

Tuina is a type of Chinese massage therapy that balances your body's energy levels and blood flow, enhancing your general health, by using the same acupoints and energetic meridians as acupuncture. To release tension and relieve pain, Tuina involves stretching, kneading, and pressing the muscles. This therapeutic massage technique is employed by the high-end massage chair known as the Infinity Circadian

What are Vibration Massage Chairs? 

Vibration massage is an ancient method for easing pain and promoting circulation. Vibration plates, which are present in many massage chairs, provide a vibration massage with a variable and adjustable intensity. The relaxing vibration and Ogawa Active L Plus increase circulation while relieving tension. 

What are Zero Gravity Massage Chairs?

By evenly distributing your body weight, a zero-gravity massage chair makes it simple to extend your knees and bring your feet close to your heart. Better circulation is the main benefit, which also reduces pressure on your spine and gives you a sense of being weightless. This method was initially developed by NASA for its astronaut training program to alleviate some of the physical stress on the body when it launches into the Earth's atmosphere. The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid is the perfect example of a massage chair that has a deep level of zero gravity with inversion therapy.