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The Modern Back has compiled a wealth of comprehensive massage chair reviews, meticulously crafted to empower you in making an informed buying decision. After countless hours of dedicated research and rigorous testing, The Modern Back has meticulously selected a collection of comprehensive massage chair reviews.

Here at the Modern Back, we are so pleased to have the opportunity to offer you an exceptional selection of Massage Chairs developed by the finest manufacturers in the world. We take our time sitting in each and every chair we sell so we can give you a thorough assessment to help you make a well-informed decision when shopping for a massage chair. We evaluate all the chairs based on the following important characteristics when making a massage chair review:



How comfortable is this massage chair? 

Some Massage Chairs have more padding than others. Pay close attention to the back and seat of the chair and depending on how thin or thick the layers are, this can gauge how comfortable the chair is for lounging and resting and can also determine how strong or gentle your massage will feel. If there is very little padding, you’ll  



Does this chair have a high-quality design? 

This matters because this chair could be potentially taking up real estate in your living space and it's important for your furniture to be esthetically pleasing. A chair with a poor-quality design is likely to be cheap and not last very long. The design can also tell you how durable and reliable your product is. 



How effective is the stretch feature? 

Almost every massage chair comes equipped with a stretch program. But, most L-Track Chairs can’t deliver a stretch quite like S-Track or Dual-Track Chairs. So, when we review chairs with an L-Track it’s questionable about how effective the stretch may feel. 



How easy is this chair to operate? 

Some massage chairs are easier to operate than others. And, chairs that come with touch-screen tablet remotes make navigation a cinch. Chairs that come with push-button remotes can be fairly easy to operate too, but some of the older chairs can be a little tricky. Another convenient feature found in most chairs is Easy-Access buttons built into the arm for making quick adjustments.  



Does this chair have a good foot massage? 

Getting a soothing foot massage can be pure bliss and melt all your troubles away. But in some massage chairs it can either be too weak or too strong. Most massage chairs give you the option to adjust the level of intensity in the foot region or turn it off completely. There are some chairs that don’t give you the option to make adjustments or turn it off which is no fun for anyone.  



Does this chair have a strong massage? 

Comfort is subjective and what we consider a strong massage, might not feel as strong for someone else.  But you can clearly tell between a chair that’s strong versus a chair that’s gentle. And, there’s a big difference between a deep-tissue massage that feels smooth and fluid compared to one that’s uncomfortable or painful. Chairs that have a nice range of intensity make it easy for you to gradually advance the intensity at your own pace over time. 



How is the overall massage experience in this chair? 

After spending some time in a massage chair and navigating through the menu to explore all the features, it’s easy to give a thorough account of our experience. “Was it easy to use?” and “how did it feel?” are the two main questions we ask ourselves before determining how to review a massage chair. There are some chairs that are more memorable than others because they either really impressed us or did the complete opposite.