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If you were quoted a lower price or found a lower price online with any big box store or online competitor, The Modern Back guarantees to match it.

Unlock The Best Deal: 3 Ways to Get a Massage Chair Price Match 


2. CALL US AT 800-416-4304


Price Match Guarantee: Unbeatable Deals on Massage Chairs

We highly appreciate your business and are dedicated to ensuring that our prices remain competitive to assist you in saving money.

If you come across a lower price elsewhere or have been quoted a lower price, The Modern Back is committed to matching the price for massage chairs.

Competitors That We Price Match

Our price match guarantee extends to massage chairs available for purchase online and at major retail stores including: Costco, Amazon, Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Mattress Firm, Target, and Best Buy.

We also honor price matches for quotes from online and retail competitors as well as massage chair manufacturers such as Osaki, Titan, Infinity, Ogawa, Daiwa and more.

Massage Chair Price Match: Guidelines for Guaranteed Savings

  • To qualify for the massage chair Price Match Guarantee, the massage chair you purchase must match the one available on themodernback.com, ensuring that you receive the best deal possible. 

  • The massage chair must be in stock at the time of purchase and from an authorized seller to ensure product authenticity and availability. Verifying the seller's authorization status is important to guarantee a genuine and reliable purchase experience.

  • For the Massage Chair Price Match, ensure that the chair is brand new, still in its original manufacturing packaging, and has not been owned before. These criteria must be met for the price match to be applicable. 

  • eBay, Craigslist, and Trade-Show offers are excluded from the Price Match Massage Chair Guarantee. This guarantee ensures that you receive the best price when purchasing a massage chair, but it does not apply to listings on eBay, Craigslist, or offers from trade shows.

  • Price Match requests for massage chairs must be submitted before placing an order to ensure that you receive the best price available. 

  • Price Match requests apply to the total item cost, encompassing not only the base price but also factoring in shipping charges, processing fees, and sales tax where applicable. This comprehensive approach ensures that customers receive the best possible deal when requesting a Price Match.

  • Luraco massage chairs, known for their advanced technology and premium comfort features, are currently not included in the Price Match Guarantee policy. 
  • Price Match quotes cannot be combined with additional discounts or promotions.