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If you have a petite frame and stature, the bigger massage chairs won't be a good fit So, it’s important to try before you buy.

Best Massage Chairs for Petite Users Buying Guide 

Massage Chairs are usually designed with a key feature in mind, whether that be a specific roller mechanism, a massage style, or track shape. Without having to worry about missing out on your favorite feature due to sizing, there are petite and big & tall models so massage can be for everyone! Let’s dive into some compact massage chairs with soothing relief for your figure. We will analyze the Osaki Belmont, the JPMedics Kumo, the Osaki Pro OS-3D Opulent, and the Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 to show that they are the best compact massage chairs with renowned massaging capabilities.  

Although these four massage chairs are all great compact models, let’s separate them according to top individual features to pinpoint which chair will fit closer to your needs. After close consideration, The Modern Back has selected the Osaki Belmont, the JPMedics Kumo, the Osaki Pro OS-3D Opulent, and the Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 massage chairs, and we have ranked them as such: 

Best Universal Massage Chair 

Osaki OS-3D Belmont 

With more affordable pricing, the Osaki OS-3D Belmont has a touch of everything you need from a massage if you are looking for a chair that covers the basics. The Belmont has 12 auto massage programs, 6 manual massage techniques, Zero Gravity, 3D rollers, lumbar and knee heating, and air massage for total relaxation. With its compact frame, the Belmont is sure to give a soft, medium, or tough massage as it has 5 levels of strength and speed with 3 levels of width for you to adjust.

Not only does the Belmont look sharp, but it also has sophisticated massages to ensure you are getting the most during each session. A few of the most anticipated auto programs are Yoga, Extension, Thai, and Waist & Buttocks where each provides a unique massage. Those between the heights of 5’0”-6’2” with a recommended maximum weight of 270lbs will be the most comfortable. The compact seat width alsomeasures 19” across.


Best Luxury Massage Chair 

JPMedics Kumo

This Premium massage chair has a smaller frame perfect for petite users. The JPMedics Kumo is not only a favorite for its approachable design, but for its softer massages that instantly soothe the body. Some of its more favored features include 3 custom memory settings, voice controls, heated 4D rollers, Chromotherapy lights, and heated knee and calf therapy. The soft synthetic leather seat measures 18” across which is perfect for petite users, but the Kumo can fit those up to a maximum height and weight of 6’3” and 265lbs.

With over 500 customizable massage options, you will always be able to find the best massage for your body. The Kumo is our best luxury compact chair for all of these features, but mainly for its truly sophisticated feel. Once you sit back and let the rollers slowly glide over your back, you will understand the simplicity of luxury massage technology that never misses. Some other notable features are the Kumo’s tri-action foot rollers, a convenient smart adjustment dial, Demo Mode, and air massage. 


Best Heated Massage Chair 

Osaki Pro OS-3D Opulent 

Some users may not need a luxury or smart massage chair, but simply prefer a massage that better soothes aches and pains. Thankfully you will not have to lose a great massage to get what you need, which is why you will love the Osaki Opulent for its special heat therapy. Heat is spread out around the calves and lower back, but there is also a heated shawl that can go over the front of the body or it can be kept behind the back and shoulders.

Your muscle stiffness and joint pain melt away. In addition to this great heat feature, the Opulent also has an SL-Track with 3D rollers, Zero Gravity Recline, 16 auto programs, air compression massage, and an enclosed foot ottoman for a foot massage with all around full coverage. Users can be between the heights of 5’0”-6’3” and weigh a maximum of 260lbs, the width of the seat also measures 18” across. 


Best Smart Massage Chair 

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 

The Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 is the best petite chair for the most accurate massage. To give a personalized massage for every user, the Master Drive 2.0uses AI technology to run a health scan over your body called Chair Doctor. The Chair Doctor’s scan measures tension and stress in your torso area to design the perfect massage to fit your needs. The scan will also display collected data about your emotional state, your heart rate to determine levels of stress and discomfort, and your blood oxygen levels.

With a variety of massage styles and techniques, the Master Drive will create the best program for you according to the results of your scan. For example, to increase blood circulation to improve oxygen levels, the chair may include zero gravity during the session for the best results. This massage chair also has 4D rollers that travel up and down the back and glutes, silent brushless motors, a 10” touch screen tablet remote, 27 auto programs, and heat along the lumbar and calves. 



These four massage chairs are models designed with petite body shapes in mind. Even at a different size, massage should be inclusive for everyone and their massage preferences, too. Whether that be a chair with lots of heat, the best luxury feels, or the most personalized feel, The Modern Back has what you need to experience the massage of your dreams right at home.  

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