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Spinal Decompression With a Mattress

The Magnistretch Mattress by Magniflex is an inuitive combination of modern sleep innovations with outstanding therapeutic properties and eco-friendly technology for an amazing sleep experience. Here at the Modern Back we are so pleased to have the opportunity to offer you this exceptional product all the way from Italy. Some of the world’s most prestigious sports cars and fashion designers are found in Italy so this mattress comes to you with a reputation to live up to. We guarantee you will not be disappointed by the luxuries this mattress can offer you that most mattresses cannot. The unique structure of this mattress can keep your spine in proper alignment while delivering soothing spinal decompression while you sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and exhilarated and ready to take on your day with the Magnistretch Mattress. Rest assured knowing that you’re sleeping on a mattress with zero off-gassing thanks to the water-expansion process used to make these foams. We care about the health of your back at The Modern Back and strive to bring you the latest in wellness and comfort.