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Customers often ask us which are the best massage chairs since there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. We base our best massage chair picks on overall customer satisfaction. Customers often ask us which are the best massage chairs since there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. We base our best massage chair picks on overall customer satisfaction.


Purchasing a massage chair is like shopping for new clothes because they need to be just the right fit for your unique body style to be effective for you. When you find the right one, sitting down will be as refreshing and pleasant as a day at the spa. 

Customers often ask us which are the best massage chairs since there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. We base our top picks on overall customer satisfaction in addition to the following variables: 

  • Quality - How well is the massage chair made?
  • Value - Is the massage chair priced accordingly?
  • Design - Is the massage chair esthetically pleasing?
  • Ease of Use - How user-friendly is it to operate the massage chair?
  • Comfort - Is your massage experience as comfortable as possible?
  • Features - Is the massage chair made with the latest massage technology?
  • Performance - Does the chair offer a wide variety of customizable options?


Here are our top recommendations for the Best Massage Chairs of 2024 - in no particular order. Click on the massage chair's name to learn more about its features, warranties, color options, and other details. 


Osaki DuoMax Massage Chair 

Starting at $541/mo*

The new Osaki DuoMax Massage Chair incorporates the best massage features of 2024. These features such as eight 4D rollers on a dual track, Intelligent Health Detection, voice commands, calf kneading and more are what make this chair a star. The sophisticated massage is sure to cover your entire back and glutes, even stretching back up 165° to make sure you get all the coverage you can.

The DuoMax has excellent heating elements, too, from two heated jade cores to a heated shawl, you will have heat all around you. To get all your wishes checked off, The DuoMax comes equipped with20 unique auto-programs and 11 manual modes for precise massages and a relaxing time. 


Osaki DuoMax Features:

  • 4D Dual Roller System: Eight 4D rollers are built into the DuoMax, four cover the neck, shoulders, and back while the other four focus on the glutes and buttocks. These rollers massage together, with some of the best coverage out of other massage chairs. 
  • 8-Roller Mechanism: This revolutionary new massage chair incorporates two different quad-style massage rollers that work simultaneously and independently. The first set of massage rollers concentrates on the upper body, while the second set concentrates on the lower body.
  • Health Detection: This feature uses a health monitor to measure your heart rate, tense areas, blood oxygen levels, posture, and more. With AI technology, the chair will create a massage program surrounding the collected data to best suit your needs. 
  • Voice Commands: The DuoMax has easy to use voice recognition to make quick adjustments. 
  • Zero Gravity: There are two stages of Zero Gravity, the second stage with a deeper recline but still giving the same benefits of increased blood circulation, improved flexibility, and spinal decompression.  
  • Heat Therapy: A heated core made of jade is set between both roller sections. This core runs along the body as if it were a roller to easily disperse heat behind the body. There is also a heated shawl that goes over the shoulders and stomach for even more heat.  
  • Leg and Foot Massage: The calves are massaged with kneading air bags for wonderful relief. The feet are also massaged inside an enclosed ottoman for coverage on the bottom, sides, and top of the feet.  
  • Negative Air Ionization: Negative air ions are what you get from rain, nature, and most outside activities. These ions are said to give a calm state of mind to keep you stress free.  


Starting at $624/mo*

The Luracob 9 Max SE takes luxury and comfort to the next level. This sleek, American made massage chair comes installed with unique features like an advanced full body stretch that targets the lower back, feet, and arms. The Luraco i9 Max Special Edition uses air compressors to perform a body twisting stretch and armrest actuators perform a first of its kind hand stretch.

Relieve tense muscles and soreness with 3D “Butterfly Technology” robotic rollers traveling down the natural curvature of the body on split L-track. Loosen tense muscles with adjustable heating for the hands, lower back, and feet. Installed into this massage chair are calf rollers, triple foot rollers, and hand rollers all working together in harmony with the chair’s full body air compression therapy air bags. 


Luraco iRobotics i9 Max SE Features:

  • Split L-Track: A split L-track is the combination of an L-track for neck to glutes coverage with the superior stretch capabilities of an S-track.
  • Powered Easy-Entry Armrest: Luraco makes entering and exiting your arms into or out of the armrest easy and less cumbersome.  
  • Hand Stretching: First and only in the industry to have a powered armrest actuator for hand stretching 
  • Patented 3D “Butterfly Technology”: An even closer simulation of a hands-on massage is provided by robotic roller using patented Butterfly Technology with variant movements like the hands of a masseuse.  
  • Inversion Therapy: A Unique and Advanced 6-roller system that can deliver inversion therapy for a full-body spinal decompression stretch. 
  • Calf Rollers: Soothing Calf Rollers work together with air compression to melt away tension and soreness in the legs. 
  • Body Twisting Stretch: The unique body twisting stretch was designed to help loosen tight muscles and tissue surrounding your hips and lower back by advanced air compression and healing 4D rollers. 
  • Genuine Leather Upholstery: Luraco uses top-grade leather for the upholstery in the entire chair. 
  • Adjustable HEAT for Hands, Lower Back and Feet for comfort and relief 
  • PATENTED POSITION ADJUSTABLE BICEP/SHOULDER MASSAGERS that allow for various user’s heights 
  • Touchscreen Control: Luraco i9 Max Special Edition has the most technically up-to-date, smart handheld touchscreen remote. And with 7 Human-Voice Responses to choose from, you can change your chair’s system to either English, Vietnamese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, or Korean as an added benefit. 
  • UNLIMITED WIFI SOFTWARE UPDATES: Your i9 Max Special Edition massage chair can be updated through Wi-Fi when a new software version is made available. It's yet another innovative and secure service that only American manufacturers can provide. 


Starting at $541/mo*

The Osaki Highpointe Massage Chair took heating to another level. With heat in the lumbar and calves, the Osaki Highpointe also has heated shawls that can be kept behind the user for full back heat, or placed over the shoulders for heat on the arms and chest area.

Not only known for its heating aspects, the Osaki Highpointe has a remarkable calf and foot massage. Calf rollers will deeply massage with kneading techniques accompanied by air bags and rollers for the best relief your aching legs need.  


Osaki Highpointe Features:

  • Touch Screen Controller: The touch screen tablet with display the current massage session as well as intensity levels and all over massage functions happening. Easily navigate the full functions of the chair in a simple setting.  
  • Voice Commands: Ask the Highpointe to activate certain massage techniques, auto programs, and more by saying “Hello, KIRI.” The full list of commands is written in the chair’s manual. 
  • Calf Kneading And Foot Massage: The Osaki Highpointe gives one of the best calf and foot massages, do not miss out on the heated calf kneading massage with rollers! The two rollers under feet knead the arches to get rid of all tenion. 
  • 4D Quad Rollers: Get the massage you deserve with help from the Highpointe’s 4D massage rollers that move in and out for a deeper massage. 
  • Air Compression: 44 airbags are located all around the body for compression massage on the Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Seat, Waist, Lumbar, Calves, and Feet! 
  • SL-Track: The SL-Track contours the body for pain relief in the neck, shoulders, back, and glutes. 
  • Zero Gravity: The Highpointe has two stages of Zero Gravity recline for a weightless feel that helps improve circulation, flexibility, and spinal and joint decompression.  
  • Heat Therapy: With heat in the lumbar and calves, the Highpointe also has heated shawls that can be kept behind the user for full back heat, or placed over the shoulders for heat on the arms and chest area. 
  • Ultra Long Foot Rest Extension: The ottoman can extend up to almost 8 inches to accommodate users between heights of 5’0”-6’2”. 
  • Big and Tall: The Highpointe is great for users of all shapes and sizes, especially those who fall under the big and tall category. The seat width measures 21” and the chair can hold up to 270lbs.  
  • Massage Techniques and Programs: The 6 massage techniques used throughout the 16 auto programs and 5 manual styles are Knocking, Tapping, Rolling, Knocking and Tapping, and 4D Shiatsu massage.  


Starting at $499/mo*

Designed to transport you into a realm of ultimate comfort and rejuvenation, the Osaki Solis 4D redefines the art of massage technology. Crafted with precision and engineered for excellence, the Solis doesn’t lack at blending cutting-edge 4D massage capabilities with sleek aesthetics.

The Solis is a top contender for the best stretch, and with its 190° recline with its flexible dual track, it’s no lie that this stretch is a winner. Its other favored feature is its calf rollers and elongated calf rest, measuring 13.5 inches to guarantee a full leg massage. Experience the future of relaxation with the Osaki Solis 4D Massage Chair, where modern design meets the ancient art of massage.


Osaki Solis Features:

  • Dual Massage: The Solis has two 4D rollers on the upper body and two more under the glutes. These rollers match each other's movements with ease.  
  • Flexible Track: This true SL-Track can recline up to 190°, giving a full decompression stretch that can't be missed. 
  • Voice Controls: Adjusting with your voice was never easier than this. The Solis reacts fast to make changes with accuracy.  
  • Extended Calf Rest: The calf portion of the massage chair measures 13.5 inches long. This is double the length of the average massage chair! Get ready for smooth air compression and calf rollers to erase the tension in your legs.  
  • Enclosed Ottoman: Your feet will get a massage with two rows of rollers from underneath. Since the ottoman is enclosed, it allows the feet to be held down against the rollers for a better feel, and more coverage from the airbags will fill up all around the feet.  
  • Spinning Calf Rollers: Spinning calf rollers, constructed with a specialized reflexology design to target acupuncture points, are inserted behind the upper end of the calves. Two rows of rollers massage the feet from heel to toe in a pleasant motion.
  • Auto Programs: The Solis has 18 auto programs, two of them are designed to give deep stretches with different approaches.  
  • Zero Gravity: The Solis has a deep Zero Gravity Recline, leaning you back into weightlessness and blissful massage.  


Starting at $458/mo*

JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair offers one of the most luxurious massage experiences on the market. A Japanese Massage Chair with a 4D roller system and cutting-edge technology that delivers a smooth, fluid massage. With rollers designed to mimic the massage manipulations of actual human hands, the Kumo's 4D technology goes beyond what 3D rollers are capable of.

You will have full body coverage from your neck all the way down to your glutes with a 44-inch extra-long L-Track. All your aches and pains, from your neck to your feet, will be relieved by the thermal heat that was added to the rollers to mimic hot-stone massage therapy. You’ll be enjoying your Kumo for many years to come thanks to the high-performance Japanese Motors.


JPMedics Kumo Features:

  • 4D Massage Mechanism: The Kumo uses the most cutting-edge 4D massage mechanism to deliver the most fluid massage experience ever with the feel of real human hands. 
  • L-Track Roller System: The upgraded 44-inch L-track for the JPMedics Kumo will cover more ground and get to more locations. An energizing massage of the neck, shoulders, midback, lower back, and glutes is provided by L-track coverage. 
  • Heated Rollers: The Kumo offers a 4D heated deep tissue spinal massage that feels just like hot-stone massage therapy. For the best back treatment, 4D thermal rollers are made to rotate and stretch the hard-to-reach surrounding muscles and tissue in the back. 
  • Heated Knee & Calf Therapy: The Kumo is the first massage chair in the world to use 3D Knee Technology, which uses heat therapy and air compression to massage your knees. Thermal airbags placed in strategic locations adjust to your height to personalize your massage. 
  • Advanced Reflexology: The JPMedics Kumo's comprehensive reflexology foot program targets all of your acupoints to relieve sore, fatigued feet by utilizing the therapeutic benefits of shiatsu. For the most thorough foot massage, the Kumo combines air compression massage with tri-action foot rollers. 
  • Touchscreen Tablet Remote: The touch-screen tablet is a user-friendly remote and makes it very easy to control the Kumo. The massage chair's functionalities can be simply adjusted using the remote's streamlined interface.  
  • Shortcut Panel with Smart Dial: For increased convenience, the Kumo has a Smart Dial with buttons that are easy to access on the armrest. You can rapidly alter things without using the remote thanks to this feature. 
  • Intelligent Voice Controls: Select Models now include Voice Activation. With the Voice Command app, you can control your massage chair with your voice. Works with both Alexa and Google Assistant. 
  • Air Compression: The JPMedics Kumo massage chair features 64 carefully arranged air bags that strategically inflate and deflate to provide the various advantages of compression massage, including enhancing circulation and promoting muscle recovery. 
  • Made in Japan: Experience the world’s most advanced and highest-quality massage chairs designed and manufactured by the master engineers in Japan. 


Starting at $562/mo*

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid is everyone’s dream massage chair. With the first touch of the wide rollers on your back, the soothing feel will have you take a calm breath as your pains and worries melt away. The elongated heated calf massage reaches to the knees accompanied by a reflexology foot and ankle massage too. Now to the cool part, The Supreme Hybrid has a split track.

This means that there is an S-Track that covers the neck, shoulders, and back with an L-Track that covers the lower back, glutes, and buttocks. In combination there are 6 roller heads that give off an excellent 3D full-body dual action massage. With two tracks, the Supreme Hybrid is capable of doing a 180° lay flat position to give the best inversion stretch for the spine! 


Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Features:

  • HybriFlex™ Flexible Stretching Massage: The HybriFlex™ auto program utilizes both tracks in a dual action manor. After a quick massage to loosen the body, the Supreme Hybrid will recline into a spectacular inversion stretch like no other massage chair. 
  • 6-Roller System: Four roller from the L-Track cover the lower body while two rollers simultaneously cover the upper body.  
  • Patented Ottoman with Calf and Foot Massage: You will only find a leg rest with heated calf and knee massage like this in the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid. The excellent calf massage has an additional deep rolling foot massage with reflexology rollers and air compression on the ankles.  
  • Air Compression Massage: There are 50 airbags for a strong compression massage all over.  
  • Heat Therapy: Soothing heat will spread over the lumbar area of the back and over the knees and calves.  
  • 36 Auto Programs: There are 36 auto programs! Each one is expertly crafted with excellence to ensure that every program is unique and effective.   
  • Wireless Tablet Remote: The touch screen tablet controls allow for easy navigation with a written display of each auto program under its picture.  
  • Two Stage Zero Gravity: The two stage Zero Gravity recline positions the knees above the heart for a decrease in spinal pressure, improved blood circulation, better flexibility, and joint pain relief.  
  • Body Scan: An accurate scan measures the body’s shape and size to make a custom massage for each user.  
  • Quick Panel Controls: The side panel has dial and button controls for quick adjustments to intensity, recline positions, heat, and more. 


Starting at $541/mo*

The Infinity Luminary is a new 4D massage chair developed by Infinity and comes with an innovative Dual Track roller system. You’ll experience superior stretch capabilities with complete spinal decompression and inversion therapy that could rival any yoga class. The Luminary also includes an air ionizer to enhance your air quality and create a healthy breathing environment while you’re unwinding in your chair.

The Infinity Luminary offers a variety of soundscapes to listen to as you immerse yourself in relaxation. And with the user-friendly touchscreen tablet remote, intelligent voice controls, and quick access shortcut panel you’ll be able to easily make adjustments to meet your needs. Make the Infinity Luminary your new wellness retreat and take your healthy lifestyle to the next level. 


Infinity Luminary Features:

  • Dual-Track Roller System: The Infinity Luminary comes with Dual Track Rollers, the most recent advancement in massage chair technology. Because of this, the Luminary has significantly better stretch capabilities and can provide spinal decompression with inversion therapy. 
  • 4D Massage Mechanism: The Luminary uses the most cutting-edge 4D massage mechanism to provide the most fluid massage experience with a more human-like feel.  
  • Touchscreen Tablet Remote: The remote is an easy-to-use touchscreen tablet style which is much more beneficial than the basic push-button remotes.   
  • Intelligent Voice Control: It's simple to control the features using just your voice thanks to Intelligent Voice Controls. 
  • Calf Kneading: A feature found only in Premium Massage Chairs is luxurious calf kneading. The calf region is treated with a combination of massage and air compression using air cells and rollers. 
  • Wireless Charging Pad: A convenient charging pad is positioned on the arm of the chair so you can easily charge your mobile device. 
  • Shortcut Panel: The shortcut panel on the chair arm makes it simple to operate most of the chair's features without needing the remote. 
  • Specialized foot & Calf Rollers: The Luminary come equipped with a very comprehensive reflexology foot and leg program. Spinning reflexology rollers stimulate all the acupoints on the feet and soothe tight muscles in the calves. 
  • High-Quality Luxury Model: The Luminary is a new luxury model developed by Infinity massage chairs and comes with many high-end premium features.   
  • Sound Therapy: There are soundscapes installed on the Luminary so you can listen to soothing sound therapy while you immerse yourself in complete relaxation. 
  • Air Ionizer: The Luminary comes with an integrated air ionizer that works by by emitting negatively charged ions through a small vent near the headrest that were designed to promote healthy oxygen intake and reduce hazardous pollutants. 


Starting at $249/mo*

The Titan Jupiter Premium LE is a massage chair all about strong, in-depth massages. Being the best valued chair at 6k with the high-tech machinery, 3D roller massage, 80 air bags, hip massage, a rocking recline, and a neck and shoulder massage, the Jupiter exceeds expectations.

Each high-intensity auto program focuses on areas of the entire body with programs such as Power, Burmese Massage, Waist Massage, Blood Circulate, and Senior. The Titan Jupiter also has a wide seat which is fitting for those who are big and tall. 


Titan Jupiter Premium LE Features:

  • 3D Rollers: The high-powered 3D rollers extend slightly outwards, side-to-side, and up and down for a deep tissue massage. 
  • L-track: The super long L-Track measures 53” to reach the back of the head to far under the glutes.  
  • Big and Tall: This wide seat spans 20” to give maximum comfort for all users.  
  • Auto Body Scan: The Jupiter has a very accurate body scan that only scans the upper body. The scan does not cover the legs since the foot ottoman is spring loaded, meaning the user’s movement will allow the ottoman to fit to their height comfortably. 
  • Zero Gravity: There are two stages of zero gravity in this chair with health benefits ranging from a decrease in spinal pressure, improved blood circulation, better flexibility, and joint pain relief.  For a stronger feel of the foot massage, put the chair in a recline or the second stage of Zero Gravity! 
  • Ottoman and Foot Massage: The spring-loaded ottoman has an extension for users between the heights of 5’0”-6’6”. With two different roller shapes under the feet, the user will feel small roller nodes that mimic the feel of acupuncture.  
  • 80 Air Cells: Talk about full coverage! The Titan Jupiter has 80 air cells places all over the chair the massage the head and temple, shoulders, arms, waist, calves, and feet. In manual modes, the airbags can be turned off entirely or you can pick specific areas you want the air to cover, such as only the waist.  
  • Headache Relief Temple Massage: This one or a kind feature is designed to lightly press beads into the temples as the air cells inflate; this massage will aid in relieving your headaches. To accommodate varying heights, the head pillow uses a zipper and Velcro so it can be lifted and reattached at a higher or lower position to reach anyone’s temples. 
  • “Special” Auto Programs: There are 10 strong auto programs each with their own unique styles and techniques that fix on specific areas. There is also a “Special” program page with more targeted massages. The auto programs can use up to 6 styles ranging from Kneading, Taping, Knocking, Shiatsu, knead + tap, and knead and knock.  
  • Full Body Heating: The Jupiter is one of the only chairs that has true full-body heating! The 3D rollers are heated like hot stones, the lumbar and waist is heated, there is heat in the seat under the glutes, and the calves are heated!  
  • Voice Control: Stay hands free and say “Hello KIRI!” to activate voice controls such as turning on specific auto programs, change a recline position, or raise and lower massage intensity. The list of commands is on pages 23 and 24 of the User’s Manual.  
  • Touch Screen Tablet Controls: The touch screen tablet constantly displays the current massage session and auto/manual massage programs in a simple, easy to use layout.  


Starting at $541/mo*

The Infinity Circadian has not one, but two distinct massage mechanisms that have been perfectly choreographed to operate in unison to deliver the ultimate full-body massage. The innovative Flex-Track offers improved spinal decompression and a full-length neck-to-glutes massage.  

The elegant touch screen tablet has a user-friendly interface making it simple to move about and control your chair The Infinity Circadian massage chair is the most cutting-edge massage chair on the market with advanced on-demand massage in the comfort of your home.   


Infinity Circadian Features:

  • Dual-Track Roller System: The innovative dual track roller system is a game-changer when it comes to stretch. You’ll experience complete spinal decompression with inversion therapy. 
  • 4D Massage Mechanism: 4D massage rollers are top of the line and are capable of making the most human-like movements which is a major step up from standard 3D rollers 
  • Touchscreen Tablet Remote: The user-friendly touchscreen tablet remote streamlines your experience and makes operating the Circadian a breeze. 
  • Intelligent Voice Control: The Intelligent Voice Control makes it easy to control the chair using voice commands as an option instead of using the remote. 
  • Calf Kneading: Calf-Kneading is a luxury feature found only in Premium Massage Chairs where the calf region is treated with an undulating ottoman that combines massage and air compression using air cells and rollers. 
  • Wireless Charging Pad:  Positioned on the arm of the chair is a convenient charging pad so you can easily charge your mobile device. 
  • Shortcut Panel: You can easily access most of the chair's features using the shortcut panel on the chair arm without needing the remote. 
  • Specialized foot & Calf Rollers: The Circadian comes equipped with a very comprehensive reflexology foot and leg program. Spinning rollers stimulate all the acupoints on the feet and soothe the calf muscles as air compression expands and releases to relieve tension and soreness. 
  • High-Quality Luxury Model: The Circadian is a new Premium model developed by Infinity massage chairs that comes with many high-end luxury features.   
  • Sound Therapy: The Circadian comes with soothing soundscapes so you can listen to calming sound therapy while you immerse yourself in complete relaxation. 
  • Calf and Lumbar Heating: The Circadian offers lumbar and calf heat as an option to add during your massage session to help loosen tight muscles in your back and legs. 


Starting at $154/mo*

The all-new Ogawa Active XL is the perfect 3D massage chair to meet everyone’s needs and is available at a budget friendly price. The seat measures 23” wide, providing a spacious area to relax for anyone between 5’0”-6’4”.  

The Active XL 3D is the latest updated version of the previous model, the Active L Plus, and built with a variety of upgrades. The Active XL 3D comes with 3D Vario Motion rollers, patented stretch techniques, a longer SL-Track, and reflexology foot rollers.   


Ogawa Active XL Massage Chair Features:

  • Dual Track: The Osaki Vivo has a Dual Track roller system with a flexible track that’s capable of delivering a 165-degree inversion stretch for full-body relief.
  • 4D and 2D Rollers: To target different parts of the body, the Osaki AI Vivo massage chair includes 4D rollers for the back and 2D rollers for the glutes.
  • Ai Series Technology: The Osaki Vivo Massage Chair comes equipped with a built-in health monitor that collects data for the AI-powered system to detect tension and stress in your back and shoulders.
  • Intelligent Health Detection: The Osaki Vivo uses AI technology to deliver a customized massage experience that adapts to your body's present condition by sensing numerous health parameters including heart rate, blood oxygen levels, microcirculation, and fatigue index.  
  • Three Arm Rollers: The Osaki Vivo uses unique arm rollers to softly knead and apply pressure to the muscles, tendons, and pressure points in the arms to produce a calming and energizing sensation.
  • Deep Calf Kneading: The Osaki AI Vivo massage chair provides calves with 360-degree rotational kneading and rubbing massage combined with air compression to improve blood circulation and muscle relief.
  • Touchscreen Tablet Remote: The Osaki Vivo Massage Chair comes with a user-friendly touchscreen tablet remote with an interface that’s visually appealing and intuitive, making it easy to explore all of the capabilities.
  • Air Compression Massage: The Osaki Vivo Massage Chair has 52 airbags spread out throughout the chair to improve blood flow throughout the body with airbags positioned in the shoulders, arms, waist, pelvis, calf, and foot regions.
  • Zero Gravity Recline: Zero gravity recline elevates the feet and knees above the heart, decompressing the spine and boosting circulation. 
  • Lumbar Heat Therapy: The Osaki Vivo delivers Heat therapy to the lower back to help loosen tight muscles in the waist and lumber region.
  • Leg Extension: The Master Drive’s ottoman can automatically extend up to 11 inches, making it perfect for users who range between 5’0” and 6’3” in height. 
  • Reflexology Foot Massage: The Osaki Vivo has acupuncture rollers that simulate hand movements to target pressure points in the foot and alleviate muscle and connective stress.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Listen to your favorite sounds with high-fidelity Bluetooth speakers located next to the headrest. Connect any Bluetooth compatible device to the Osaki Vivo and start listening while you relax.  

*This monthly loan payment is based on loan approval through our available massage chair finance options.