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Personal Comfort Mattresses

Personal Comfort is the number one rated Number Bed and the brand that health-conscious people everywhere are choosing.

Elegance and comfort meet preventive health and durability with this elaborate line of number beds that adapt to your body with customizable number bed technology and cooling copper-infused memory foam.

The Rejuvenation Series number beds by Personal Comfort give you the ability to adjust your level of comfort and provide rejuvenating benefits to help revitalize your body while you sleep.

R11 Bed



RETAIL PRICE: $3884.99

Personal Comfort believes in providing you with only the best, which is why every bed in the Rejuvenation Series is temperature-neutralizing to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Each King and Queen R11 bed comes with dual air chambers for individual customization. The touchscreen remotes make it easy to change your number setting or download the App to your smartphone for advanced features and settings.

R13 Bed



RETAIL PRICE: $3699.99

The R13 come standard with a fully digital state-of-the-art pump system that uses a medically recognized pressure scale with 45 unique number settings, from 5 to 50. The 2-Zone technology allows for a comfort level that can be completely customized for individualized personalization. The cooling copper-infused memory foam of the Rejuvenation series was designed to regulate temperatures to keep you cool while you sleep.

R15 Bed



RETAIL PRICE: $5999.99

The Personal Comfort R15 has the highest profile of all the Rejuvenation series mattresses with a 15' height designed to make you feel like you're sleeping on the clouds. The copper-infused memory foam will keep you cool by neutralizing bed temperatures and evenly dispersing body heat. The many health benefits of Copper include anti-inflammatory properties, improved circulation and much more. The levels of comfort can be customized and adjusted from firm to soft depending on your personal preference.