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Titan Jupiter Premium LE vs. Infinity Genesis Max Massage Chair Comparison

A strong luxury massage seems to be just what you are looking for, and with the Titan Jupiter Premium LE or the Infinity Genesis Max, you could have just that. In this massage chair comparison of the Jupiter and the Genesis Max, we will go over the similarities and differences both chairs have to make it easier to pinpoint what you need from a massage chair.

There are many features to cover such as massage intensity, comfortability, height and weight requirements, and so much more. Now let’s get right into it, your next great purchase is right around the corner!



  • L-Track mechanism 
  • Quad Rollers 
  • For Big and Tall users 
  • Space Saving 
  • Air compression massage 
  • Waist focused massages 
  • Extra Strong Massages 
  • Zero Gravity 
  • Rocking technology 
  • Stretch Programs 
  • Auto and Manual Programs 
  • Bluetooth 
  • 3D vs. 4D rollers 
  • The Genesis Max has an automatic extendable footrest 
  • Touch screen tablet remote for the Jupiter 
  • The Genesis app for phones 
  • Roller track measures 53” in the Jupiter, the Genesis Max is 49” 
  • Calf Rollers and Oscillation in the Genesis Max 
  • The Jupiter has voice controls 
  • Synchronic music therapy massage in the Genesis Max 
  • More air cells in the Jupiter 
  • The Genesis Max has adjustable shoulder pads  
  • The Jupiter has a head and temple massage pillow 
  • Both chairs have a unique foot massage 
  • The Genesis Max has sleep sounds 
  • Full body heat in the Jupiter 
  • The Genesis Max has a sleep mode! 
  • Special adjustments in the Jupiter 
  • Price, the Jupiter is $2,700 less than the Genesis Max 


L-Track mechanism: Both massage chairs in this massage chair comparison have an L-track that lets the rollers move from the neck, down the back, and under the glutes.  

Quad Rollers: There are four roller heads on the L-Track mechanism to reach narrow and wide areas of the body.  

Big and Tall: These chairs fall under the big and tall category meaning they have larger frames and wider seats than the average massage chair. The Jupiter can accommodate users between the heights of 5’0”-6’6” with a maximum weight recommendation of 300lbs. The Genesis Max fits users between 4’11”-6’5” with the same suggest user weight of 300lbs. The seat width measures 20” on both chairs.  

Space Saving: The Jupiter needs 3.2 inches of space from the wall and the Genesis max needs 2 inches. 

Air compression massage: Both chairs have airbags all over the chair to give a compression massage designed to increase circulation. Airbags in the Jupiter reach the arms, calves, feet, head, waist, and shoulders. The Genesis has all of the same airbag locations with the exception of head airbags.  

Waist focused massages: These massage chairs have strong waist and hip airbags with a waist stretch auto program in the Jupiter and a waist twist auto program in the Genesis Max. 

Extra Strong Massages: Both chairs in this massage chair comparison are relatively strong. If you are looking for high intensity massages, either chair will be a great option. To make it easier to picture, the Jupiter has smaller rollers with a knuckle-like feeling and the Genesis Max has wider rollers that feel like the palms of hands.  

Zero Gravity: In Zero Gravity, with knees elevated over the heart in a reclined position, you will experience weightlessness. The health benefits of Zero Gravity include improved blood circulation, enhanced flexibility, spinal decompression, and relief from joint pain. The Jupiter also features two levels of Zero Gravity, allowing the user to adjust the recline manually or recline farther back automatically. 

Rocking technology: The Jupiter has an auto program called, Senior, which performs a softer massage while it slowly rocks back and forth. The Genesis Max will also rock back and forth during its Waist Twist auto program.  

Stretch Programs: Looking for a deep stretch? The Jupiter and Genesis Max massage chairs each give an excellent decompression stretch. Although, the Genesis Max reclines very far back for an L-track massage chair which may help taller users experience a better stretch.  

Auto and Manual Programs: These chairs have a similar number of auto programs focused on full body, partial, or spot massages. Manual Programs allow the user to make their own program with the choice of your desired massage technique.  

Bluetooth: Experience true surround sound with Bluetooth speakers built into the head rest of each chair in this massage chair comparison.  


3D vs. 4D rollers: The Titan Jupiter Massage Chair has 3D rollers that move up and down, side to side, and in and out. The Genesis Max’s 4D rollers have the same features of 3D rollers, but with 4D the rollers can be adjusted to have higher depth and speed adjustments for a more human-like massage.  

Automatic Extendable Footrest and Body Scan: The Genesis Max has an automatic extendable footrest whereas the Jupiter has a spring-loaded ottoman. This means the body scan only measures the back and glutes of the user in the Jupiter Premium LE Massage Chair . To manually extend the footrest, simply apply pressure with the feet. The Genesis max will measure the entire body, taking in the height of the user’s legs for automatic positioning.  

Touch Screen Tablet Remote: The Titan Jupiter has an easy-to-use tablet remote with a constant display of the massage program. There are also options to change the wallpaper design of the tablet in the settings.  

The Genesis app: Since the Genesis Max has a handheld wired remote, Infinity has made a Genesis App to download from the app store for smartphones. This means you have a simple display of the remote controls available to use on your touchscreen smartphone.  

Roller track Length: The Jupiter’s roller track measures 53” to reach the back of the head and very far under the glutes. The Genesis Max’s track is 4 inches shorter at 49”.  

Calf Rollers and Oscillation: The Genesis Massage Chair has Calf Rollers and Oscillation for a superior leg massage to the Jupiter.  

Voice controls: The Jupiter has intelligent voice controls to stay hands free and relaxed. Say, “Hello, KIRI!” to activate the controls followed by the command you desire from the list in the user manual.  

Synchronic Music Therapy: The Genesis Max Massage Chair has an auto program called “Rhythm Technique” which syncs the massage to the rhythm of your music. 

More air cells in the Jupiter: The Jupiter has 80 air cells whereas the Genesis Max has 64. The Jupiter maximizes its air compression massage like no other chair.  

Adjustable Shoulder Pads: The Genesis Max’s shoulder airbags can be manually rotated up or down to fit to the user’s height. 

Head and Temple Massage Pillow: The head rest pillow in the Jupiter is actually a system of airbags that inflates to massage your temples. The pillow can be moved for various heights by unzipping it and detaching the Velcro.  

Foot Massage: Both chairs have a unique foot massage, the Infinity Genesis uses Total Sole Reflexology which uses three wide kneading rollers under each sole of the foot. The Jupiter has a dual action foot massage. This means that the chair combines rollers and scrapping nodules on the heels for the ultimate foot massage. The Jupiter’s foot massage has small nodes to better hit the acupressure points in the feet. 

Sleep Sounds: The Genesis Max has 10 calming sleep sounds, relax with the soothing sound of rain surrounding you. 

Full Body Heat: The Genesis Max has heat in the lumbar, but the Jupiter has full body heat in areas across the body like the legs, seat, lumbar, and in the 3D rollers! The heat can be turned on all at once or only in the areas you prefer.  

Sleep Mode: The Genesis Max has a sleep mode! Enabling sleep mode will leave the chair in the reclined position after the current massage program has ended, allowing you to slip into a deep state of relaxation and take your massage to the next level. 

Special adjustments: The Jupiter allows the user to adjust the speed and intensity of the massage in auto programs. The 4D strength can be adjusted in the Genesis Max. 

Price: Right now, the Genesis Max costs $2,700 more than the Jupiter.  

Which Is The Right Chair For You?

Now that we have gone through all of the key similarities and differences of the Jupiter Premium LE and the Infinity Genesis Max massage chairs, it is time to pick your winner. You will not find the best massage chair unless you ask yourself what will make it the best for you. Just like our bodies being unique, our wants and needs are also different.

Hopefully this massage chair comparison has helped you realize more of what you want out of a massage chair and what features you will require to meet your needs. Both the Jupiter and Genesis Max have their own creative options like roller type, heating zones, neat exterior designs, voice control, and a unique leg massage. These chairs also have some wonderful similarities such as big and tall accommodations, waist massages, stretch programs, rocking chair technology, and strong thorough massages.  

If you would like to learn more about massage chairs or have additional questions about certain features, check out our Learning Center or other comparisons below. Don’t forget to read descriptions, specifications, and requirements to learn how to make your body the most comfortable. More help is always available, for some expert advice and opinion please feel free to call our massage chair specialists at The Modern Back. Contact us directly at 800-416-4304, visit our showroom, or chat with us online anytime! The Modern Back also offers 0% financing options to ensure you acquire a new massage chair for your home.