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Millions of people struggle with Insomnia every day and even though they desperately want to sleep, they find themselves lying in bed with a mind full of racing thoughts and a body that can’t seem to stop tossing and turning. And the effects of insomnia are not only happening at night but can linger into your days as well. When your body doesn’t get the sleep you need, there can be a multitude of adverse effects that can put a damper on your daily life in ways that can be very frustrating. You just don’t have enough energy to complete your daily tasks or perform at your optimum level at work and you’re grumpy to boot which isn’t fun for others around you. A simple insomniatreatment is to evaluate what kind of mattress you’re sleeping on. The biggest reason we don’t get enough sleep is because we’re sleeping on the wrong mattress. Your sleeping partner might be the one who’s keeping you up all night because the mattress isn’t right for them based on their individual needs. Here at The Modern Back Sarasota Mattress Showroom, we understand that comfort is subjective, but we use our expertise to recommend which sleeping surface is best for you so you can say goodbye to sleepless nights. And since comfort may not always be a mutual agreement, we also understand how to accommodate sleepers who share a bed and have completely different needs.

The biggest reason we don’t get enough sleep is because we move throughout the night due to discomfort and lack of pressure relief. When we’re uncomfortable and start feeling that ache in our shoulders or hips, we need to shift positions which means you’re not sleeping. And, once you’ve finally fallen asleep and your body naturally moves throughout the night it could cause you to wake up again because you’re uncomfortable and you need to reposition yourself. You may be sleeping on the wrong type of mattress and not even know it. If you’re a side sleeper, you require a lot of pressure relief to accommodate the width of your shoulders and hips. If your mattress isn’t soft enough, and you’re a devoted side-sleeper, you might need a different mattress. Our high-profile Magnistretch X14 is the perfect sleeping surface for a side-sleeper. In most cases, the higher the profile of a mattress, the more room you have to sink in and make space for those pressure points. The Magnistretch X14 is the perfect balance of that feeling of sleeping on the clouds combined with a feeling of being well-supported. With the touch of a button, use the wireless remote to adjust your side of the bed for individualized comfort the insomnia treatment.

There are a few main factors to take into consideration when selecting a mattress that can help with insomnia treatment by keeping you asleep for longer periods of time. Your sleeping position is critical when making this decision, so if you sleep on your side, yougenerally need a softer mattress for stronger pressure relief. And, if you sleep on your back, you need to be well-supported with a firmer mattress. Stomach sleepers need to avoid softer mattresses since they can cause the back to dip down and overextend, causing strain and lower back pain. A medium support mattress is perfect for someone who sleeps in a variety of positions including stomach, back, or side so you can get the support you need no matter how you sleep. In between Soft, Firm, and Medium, there are other levels of comfort including Medium-soft and Medium-Firm. Our Magniflex Dolce Vita actually comes as two mattresses in one. One side is Medium, and if you flip the mattress over, the other side is Medium soft. It also comes in King and Queen sizes with two halves encapsulated in an ultra-plush cooling natural Viscose cover. This way, if you like a firmer mattress, but your side-sleeping bed partner needs a softer more pressure-relieving mattress, this would be the perfect compromise.

If a tired achy back is what keeps you up at night and you’re waking up in the morning with new aches and pains because the mattress you’re sleeping on does your body no justice, it’s time to re-evaluate your sleep system. And, if you sleep on your back it’s extremely important to make sure you’re not sinking into your mattress and creating a dip in your spine which can make your back pain even worse. There are mattresses designed to keep your spine in alignment while you sleep and then there are mattresses that go a step beyond for back health. The Magniflex Magnistretchwas designed with a unique innovation that can actually reduce neck and back pain by improving circulation to revitalize discs during sleep. The sophisticated design was made to stretch and decompress the spinal column for improved blood flow to relieve back pain. Wake up feeling refreshed and energized and say goodbye to starting your day with aches and pains in your back, spine, neck, and shoulders with ideal insomnia treatment. We care about the health of your back and our products are focused on wellness for an improved overall quality of life, which is why getting the rest you need is so important to us here at The Modern Back.