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Luraco i9 Medical 3D Massage Chair

by Luraco
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Manufacturer: Luraco
Country of Manufacture: United States
Massage Roller: NEW, Patented- 3D + Butterfly
Massage Roller Track: 60"NEW, Patented Split L-Track
Massage Roller Adjustments: 5 Levels of Intensity in 6 Areas
Glute Massage: Massage Roller and Compression massage
Removable Back Pad: Yes
Body Scan Technology: Advanced Technology
Foot Massage: Triple Foot Rollers and Compression Massage
Recline: Automatic
Zero Gravity Recline: Yes
Unique Feature: Sliding arms- EASY ENTRY (NEW) NEW, Easy Entry (Patent Allowed)
Automatic Programs: 9 Programs
Manual Programs: Yes
Massage Techniques: Multiple Techniques
Deep Tissue Massage: Yes
Stretch Program: Yes
Memory Program: 5 User Profiles
Heat Therapy: Lumbar, Arms, and Feet
Total Airbags: 100
Airbag Intensity Adjustments: 5 Levels by Region
Calf Massage: Calf Roller and Compression Massage
Ottoman Length Adjustment: Automatic with Footstop
Bluetooth Speakers: Yes
Upholstery: Leather
Timer Setting: 5-30 Minues
Device Charging: USB Charginf
Air Massage: Shoulders, Arms, Waist, Lumbar, Seat, Calves, and Feet
Distance to Wall: 30"
Height Range: 5'0-6'10"
Controller Types: Touchscreen Keypad
Dimensions Upright: 61”L X 38”W X 48”H
Dimensions Recline: 81”L X 38”W X 47”H
Seat Width: 22"
Weight: 280lbs.
Recommended Weight: 300lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 70”L X 32”W X 46”H
Shipping Weight: 315lbs.
Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty


Luraco iRobotics 9 Warranty

Luraco covers their iRobotics 9 massage chair for Home Use with a 5 Year Limited Warranty. The First 3 years include Parts, and Labor. Parts replacement is covered for 5 years. The Structural Framework of the chair is covered for 5 years.

Luraco Extended Warranty

Luraco offers an Extended Warranty option for purchase. The Extended Warranty option covers the Luraco iRobotics 9 massage chair with 5 years of comprehensive coverage that includes Parts, Labor, and Structural Framework for 5 years.

Luraco iRobotics 9 Commercial Use

Luraco covers their iRobotics 9 massage chair for Commercial Use with 1 Year Limited Warranty. The First 6 months covers parts and labor. Parts Replacement is covered for 1 year along with the Structural Framework.

To obtain service on your Luraco iRobotics 9 massage chair call 817.633.1080 or email support@luraco.com.

Guardian 5 Year Parts & Labor Extended Limited Warranty (Optional)

Click Here For Details   

Call Guardian Plan 800-527-8485 or email gwarranty@guardianproducts.net for more details.

Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair

While some people may think that massage chairs are all the same, Luraco Technologies sets out to prove that they are not and that AMERICAN-MADE massage chairs are the best! Luraco spent the last 3 years creating the Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair that is full of unique and advanced features for delivering superior and medical massages! As a result of the hard work of the Luraco Research and Development team, the Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair has already been awarded 7 U.S. patents with several more patents pending.

Luraco i9 Medical Features


The all-new patented 60” Split Track of the Luraco i9 combines movements from both the S-Track and L-Track designs. Standard L-Track massage chairs do not perform stretching as good as S-Tracks. However, the track is flexible, allowing for an excellent quality if stretching without losing the benefits of roller massage for glutes and thighs.



For easy access in and out of the chair, the armrests slide back for the user. This patented feature is especially good for people who are elderly or have physical challenges safely sit. The Easy Entry Armrests also take up less space than Luraco’s model from last year which has side-swinging arms.


PATENTED “BUTTERFLY TECHNOLOGY ROLLERS” with an enhanced 3D robotic system!

The new unique 3D roller motion uses a butterfly shaped pattern that has a one-of-a-kind feeling compared to any other chair on the market. The i9 applies an out of this world massage experience by coming with height, width, depth, heat, speed, and music adjustments to better your massage.



As another unique quality to this chair, Luraco made the i9 completely wrapped in luxury-level and car-quality full leather.



There are four hand and forearm massage rollers to mimic a masseur's hands in an unmatched depth of massage. 



The i9’s calf rollers provide a deep intense massage. The triple rollers in the foot area make for more coverage of the soles of the feet. The i9 brings more massage roller locations for additional and authentic massage experiences.



The i9 has a new Gigahertz microprocessor that works to scan the body quickly and efficiently.



Similar to using your smartphone, Luraco makes controlling you’re the i9 easy. Luraco Remotes have two U.S. patents and are not only fast, but they allow for easy, convenient, intuitive operation.



The chair can be adjusted in the shoulders for different height and body size to make the massage fit just right for you.



In addition to the new airbag locations, the i9 has refined the air bags for thigh compression, lower back twisting, and an enhanced stretching experience.



Heat therapy is located in the hands, lower back, and feet.



 The i9 allows for up to 5 Different User’s to save their favorite chair settings. After your massage, you can choose to save it to your desired profile. The i9 will even remember your body scan so when you sit in the chair and click on your profile, the chair will not have to scan you again.



From super-soft to super-intense. Allows the user to fully customize their preferred level of massage comfort. 



Users can personalize what area of their body to be more or less intense. (Neck, Upper Back, Lower Back, Arms, Calves, and Feet). 



The true zero gravity position lines the footrest up with the heart by reclining into a neutral body posture position. Being in this zero-gravity position helps blood circulation and eases stress on the spine.



The i9 can confirm your commands in 7 different language options (English, Vietnamese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Korean).





This preset is designed for health enhancements that highlights relieving muscle strain, soothing anxiety, improving blood flow, and helping to relieve depression. This is the default massage setting when the chair is first started.


Morning Massage:

Designed for energizing and awakening the body first thing in the morning by providing muscle stretching, mobilizing joints, and promoting flexibility with some mild muscle exercises.


Night Massage:

The Night Massage preset relaxes the body and gets it ready for sleep. This massage option focuses on relieving postural stress after a day`s activities and helping to relieve anxiety, depression, and headaches.


Quick Massage:

Provides a quick full-body massage, combining the best features of all massage modes into one cycle. This preset can also be adjusted to any offered length of the time you want. 

Shiatsu Massage:

Provides a high-intensity and point-based massage with varied and rhythmic pressures on different parts of the body. A shiatsu massage helps relieve severe tension in muscles and connective tissues, relieves blockages and rejuvenates the body.


Soft Massage:

This preset applies a soft and gentle “air-bag only” massage throughout the body. This mode is good for relieving headaches, muscle strains and helps to improve sleep.


Sport Massage:

Sport massage is recommended for people involved with active exercise and for injury prevention and treatment. This mode focuses on overused and stressed muscles from repetitive and aggressive movements. The sport mode enhances flexibility, reduces fatigue, boosts endurance and reduces muscle soreness.


Stretch Massage:

A program devoted completely to stretching, improving flexibility, and promoting better mobility throughout the body. It relaxes muscles, enhances muscular coordination, helps improve posture and provides a sense of well-being.


TV Mode:

TV mode places the chair into a comfortable angled position with a soothing foot massage perfect for watching TV or even reading.


Other Features:

9 PRESET PROGRAMS and limitless customizable individual body part massage options.

MANUAL SETTINGS for targeted massage therapy to specific body parts including Kneading and Tapping with Variable Speed Controls.

PATENTED NOISE REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY to maximize relaxation and improve health and wellbeing.

PATENTED STRETCHING: Unique body and 2-position foot stretching. Body swivel with twist stretching not found on any other products.

BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: High-quality and powerful for smartphone music streaming.

PATENTED 3-LAYERED FOOTREST for a better calf massager.

Helpful diagrams of body acupuncture points and reflexologies.

Blood Pressure and Heart Rates Monitoring (optional) – patent pending.

FDA registered, UL and CE listed.

U.S-based customer service and after-sales support.