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Infinity Circadian Syner-D 4D Massage Chair

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Manufacturer: Infinity
Made In: China
Massage Track: L-Track
Roller Glute Massage: Yes
Roller Intensity Adjustment: Yes
Body Scan Technology: Yes
Recline: Yes
Inversion Therapy: No
Stretch Program: Yes
Manual Programs: Yes
Power Ottoman Up/Down: Yes
Memory Setting: Yes
Heat: Yes
Airbag Intensity: Yes
Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
Number of Motors: 6
Bluetooth Speakers: Yes
Dimensions (Recline): 78" x 33" x 40"
Dimensions (Upright): 66" x 33" x 49"
Suggested User Weight: 300 lbs
Suggested User Height Range: 5′ - 6’4″
Massage Roller Type: 3D/4D
Massage Track Length: 50"
Roller Width Adjustment: Yes
Massage Speed Adjustment: Yes
Removable Back Pad: No
Foot Rollers: Yes
Zero Gravity: Yes
Auto Programs: 12
Deep Tissue Massage: Yes
Massage Techniques: Shiatsu, Tapping, Knocking, Kneading, Sync, Rhythm
Spot/Partial Massage: Yes
Vibration: No
Total Airbags: 38
Ottoman Length Adjustment: Automatic
Timer Setting: 10-20-30 min
Chromotherapy: Yes
Massage Chair Weight: 369 lbs
Shipping Weight: 342 lbs



5-Year Residential Limited Warranty

• 5 Years USA-based customer & technical support
• 5 Year structural framework warranty
• No-cost replacement on covered parts for 36 months
• Complete Care/No-cost parts & labor(in-home, if necessary) for 12 months

Complete Care Warranty Period

For In - Home service, Infinity Massage Chairs will arrange all covered parts deemed necessary, to be sent to the consumer and, if necessary, an authorized service provider to repair the product at the customer's residence, at no charge to the customer. If a particular part is no longer manufactured, Infinity Massage Chairs may replace your product with a similar product. Under no circumstances shall the retail replacement value exceed the original net price paid for the product. In the event you choose not to accept a replacement for your product, Infinity Massage Chairs is no longer responsible for making repairs under the warranty coverage.

Any repairs needed during the 3 year parts warranty coverage, Infinity Massage Chairs will provide covered parts at no cost; however, consumer is responsible for any andall shipping, duties and brokerage fees.Structure warranty is limited to the steel and steel-welded parts of the frame, in addition to any wood structure that may exist. If a replacement is issued under the Parts or Structure warranty period, the consumer is responsible for shipping, duties, and brokerage fees related to the replacement.Infinity Massage Chairs, at its sole discretion, will repair or replace any defective part within a reasonable time frame.Field Service is only available in the United States and major metropolitan areas in Canada. Field Service requires pre-approval and, if necessary, must be performed by Infinity Massage Chairs-authorized field service personnel to maintain warranty coverage.

Warranty Exclusions

Warranties do not cover any loss or damage resulting from: improper installation; unauthorized repairs; use in a commercial or corporate setting; alterations or modifications of original condition; improper use of electrical/power supply; loss of power; electrical disturbances and power surges; dropped product, including but not limited to remote controls; a malfunction or damage resulting from improper use or unreasonable use or maintenance; failure to follow operating instructions; transportation damage; theft; abuse; misuse; neglect; vandalism; or environmental conditions(fire, floods, rust, corrosion, sand, dirt, windstorm, hail, earthquake, or exposure to weather conditions); loss of use during the period the product is at a repair facility or otherwise awaiting parts or repair; and products purchased from unauthorized dealers. Damage incurred due to shipping and handling does not constitute a defect under this warranty.Softening/hardening of foams and filling composites in pillows and pads does not constitute a defect under this warranty as those items naturally change with use.Fading, wear, and pilling of fabrics does not constitute a defect under this warranty as those conditions naturally occur with fabrics. Natural markings and grain and dye variations in leather do not constitute a defect under this warranty, as no two pieces of leather are alike. Failures of attach points, such as, but not limited to: stitching, Velcro, and zippers, do not constitute a defect under this warranty.

To initiate an Infinity Care Warranty claim, simply call our Customer Support Team at 603-910-5000.

Guardian 5 Year Parts & Labor Extended Limited Warranty (Optional)

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Call Guardian Plan 800-527-8485 or email gwarranty@guardianproducts.net for more details.

Infinity Circadian Syner-D Massage Chair 

The Infinity Circadian is one of the most recent massage chairs developed by Infinity and comes equipped with the latest technology and the most modern programs to deliver a new type of massage chair innovation.

The unique design of the Infinity Circadian uses two independent massaging roller systems compared to most other chairs that only use one.

These dual rollers coordinate together to simultaneously deliver calm therapeutic massage therapy from the neck all the way down to the glutes.

This special Flex-Track provides the full-body coverage of an L-Track with the superior stretch capabilities of an S-Track.

The Infinity Circadian is one of the only chairs on the market developed with a unique dual track system which is why it's one of the Best Massage Chairs on the market.

Most other chairs in the industry only come equipped with one roller track or an L-Track that has limitations with how far it can bend to deliver stretch.

The dual roller system allows the chair to reach further for expert spinal decompression combined with full-body massage.

The Infinity Circadian comes with a user-friendly touch screen tablet remote built into the arm of the chair.

Easily make adjustments to control your new massage chair with the tablet or use the controls to build a custom massage program based on your specific needs.

Using 4D technology the Infinity Circadian provides a fluid humanlike massage with a less mechanical feel. Learn more, read our Infinity Circadian Massage Chair Review

Infinity Circadian Syner-D Features 

Dual Back Massage

The Infinity Circadian is one of the only chairs on the market to combine two massage mechanisms instead of the traditional single track.

This advanced feature comes with 6 rollers and has a deeper reach with wider coverage for a more thorough full-body experience.

Once you sit in this chair, you’ll feel a big difference in coverage compared to most other chairs.

The combination of S and L Tracks makes it possible to bend further for complete spinal decompression. 

Total Sole Reflexology with Triple Foot Rollers 

Prepare to be pampered like royalty with the Infinity Circadian.

The massaging mechanisms on the soles of the feet use three reflexology foot rollers to deliver soothing shiatsu massage.

The rollers are designed to pinpoint the key acupoints on the feet using healing Reflexology that associates areas of the feet with other parts of the body for ultimate stress relief and relaxation. 

Zero Wall Fit™ 

When the Infinity Circadian moves forward as it begins to recline, it is sliding on a track which leaves a few inches between the chair and the wall in any reclined position. Other chairs on the market that lack Zero Wall Fit have to put their chair far from the wall which uses up a lot of the area creating wasted space. 

Body Scanning with Truefit™ 

Each massage session is completely unique to the user.

The Infinity Circadian uses advanced technology to precisely determine the shape and size of your body so you get a fully customized massage experience every time.

This is the perfect personalized massage experience.

Voice Command and Control System 

Easily ask the Infinity Circadian massage chair to activate the massage programs by using smart hands-free voice controlling. 

Calming Sound Therapy 

For those of you who find peace and serenity in music as a way of relaxing and decompressing, then calming sound therapy will be an excellent added feature for you.

Built into the Infinity Circadian tablet is a sound menu with many soundscapes to choose from and listen to during your massage session.

Premium Bluetooth® Speakers 

Connect your smart device or smart phone to the Infinity Circadian with Bluetooth!

Get ready to listen to music, your favorite ambient sounds, podcasts, guided meditations, and more with premium audio quality. 

Custom Memory Programs with MyMassage™ 

The Infinity Circadian comes with 12 auto programs that have been thoughtfully orchestrated to deliver a variety of massage treatments.

You can also build your own custom massage session using MyMassage™ and save this personalized program to access next time and manually make adjustments if needed.

TrueFit™ Footrest Extension 

With automatic footrest extension, the Infinity Circadian measures your height as it retracts to be right in line with the length of your legs for a comfortable and personalized massage.  

Chromotherapy Lights 

The Infinity Circadian Syner-D uses chromotherapy lighting on the side of the chair which illuminates the room to set the mood and create a calming space.  

J-track Massage/Flex track 

As mentioned earlier, the Infinity Circadian uses a hybrid blend of S and L Tracks to incorporate all the key features of each type.

The L-Track has much greater coverage with a mechanism that extends from your neck all the way down to the base of your spine, then continues on to wrap under the glutes and hamstrings.

The S-Track mechanism can deliver superior stretch without limitations as it reclines.

The combination of both of these tracks gives an excellent spinal decompression stretch.

Calf & Lumbar Heating 

In order to warm and loosen tight muscles, thermal heat in the lower back and calf regions can be used to help enhance your massage experience.

Heat is an excellent way to prepare your body for massage and another way to help you relax so you can receive the healthiest version of a massage therapy.

Wireless Charging Pad USB Port 

A wireless charging pad is placed on the inside of the armrest for added convenience and accessibility.

You can also use the USB port to recharge your devices within reach during your massage. 

Tuina Calf Massage 

The Truina massage technique is one of the best calf massages available in a massage chair.

Tuina is a mechanical movement designed to move in various motions to closely resemble the feel of real human hands.

The Infinity Circadian has a massager that moves up and down on the calves while compressing the muscles on the sides of your legs to help stimulate circulation and melt away tension and stress.