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Best Dual Track Massage Chairs of 2024 Buying Guide 

Dual track massage chairs have gained immense popularity due to their ability to provide a personalized and therapeutic massage experience on both the upper and lower body. In this article, we will explore the top three dual track massage chairs that have captured the attention of both massage enthusiasts and experts alike: the Osaki Ai Vivo, the Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid, the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid, the Infinity Luminary, and the Luraco iRobotics i9 Max Special Edition.  

Dual track massage chairs are some of the most anticipated massage chairs of 2024. Even though S and L-track massage chairs are great on their own, when more folks learn they can have the best of both worlds, there is no stopping the hunt for the best dual track massage chair. To help everyone out, The Modern Back has compiled a list of the top five dual track massage chairs ranked as follows:  


Daiwa Supreme Hybrid

Starting at $562/mo*

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair is famous for its exceptional stretching capabilities, making it the ideal option for those desiring an immersive and effective stretch in a dual track chair. The chair's sophisticated dual track system allows for independent control of the upper and lower body massages, allowing for a targeted and customizable stretching experience. Its most popular feature is the Hybriflex™stretch program; with just one session, every user will feel why the Supreme Hybrid is the best of the best.  

Whether alleviating tension in the back, releasing tight muscles in the legs, or increasing flexibility in the hips and shoulders, the Supreme Hybrid excels at providing a comprehensive and revitalizing stretch. By combining various massage techniques, such as kneading, tapping, and air compression, with the chair's precise positioning, users can experience a deep and gratifying stretch that promotes increased range of motion and overall flexibility.

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair is the gold standard of dual track massage chairs when it comes to providing peak relaxation and rejuvenation. 



Osaki Ai Vivo 4D + 2D

Osaki Ai Vivo 4D + 2D

Starting at $666/mo*

The Osaki Ai Vivo Massage Chair is a cutting-edge chair that uses advanced technology to provide a relaxing and delightful massage experience. The Vivo employs a dual massage system that includes 4D rollers throughout the back and 2D rollers at the track's bottom, covering the glutes and top of the hamstring. AI technology powers this cutting-edge 8-roller massage system, which tailors the most accurate therapy based on your body's status. Whether you want a deep tissue massage or a mild relaxation session, the Vivo massage chair is designed to provide a therapeutic experience.

The Osaki AI Vivo 4D+2D Massage Chair boasts unique features, such as a built-in health monitor. The chair's AI technology can give a tailored massage experience based on your body's present state by analyzing several indications such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, microcirculation, and weariness index. Unique arm rollers softly knead and apply pressure to the muscles, tendons, and pressure points in the arms when engaged. This produces a calming and energetic sensation in your arms and hands, effectively lowering tension and increasing blood circulation. 

The Osaki Vivo is one of the newest Dual Trask massage chairs on the market and comes with so many unique features including soothing arm rollers and encapsulated feet.



Made with meticulous attention to detail, the Pegasus Hybrid Massage Chair is designed to transport you to a world of pure bliss.

Pegasus Hybrid

Starting at $500/mo*

The Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid Massage Chair is meticulously crafted to take you to a world of pure joy, where tension melts away and stress becomes a distant memory. The innovative features, therapeutic treatments, and exquisite materials come together to provide you with the ultimate indulgence in the privacy of your own home. One of the most unique features is the Shiatsu Wave massage for your calves with personalized and stimulating rollers and airbags that mimic the ancient techniques of Shiatsu therapy 

The Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid uses a symphony of highly crafted rollers that operate in perfect unison to simulate the delicate actions of human hands at the heart of the 8 Roller System. Each roller is deliberately engineered to react to your body's curves, offering an immersive and therapeutic touch that goes beyond the capabilities of ordinary massage chairs. And the Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid is the only massage chair to incorporate Shoulder Fit Technology which provides a massage that is truly tailored for the perfect width.

The Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid is a dual track Massage Chair with cutting-edge technology that offers relaxation that reaches new heights.



Infinity Luminary 

Starting at $541/mo*

Out of the three best dual track massage chairs, the Infinity Luminary is the most technologically advanced. Designed to provide an immersive and personalized massage experience, the Luminary incorporates cutting-edge technology that sets it apart from its competitors. Some of these smart features are its voice commands, a quick access control panel, SootheMe™ Sound therapy, MyMassage™ memory saving programs, chromotherapy lighting, a wireless phone charging pad, lumbar heating, Air Ionization, Complete Calf™ kneading and oscillation, and full-coverage reflexology rollers. If you are looking for a dual track massage chair with extra tech to maximize the massage experience, the Luminary might be for you!  

With its advanced dual track system, the chair offers independent control over the upper and lower body massages, allowing users to target specific areas of tension and discomfort. The Luminary also features the innovative Syner-D massage engine, which utilizes a combination of 4D massage rollers and multidimensional airbags to deliver a deeply therapeutic massage. Additionally, the chair's smart features include built-in Bluetooth speakers that allow users to listen to their favorite music or guided meditation during their massage sessions. The Luminary also offers zero gravity positioning, body scanning technology for customized massages, and a comprehensive tablet remote for easy navigation.  

With its impressive array of technology-driven features, the Infinity Luminary Massage Chair provides an unrivaled level of comfort, relaxation, and convenience for users seeking the ultimate smart, dual track massage chair. 



Luraco iRobotics i9 Max Special Edition 

Starting at $624/mo*

In the area of dual track massage chairs, the Luraco iRobotics i9 Max Special Edition Massage Chair is a staple of luxury and accessibility. This chair offers a remarkable combination of high-end features with a user-friendly design, making it an exceptional option for an at home massage. With its sophisticated dual track system, the i9 Max Special Edition offers independent control over the 3D upper and lower body massages, ensuring a custom-tailored session. The chair is crafted with the highest precision and comprises the finest materials, providing unmatched comfort and sturdiness.  

The i9 Max Special Edition's arms are able to slide along the chair, providing easy accessibility into the chair which allows virtually every user to get in and out without having to climb over the furniture. In addition, this chair is endowed with sophisticated sensors that analyze the user's body shape to ensure optimal massage pressure and positioning for every body type. The i9 Max Special Edition also features zero gravity positioning, Bluetooth connectivity, and a premium sound system for a genuinely immersive experience.  

The Luraco iRobotics i9 Max Special Edition Massage Chair redefines relaxation and establishes a new standard for dual track massage chairs through its unparalleled luxury and practical accessibility. 



The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid clearly has a better, deeper stretch than the Luraco i9 Max, but the Luraco is far more accessible for users who may have mobility issues. However, the Osaki Ai Vivo is the only dual track chair that uses Ai technology to detect your pain. While the Pegasus Hybrid has shoulders that can be adjusted depending on your shoulder width. All five massage chairs in this buying guide have a dual track mechanism, how much do their differences actually set them apart? Below is a short list of the similarities all three massage chairs have.

Other Similarities: 

  • Heat Therapy 
  • Touch Screen Remotes (Luraco does not have a tablet) 
  • Body Twisting or Waist Compression 
  • Calf Oscillation (Luraco has calf rollers instead) 
  • Acupoint Reflexology Foot Rollers 
  • Zero Gravity 
  • Bluetooth Speakers 
  • USB Ports / Smartphone Charging Stations 
  • Shoulder Compression Massage 

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*This monthly loan payment is based on loan approval through our available massage chair finance options.