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We Price Match Costco Massage Chairs!

Costco Massage Chair Price Match

That's right!  We don't rent large buildings and have tons of employee salaries to pay, so we can easily Price Match Costco Massage Chairs that you see on our site.

Our Costco Massage Chair Price Match guarantee assures that we are selling these massage chairs to you at the same price.  

Why The Modern Back Is A Better Choice For A Massage Chair

Unlike big box stores that sell TVs, rotisserie chickens, and tube socks, we specialize in massage chairs. 

We have these massage chairs in our very own showroom sitting only a few feet away from our desks. 

We will educate you on how to use your massage chair before & after your purchase. You're making an investment in a quality massage chair. You deserve the attention.  

How To Get a Costco Massage Chair Price Match? 

It's so simple: Just click the link below to complete the Costco Massage Chair Price Match Request Form and we’ll respond back to you with a coupon code.

This way you can quickly get your Costco Massage Chair Price Match discount on the purchase of your new massage chair.

We also offer 0% Financing options and White Glove Delivery for a minimal fee.  

Have Price Match Questions? 

Call us 24/7 at 800-416-4304 or chat with us online.

You will find our massage chair expertise unmatched in the industry.

Every employee is trained extensively in helping customers find the right massage chair.

Sometimes even our president answers the phone. Call now & see if you happen to get him on the line. 

Which Costco Massage Chairs Do We Price Match?

We price match all advertised Costco Massage Chairs including the Osaki Vivo, Osaki Hiro, Infinity Circadian, Osaki Maxim LE, Osaki Encore, and Osaki Maestro.

If you find a better price on any Costco Massage Chairs, fill out the Price Match Form to get your coupon code!

Learn more about Costco Massage Chairs.