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Best New Massage Chairs of 2024 Buying Guide

The Infinity Luminary, the Ogawa Master Drive Ai, and the Maestro LE 2.0 are the best new massage chairs released in 2024.

Massage chairs have revolutionized the way we experience relaxation and rejuvenation in the comfort of our own homes. With the continuous advancements in technology, the market has witnessed the release of several exceptional massage chairs. In this review, we will delve into the features and benefits of three outstanding massage chairs: the Osaki Vivo, Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0, and Maestro LE 2.0. These models represent cutting-edge massage chair technology, providing unparalleled comfort and therapeutic benefits. 

Get ready to experience the pinnacle of relaxation with the finest massage chairs on the market: the Infinity Luminary, Ogawa Master Drive AI, and Maestro LE 2.0. These chairs have made it into our top three new massage chairs of 2024 because of their innovative features and unparalleled level of precision. To show you why these are the newest best of the best massage chairs, The Modern Back team has ranked them as follows: 

Best Dual Track Massage Chair 

Osaki Vivo Massage Chair

Starting at $666/mo*

The Osaki Vivo Massage Chair is an innovative chair with advanced features and technology that delivers a calming pleasurable massage experience. The Vivo uses a dual massage mechanism that incorporates 4D rollers throughout the back and 2D rollers at the bottom of the track, covering the glutes and top of the hamstring. This cutting-edge 8-roller massage system is powered by AI technology, which tailors the most accurate therapy based on your body's state. The Vivo massage chair is designed to deliver a therapeutic experience, whether you prefer a deep tissue massage or a light relaxation session. 

The Osaki Vivo Massage Chair has innovative functions, including a built-in health monitor. By measuring multiple indicators such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, microcirculation, and fatigue index, the chair's AI technology can provide a customized massage experience according to your body's current state. When activated, unique arm rollers gently knead and apply pressure to the muscles, tendons, and pressure points in the arms. This generates a relaxing and energizing sensation in your arms and hands, effectively reducing tension and promoting enhanced blood circulation. 


Best Custom Experience 

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Massage Chair

Starting at $374/mo*

The Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 takes personalized massage to a whole new level, solidifying its position as the best newest massage chair for a custom massage experience. With its advanced artificial intelligence technology, this chair is capable of adapting and customizing the massage based on individual needs and preferences. The integrated body scanning system precisely identifies the user's unique body contours and adjusts the massageaccordingly, ensuring optimal comfort and targeted relief. The 4D rollers and air compression system provide an extensive array of massage techniques and intensities that effectively relieve muscle tension and discomfort.

The Master Drive AI 2.0 also provides a vast array of massage programs, allowing users to select from a variety of therapeutic options tailored to their individual needs. With its ergonomic design, zero-gravity positioning, and soothing heat therapy, this chair creates a deeply immersive and personalized massage experience. The Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 exceeds expectations with its stellar customizability, making it the best option for those seeking a massage chair that truly understands and caters to their personal needs.


Best 4D Massage Rollers 

Osaki Maestro LE 2.0 Massage Chair

Starting at $374/mo*

The Osaki 4D Maestro LE 2.0 massage chair is certainly the finest 4D massage chair that is available today. With its sophisticated 4D massage technology, this chair provides a level of control and customization that is unmatched. The 4D rollers are adjustable in terms of pace, depth, and intensity, allowing users to customize their massage experience to their exact specifications up to 10 levels of intensity. This ensures a genuinely therapeutic and immersive massage session that targets specific muscle groups and effectively relieves tension and soreness. Furthermore, Osaki says this improved version of the Maestro is their strongest chair yet! Not only does it have a strong upper body massage, the Maestro 2.0 also has an enclosed ottoman for a one-of-a-kind full coverage foot massage.

The Maestro LE 2.0 features an impressive L-track system that provides massage coverage from the neck, down the spine, and to the thighs, while the body scanning function guarantees an individualized massage tailored to the user's body shape. This special Body Pain Scan will measure the problem areas in your torso prone to pain and make a unique massage program surrounding thoseattention needing areas. In addition to incorporating a variety of massage techniques, such as kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and rolling, the chair offers an extensive array of therapeutic options.  With additional features such as zero-gravity positioning, heat therapy, Voice Control, and Bluetooth connectivity for an enhanced relaxation experience, the Osaki 4D Maestro LE 2.0 is thedefinition of a superior 4D massage chair thanks to its exclusive luxury, versatility, and customization.



The best new massage chairs of 2024 each have a unique feature or two that sets them apart, but what brings them together? These chairs each possess 4D rollers, heat therapy, and smart technology to focus on individually, each in their own modern exterior frame. The Infinity Luminary and the Ogawa Mater Drive have chromotherapy lighting as well! 

Other Similarities of all three massage chairs: 

  • Calf Massage 
  • Waist Massage 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Touch Screen Tablet Remote 
  • Zero Gravity 
  • Short Cut Panel Controls 
  • Shoulder Airbags 
  • Foot and Arm Massage 
  • Voice Commands! 

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