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The 5 Most Expensive Massage Chairs You Can Buy 

Massage chairs have become a popular choice for those seeking complete relaxation and comfort. These innovative pieces of furniture offer the luxury of professional massage therapy within the comfort of your own home. While there are countless options available on the market, we're taking a look at the five most expensive massage chairs that redefine relaxation and healthy massages. With these massage chairs, you are guaranteed to feel luxury in every session.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid

  • Original Price: $15,000.00 
  • Sale Price: $13,500.00 

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair stands at the pinnacle of luxury and innovation as one of the Best Massage Chairs in the industry as well as one of the most expensive massage chairs you can buy. Crafted with the finest materials and cutting-edge technology, this massage chair offers a range of massage techniques that mimic the hands of a skilled therapist. It combines traditional massage techniques with advanced features such as body scanning, customizable intensity levels, and even heated massage options. The attention to detail and superior craftsmanship makes the Supreme Hybrid a true standout in the realm of luxury massage chairs. Its most notable feature is its full inversion stretch with its 6-roller system on a split track. It also gives your knees and calves the attention they need with heat and compression massage. 


Luraco iRobotics i9 Max SE Medical Massage Chair

Luraco iRobotics i9 Max SE

  • Original Price: $16,990.00 
  • Sale Price: $14,990.00 

The Luraco i9 Max SE massage chair is a testament to American engineering and user-centric design and is one of the Best Massage Chairs on the market and one of the most expensive massage chairs you can buy. With powered armrests that act as doors into the chair, and a sleek and modern appearance, this chair is equipped with an array of features that cater to individual preferences. Its 3D roller technology adapts to the contours of the user's body, delivering a precise and effective massage experience. The chair also incorporates a user-friendly interface and a variety of preset massage programs, ensuring a tailored relaxation session every time. The chair gives its precise massages by scanning the arms and shoulders in addition to the back and legs. It also incorporates those four areas into its full body stretching mode! The Luraco i9 Max’s seat measures 22” across and fits users up to the heights of 6’10” and weights up to 300lbs to ensure those of varying sizes are the most comfortable.  


Osaki DuoMax Massage Chair

Osaki DuoMax

  • Original Price: $15,499.00 
  • Sale Price: $12,999.00 

The Osaki DuoMax Massage Chair is a true embodiment of opulence and relaxation. With a focus on holistic well-being, this is one of the Best Massage Chairs and offers an array of massage techniques that target different muscle groups and alleviate various types of tension. What sets the Osaki DuoMax apart is its emphasis on intelligent health detection using AI technology to make the most tailored massage to each user. This aims to not only relieve physical stress but to make sure you are getting that relief around the areas of your body that need it most. The DuoMax also has three sets of arm rollers, calf kneading, triple foot rollers in an enclosed ottoman, and a split roller track! The DuoMax has a bit of everything to offer in the realm of massage therapy.  


JPMedics KaZe Massage Chair 

JPMedics KaZe

  • Original Price: $14,999.00 
  • Sale Price: $12,999.00 

The JPMedics Kaze Massage Chair is a harmonious blend of Japanese precision and modern technology and one of the most expensive massage chairs you can buy. Crafted to perfection, the chair features an extensive range of massage techniques inspired by ancient Japanese methods. From Shiatsu to acupressure, the Kaze delivers a comprehensive massage experience. Its attention to detail is evident in the freshly handcrafted elements and the chair's ability to provide a massage with slow, soothing roller movements. The Kaze has similar features to the Osaki Vivo, including customized programs with AI technology and deep calf kneading. In the Kaze, you have the ability to save any custom program you make, you can even activate these programs using voice controls! Some other unique features are the Cultural Automatic Massage Programs that use styles from around the world, chromotherapy, spot massage, an enclosed foot ottoman with tri-action rollers, and 4D back and glute rollers.  


Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Massage Chair

Osaki Highpointe

  • Original Price: $14,999.00 
  • Sale Price: $9,999.00 

The Osaki Highpointe Massage Chair seamlessly combines elegance with functionality and is knows as being one of the most expensive massage chairs you can buy. Designed for the discerning individual, this chair features advanced 4D massage technology that allows for a more precise massage experience. The chair's sleek appearance is complemented by its intuitive user interface, which allows users to fine-tune their massage preferences and create a personalized relaxation journey. The Osaki Highpointe specifically uses its heated shawl, full body air compression, foot and calf rollers, voice controls, and more to make your massages the most helpful and relieving they can be. This chair has a truly exceptional neck and shoulder massages with one of the most human feeling rollers out there which is why it's one of the Best Massage Chairs of 2023! 



While the cost of these massage chairs may be substantial, they offer a level of luxury and comfort that is unparalleled. From cutting-edge technology to handcrafted precision, each of these chairs has been designed to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. For those who value wellness, luxury, and the art of relaxation, these massage chairs represent a worthwhile investment in both physical and mental well-being. Don't forget to check out our Black Friday Massage Chair Deals.