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Daiwa Supreme Hybrid vs. Infinity Circadian Massage Chair Comparison

To help you decide between these two chairs, this Massage Chair Comparison will point out specific characteristics that might make or break your decision. The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid and Infinity Circadian have almost everything in common in terms of features and advantages.

There area few minor differences that might be important considerations depending on your needs once you read our Massage Chair Comparison. We'll take a closer look at the main features that both chairs have in common as well as the differences that distinguish them apart from each other.



  • Dual-Track Rollers 
  • 6 Roller System 
  • 4D Massage Mechanism 
  • Touchscreen Tablet Remote 
  • Calf Kneading 
  • Wireless Charging Pad 
  • Shortcut Panel 
  • Specialized foot & Calf Rollers 
  • High-Quality Luxury Models 
  • Supreme Hybrid Has Heated Knee Therapy 
  • Circadian Has Heated Calves 
  • Circadian Has Voice Controls 
  • Circadian Has Sound Therapy 


Dual Track Rollers: The Supreme Hybrid and Circadian Massage Chair Both of these chairs come equipped with an innovative Dual Track Roller System that’s essentially two separate roller tracks. The dual track rollers make it possible for the chairs to deliver the ultimate spinal decompression stretch and true inversion therapy.  

6 Roller System: Both chairs have a unique 6 roller system that makes your massage feel like an entire team of massage therapists simultaneously massaging your whole body in unison. Two rollers massage your back while the other four deliver massage to your glutes and hamstrings. A rare similarity found in this this Massage Chair Comparison.

4D Massage Mechanism: Both chairs come with a 4D Massage Mechanism that’s capable of delivering a smooth humanlike massage with fluid movements that a typical 3D chair can’t make. 

Touchscreen Tablet Remote: Both chairs have a user-friendly touchscreen tablet remote which is a huge advantage over basic push-button remotes.  

Calf Kneading: Both chairs come with a luxurious feature called "calf-kneading," which involves oscillating air cells on in the calf region that compress and expand simultaneously with spinning calf rollers to help restore energy in tired achy legs. 

Wireless Charging Pad: The Supreme Hybrid and Infinity Circadian Syner-D both have a convenient charging pad on the arm of the chair where you can easily charge your mobile device. 

Shortcut Panel:  To simplify your chairs operation, there’s a quick access Panel on the chair's arm where you can adjust most of these chair's functions without needing the remote. 

Specialized foot & Calf Rollers: Both of these chairs come equipped with spinning reflexology foot and calf rollers combined with compression therapy for the ultimate foot and leg massage.  

High-Quality Luxury Models: The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid and Circadian Syner-D are both Luxury Massage Chairs made with many high-end premium features.  


Supreme Hybrid Has Heated Knee Therapy: The thermal knee massage uses heat and airbag modulations in the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair to stretch stiff tendons and reduce unpleasant inflammation in one of the body's most injury-prone areas. 

Circadian Has Heated Calves: The Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair offers various heating elements, but Circadian adds thermal heat to the lower leg area to help loosen tight muscles and encourage circulation. These are very slight differences found in this A rare similarity found in this Massage Chair Comparison.

Supreme Hybrid Height Range is 2” Taller: This might be a deciding factor if you’re taller than average. But even though the Circadian has a max height of 6’4”, it can definitely accommodate users up to 6’6” as well.

Which Is The Right Chair For You?

In summary, this Massage Chair Comparison shows how these chairs are very comparable when it comes to features, design, and technology. They are basically the same chair with different esthetics. But the Supreme Hybrid is slightly longer which could be a deciding factor if you’re taller than average. And, Daiwa also included Heated Knee Therapy which is a really nice upgrade for the Supreme Hybrid Daiwa Massage Chair. The added benefits of the Infinity Circadian Massage Chair really come down to Soundscapes, Heated Calves, and Voice Control.  

What it really comes down to in the end is your personal preference and your overall user experience. What type of experience do you want in a massage chair? If you need some expert advice or have questions about either of these chairs, contact us directly at 800-416-4304 or chat with us online anytime. We also offer options for 0% Financing if you need some extra help making your dream of owning your favorite massage chair a reality.