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Osaki OP-Kairos LT 4D Massage Chair

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Country of Manufacture: China
Massage Roller: 4D Quad Style Massage Roller
Massage Roller Track: 54" SL-Track
Massage Roller Adjustments: 5 4D, 5 Speed, and 3 Width Adjustments
Glute Massage: Massage Roller and Air Compression
Removable Back Pad: Yes
Body Scan Technology: Yes
Foot Massage: Massage Roller and Air Compression
Recline: Powered
Zero Gravity Recline: Yes
Automatic Programs: 20 Automatic Programs
Manual Programs: Whole, Partial, and Fixed Point
Massage Techniques: Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Kneading and Tapping, and Shiatsu
Deep Tissue Massage: Yes
Stretch Program: Yes
Heat Therapy: Heated Rollers, Heated Shawl for front and lumbar, Heated Calves
Total Airbags: 40 Airbags
Airbag Intensity Adjustments: 5 Intensity Adjustments
Calf Massage: Massage Roller and Air Compression
Ottoman Length Adjustment: Automatic
Bluetooth Speakers: Yes
Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
Timer Setting: 20 Minutes
Device Charging: Wireless charger
Air Massage: Shoulders, Arms, Lumbar, Waist, Calves, and Feet
Distance to Wall: 1"
Height Range: 5'0 - 6'3"
Ion Therapy: Yes
Controller Types: Touchscreen Tablet and Armrest Controls
Controller Languages: English, Chinese, and Korean
Dimensions Upright: 63.0"L x 35"W x 47.5"H
Dimensions Recline: 71."L x 35"W x 35"H
Weight: 256lbs.
Recommended Weight: 250lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Main Body: 58.46”L x 31.69”W x 37.99”, Armrest: 39.96”L x 16.73”W x 24.41”H
Shipping Weight: 309lbs.
Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty


Osaki Manufacturer's Warranty

  • 1 Year In-Home Service
  • 2 Years Parts
  • 3 Years Structure

Osaki 1 Year Extended Warranty

  • 2 Year In-Home Service
  • 4 Years Parts
  • 3 Years Structure

Osaki 2 Year Extended Warranty

  • 3 Year In-Home Service
  • 5 Years Parts
  • 3 Years Structure

Guardian 5 Year Parts & Labor Extended Limited Warranty (Optional)

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Osaki Kairos 4D Massage Chair Features

The Osaki Kairos 4D Massage Chair combines cutting-edge technology and luxurious comfort to provide a massage experience that feels just like human hands.

Featuring advanced 4D massage rollers, it offers extensive customization with settings for roller speed, width, and intensity. The Osaki Kairos supports deep tissue massage, shiatsu, and includes stretch programs, complemented by a heated roller system.

The Kairos also offers 2 memory settings, an upgraded touchscreen remote, and a zero-gravity recline feature, enhancing the effectiveness of each session by alleviating pressure on the spine.

The Osaki Kairos stands out with a 54-inch track, ideal for those up to 6'3" tall, offering extended massage strokes and superior ergonomic support with a 120° recline and smooth, jerk-free transitions.

Extended Track Length

The Osaki Kairos 4D massage chair features an extensive 54-inch L-Track that follows your natural contours, providing precise massages from neck to glutes

This longer track enables massage strokes that can reach further, catering to users up to 6'3 in height. The swing-type rail design enhances the reclining experience, allowing for a smoother full body massage with a deep zero gravity recline.

The Osaki Kairos comes with a user-friendly touchscreen remote for convenient navigation and setting adjustments.

Touchscreen Controller

The Osaki Kairos 4D massage chair is designed with convenience in mind featuring a user-friendly touchscreen tablet remote.

The tablet allows users to easily make quick adjustments and effortlessly navigate through various settings to personalize their massage session.

Enjoy hands-free operation of the Osaki Kairos with its voice control feature, allowing you to effortlessly control the chair with your voice commands.

Intelligent Voice Control

Experience the ultimate relaxation with the Osaki Kairos 4D massage chair, where you can effortlessly control every function through intelligent voice commands.

Unwind without lifting a finger by simply speaking one of the pre-set commands to prompt the Kairos to intuitively respond, ensuring a personalized and soothing massage experience tailored to your needs.

The Osaki Kairos prioritizes calf care, offering a dedicated Calf Kneading Function often overlooked in modern massages.

Deep Calf Kneading

The Osaki Kairos pays special attention to the calf muscles, one of the most overlooked parts of the body that often doesn't get the care it deserves.

The Osaki Kairos 4D massage chair stands out by offering a specialized Calf Kneading Function to enhance your relaxation and rejuvenation experience.

Elevate your comfort with the Osaki Kairos' 4D massage rollers, featuring dual heated rollers and a range of customizable options for tackling stress points and muscle tension.

4D Massage Mechanism

With two advanced heated 4D massage rollers, the Osaki Kairos offers an unparalleled level of luxury and relaxation.

Immerse yourself in a world of comfort as you effectively alleviate stress and muscle tightness with a range of massage techniques and intensity levels tailored to specific areas.

Utilizing a precisely engineered SL-Track, the massage rollers reach from the base of your skull to the tips of your hamstrings for comprehensive coverage.

L-Track Technology

The Osaki Kairos massage chair features advanced L-Track massage rollers that follow an extended track from the base of your head, down your back, and all the way to the edge of your hamstrings.

The full-body coverage of the L-Track system will deliver a comprehensive and rejuvenating massage experience in the comfort of your home..

Embrace a NASA-inspired Zero Gravity position, relieving body pressure and offering a weightless sensation. Thanks to Osaki's Space Saving Technology, the chair can recline fully with just a 1-inch wall clearance.

Zero Gravity and Space Saving Technology

Indulge in the sensation of weightlessness and alleviate pressure on your spine with the zero gravity recline feature that ensures maximum relaxation and comfort in any living space.

The innovative Kairos 4D chair also incorporates Space Saving Technology, enabling a full recline experience while maintaining a minimal 1-inch distance from the wall.

The Osaki Kairos features integrated negative air ionization therapy, which has been shown to reduce stress and boost energy levels, based on research.

Negative Air Ionization

This innovative feature works by neutralizing the positive ions in your immediate environment, creating a more serene space while you indulge in a soothing massage session.

By reducing stress levels and enhancing vitality, the combination of massage therapy and negative air ionization promotes a holistic approach to well-being and rejuvenation.

The Osaki Kairos has 20 Automatic Massage Programs to help you relieve your pain.

20 Automatic Modes

  • Quick Demo
  • Chinese Massage
  • Stretch
  • Pain Relief
  • Senior
  • Neck Shoulder
  • Glutes
  • Sports Recovery
  • Boss Mode
  • Lady Mode
  • Relax
  • Vitality
  • Morning
  • Midday
  • Night
  • Back Waist
  • Yoga
  • Spine Care
  • Waist Glutes
  • Leg & Foot
The Osaki Kairos has 5 Manual Massage Styles to help you soothe your tired muscles.

5 Manual Massage Styles

  • Knead
  • Knock
  • Tap
  • Knead Tap
  • Shiatsu
The Osaki Kairos boasts 40 strategically placed air cells, ensuring a comprehensive compression therapy experience.

40 Cell Full Body Air Massage

The Osaki Kairos provides advanced therapeutic air compression therapy through the utilization of 40 strategically positioned air cells integrated throughout the chair.

These air cells inflate and deflate to mimic the pressure and motions of the hands of a masseuse, offering targeted relief and a relaxing massage to enhance overall well-being and comfort.

Relax and unwind with the Osaki Kairos, offering two-level full-body heat therapy, including lumbar, calf, chest, and stomach heat. Simply use the heating shawl to target specific areas and alleviate tension.

6 Heating Zones

Experience ultimate stress relief with the Osaki Kairos, featuring two levels of total body heat therapy to reduce pain and muscle tension.

The innovative Osaki Kairos is designed to provide targeted heat therapy to the lumbar and lower leg regions, while a specially crafted heating shawl envelops your chest and core in comforting warmth.

The essential foot and calf massage on the Osaki Kairos features 2 foot rollers and 1 calf roller per foot for a comprehensive massage experience.

3 Roller Massage for Foot and Calves

The Osaki Kairos 4D massage chair is designed with your comfort in mind. It features two reflexology foot rollers on each sole to provide a targeted foot massage to tired feet.

Additionally, enjoy the soothing sensation of calf rollers on each leg, perfect for relaxing and revitalizing tired achy calf muscles after a long day.

The footrest automatically extends by approximately 8 inches to accommodate users of varying heights and ensure an optimal position.

Automatic Footrest Extension

The Osaki Kairos massage chair features an innovative automatic footrest that smoothly extends up to 8 inches, effortlessly adapting to your individual leg length for a customized and comfortable experience.

Discover the Osaki Kairos convenient Control Panel, offering effortless customization and relaxation at your fingertips.

Convenient Shortcut Panel

The Osaki Kairos 4D massage chair is equipped with a user-friendly Control Panel that allows for effortless adjustments. You can easily personalize massage settings, recline positions, and select from various auto programs to cater to your relaxation needs and preferences.

Elevate your audio experience with the Osaki Kairos Bluetooth Speakers, providing exceptional sound quality and convenience for your music and entertainment needs.

Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers

The Osaki Kairos Massage Chair offers a luxurious relaxation experience with immersive Bluetooth Speakers integrated into the headrest.

Elevate your relaxation sessions with this convenient feature and enjoy high-quality sound as you unwind, creating a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.

Experience the convenience of Osaki Kairos Wireless Charging, ensuring your devices stay powered up while you relax in your massage chair.

Phone Charging Surface

While indulging in the luxurious comfort of your Kairos 4D massage chair, equipped with advanced massage features, you can effortlessly keep your devices charged using the built-in wireless charging surface.

This innovative addition ensures you can unwind and stay connected simultaneously.

Osaki Kairos incorporates LED lighting

LED Lighting Detail

Osaki Kairos incorporates the healing practice of Chromotherapy, utilizing a spectrum of soothing colors to elevate your massage experience.

This innovative feature enhances relaxation and promotes overall well-being by enveloping you in a tranquil atmosphere, creating a holistic and rejuvenating therapy session.