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The 7 reasons why now is the best time to invest in a massage chair with countless massage features the help of AI technology.

Why Should I Buy a Massage Chair? 

With today’s technology, now is the best time to invest in a massage chair. Why? Health and wellbeing are becoming a stronger focus in our lives today, and massage chairs are now able to do more for the body than ever before. We see chairs with countless full body massage features that are designed to not only relieve aches and pains but do so in a way that assesses us individually, with the help of AI technology. A massage chair is built to bring more access to better quality massage, and here are seven reasons that answer the question "Why Should I Buy a Massage chair?"

  1. Benefits of Massage: Sitting in a massage chair is a great way to disconnect and focus on yourself. Some chairs come with chromotherapy mood lighting, peaceful sounds, and Bluetooth, so you can put your phone down and be self-aware. Some of the biggest take-aways from massage is that it lessens stress over time, while improving flexibility, erasing tension and pain, increasing blood circulation, and readying you for a better night's sleep.

  2. Long Time Investment: Some massage chairs can last up to 25 years, and in that time, you can have a massage every day without having to make time to schedule an appointment at a spa that takes up more time and money overall. When you find the perfect massage chair for your body’s shape and size, you will always have the best massage tailored to you! You will no longer have to worry if the masseuse at the spa will meet all your needs and leave you feeling the most satisfied. When you're wondering "Why Should I Buy A Massage Chair?" keep in mind the longevity of this investment.

  3. Availability: You will always have access to your massage chair in the comfort of your own home. This means you can work with the chair to meet your health needs every single day, not just once a month or even once a year. Sometimes we have sudden aches, too, and a quick session in the massage chair can certainly help. This is especially true for those days where you cannot get a good night’s sleep, or when aching knees stop you from getting work done. 

  4. Personalization: Our technology today is the best it has been for the massage chair world. Massage chairs like the Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 use AI technology to run a full scan of the body. This scan not only measures your shape and size, but your stress levels, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, torso tension, and more to determine where exactly you need massage on your body. The Ogawa Master Drive even has 3 memory settings to save a favored program that you made for access any time. Another bonus to personalization is the manual settings that allow you to build your own program with certain techniques, intensities, and massage styles. 

  5. Worth The Price: There are some potentially expensive massage chairs, but depending on how specific your needs are or the amount of time you will be using the chair, the price can be well worth it. For example, a $5,000 massage chair built to last for around4,000 hours converts to a massage that costs $1.25/hr. That is a big comparison for getting a massage once a month that costs upwards of $100 for 60 minutes at a spa, and that’s only for a standard massage. 

  6. Regularity: Going out to get a massage takes way more time and money than needed, which takes away from getting massage therapy on a regular basis. Having a massage chair at home is a great convenience. Staying consistent with massage works the absolute best by having your own massage chair available. 
  7. Anxiety: Let’s be real, there are many of us who love massage but do not always go in feeling confident. Being naked in a dim room with a stranger can feel uncomfortable and awkward, which takes away from the massage being relaxing and stress free. At home, there is no need to undress or wait on a masseuse to massage you. Another bonus of massage chairs is their uniqueness. Zero Gravity, inversion stretching, heated rollers, reflexology foot massage, and waist twisting are some other benefits you can experiment with that a variety of models have to offer, and a human masseuse can’t execute these. Some of those features can even be used without massage on, such as heat, or Zero Gravity to relax and decompress. 

These are some of the key reasons why you should buy a massage chair. However, there are many more reasons when looking at specific features a chair has to meet your needs you did not think were reachable. For an amazing shoulder massage, check out the Osaki OP-Xrest 4D with its strong shoulder nodes. What about finally getting that true stretch you have been dreaming of? Well, the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid could not be a better choice with its Hybriflex™ inversion stretch.  

It is safe to say that there are many massage chairs for different needs, shapes, and feelings. Here at The Modern Back, we have many massage chair models each with their own unique feel. Having variety is the key to finding what you need out of massage therapy and to make a happy purchase where you are not settling for less. Don't forget to check out our Black Friday Massage Chair Deals.