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What are Stretch Massage Chairs? 

Stretching is a great way to get the body moving to increase blood circulation. A good stretch can get you ready in the morning before or after working out or to prepare yourself at night for calming sleep. With the help of airbag compression to hold you down, the chair’s track bends back and the rollers knead inward for the ultimate stretch. Some massage chairs even have yoga programs in addition to a normal stretch program! A massage chair with three yoga stretch programs is the Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus.

How stretching is performed in a massage chair:

Airbags hold the shoulders and hips down while the chair bends and reclines. Rollers usually push up on the back for the best relief.

Massage Chairs With Stretch

Massage Chairs With Stretch

A Massage Chair That Uses Stretch - Another great massage chair with stretch is the Infinity Luminary. The Luminary has a dedicated spinal decompression stretch mode that uses light rolling, tapping, and air compression to stretch your back and legs while also stretching your entire body. To learn more about Stretch Massage and to see additional chairs with this feature, click HERE.

  • Increases blood circulation 
  • Improves mobility and range of motion 
  • Helps prevent muscle and/or joint injury 
  • Improves performance 
  • Spinal decompression 
  • Strengthens posture