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What are Reflexology Massage Chairs? 

Reflexology is a kneading massage that uses the thumbs to target acupressure points on the feet. A reflexology massage is beneficial for general health as the targetedacupressure points are linked back to organs like the heart to improve blood circulation and the stomach to improve digestion. These acupressure points in the feet amplify the health of any other associated body part by releasing endorphins, our natural occurring painkillers and stress relievers. Say goodbye to underlining pain throughout the body after a reflexology foot massage. 

How Reflexology is performed in a massage chair: 

Kneading rollers are applied to the bottoms of the feet in the ottoman of the massage chair. Chairs with an enclosed ottoman, like a shoe, will providemore coverage all around the feet for an even better massage.

Massage Chairs With Reflexology

Massage Chairs With Reflexology

A Massage Chair that uses Reflexology - An excellent massage chair with a reflexology foot massage is the Titan Pro Vigor 4D. The Vigor has an enclosed ottoman with airbags and memory foam strategically placed around the feet for a therapeutic reflexology massage like no other. To learn about more massage chairs with a reflexology foot massage, click HERE!

  • Improved blood circulation 
  • Pain relief by lessening tension 
  • Reduces stress 
  • Aids in better sleep 
  • Stimulates muscle movement 
  • Improves digestion