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Thai Massage Chairs

Looking for a massage with a great stretch? The Thai massage technique may just be your new favorite technique. Thai massage is designed to relax the whole body, with the client typically laying on the floor. It can appear that both the massage therapist and the client are in a twisting fight, but the masseuse is only providing a deep stretch with soothing compression by pulling and pushing the body. Thai massage can also be used in yoga practices to experience the full effects.


  • Decreases headaches 
  • Spinal Decompression 
  • Joint pain relief 

  • Re-energizes the body 
  • Promotes cell growth 
  • Increase blood circulation, great for heart health 

How Thai massage is performed in a massage chair: 

In a massage chair, Thai is usually performed in a chair's stretch or extension program. As airbags inflate to hold down the body, a massage chair like the Osaki OS-3D Belmont will provide a deep stretch while the rollers slowly massage the back and glutes.

Osaki OS-3D Belmont

Massage Chairs With Thai Massage

A Massage Chair that uses Thai Massage - The Osaki OS-3D Belmont comes equipped with a soothing Thai massage program to melt away tension and stress. To see more massage chairs with Thai massage like The Osaki Belmont, click HERE!