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Titan Jupiter Premium LE Massage Chair Review 

The Titan Jupiter Premium LE is one of the Best Big & Tall Massage Chairs on the market and comes equipped with deep tissue massage at any time of day.

Take some time to unwind all the time. Your body will thank you for every massage session you take from a massage chair in your very own home. With the Titan Jupiter Premium LE massage chair you can have just that. There is nothing like having ultimate relief for any situation where your body and mind need to relax. Going to the gym? Hop in the Titan Jupiter for a stretch to warm you up. What about a stressful day after work? Sit back and recuperate with a Burmese massage. The Titan Jupiter massage chair has everything you need to get a strong, vigorous massage at any time of the day which is why it's one of the Best Massage Chairs in the industry. So, let’s dig into the special features of the Jupiter Premium LE to see how great of a message it really gives.

Who are our recommended users: 

  • The Jupiter is a Big & Tall chair, this means petite users may not feel as though they fit. However, when the massage starts and the airbags inflate to fill the empty spaces, a petite user will feel a lot more confident. For our Big & Tall users, this chair is a no brainer when looking to accommodate wider waists and taller frames. One last pointer is that the Jupiter is very strong, its massage is not for those who are looking for soft kneading massages.  
  • The exact required height for the Jupiter is for those between 5’0”-6’6” with a recommended user weight limit of 300lbs. The seat width measures 20” which is wider than average.  

The Main Features of the Titan Jupiter Premium LE 

The Jupiter Premium LE massage chair comes with voice control so you can speak any commands without using the remote.

Control The Massage with Your Voice 

Recently, many new massage chairs are being made with voice controls. This means you can speak any command that the chair knows without having to use the remote. In the Jupiter, there is a microphone on the side of the armrest that picks up your voice when the controls are activated. Say “Hello, KIRI!” to activate the chair and then speak your command. This is a great tool to stay relaxed, especially when you are in a deep recline. The only downside to voice control in this chair is knowing the controls. The commands must be spoken word for word from the list in the user manual. The commands are onlytwo-three words long, such as “Sleepy Mode”,so it may take some time to remember all of them.

The Jupiter LE Premium has four 3D rollers that move up and down, left and right, and in and out for an in-depth massage.

3D Massage Rollers and L-Track 

It is all about the massage here, and with the Jupiter’s 3D rollers every massage is worth it. The four 3D roller heads move up and down, left and right, and in and out for an in-depth massage. The rollers will spread wide to reach the sides of the back then retract inward to narrowly to run along the spine. The massage is supported by the L-Track roller mechanism. This allows those nice 3D rollers to reach from the neck and shoulders, down the back, and under the glutes. The large track measures 53” in length to maximize the total massage coverage. 

The Jupiter LE uses intelligent body scanning to quickly measure the body so the rollers provide a safe and correct massage.

Auto Body Scan 

The Jupiter quickly measures the body so the rollers can provide a safe and correct massage. After the scan the chair will beep, letting you know to adjust the shoulder height of the rollers to fit your body. The Jupiter has a spring-loaded ottoman which means the body scan will not measure the legs. As the chair moves, or when you push your feet down, the spring will retract to always match your height. 

The Jupiter Premium LE comes with an impressive 80 air cells for a therapeutic full-body air compression massage.

Unique Air Compression Massage 

With 80 air cells, the Titan Jupiter has some of the most air bags out of many other massage chairs! The air compression massage is all over the body surrounding the feet, claves, waist, arms, back, shoulders, and head. The head pillow is a truly unique feature to the Titan Jupiter which inflates around the temples. There is even a rectangular bead in the pillow that gently pushes into the temples as the pillow inflates. To accommodate any height, the head pillow can be unzipped andmoved around.

The Titan Jupiter Massage Chair has Zero Gravity recline, allowing the user to feel weightless while receiving a massage.

Zero Gravity and Space Saving Technology 

The Titan Pro Jupiter LE has Zero Gravity reclining, allowing the user to feel weightless while receiving a massage of their choosing. Users can set the amount their chairs will recline automatically, or they can use the remote to make the adjustments themselves. The Titan Pro Jupiter LE slides forward on a track to save room, allowing it to be within 3.2 inches of the wall. Space saving is wonderful so you can make the most of the space you have at home.

The Titan Jupiter is one of the Best Massage Chairs and comes with full-body heat that covers the legs, seat, and waist.

True Full-Body Heating 

The Jupiter is one of the only massage chairs with full body heating. Heat will cover the legs, seat, and waist. The best part is that the 3D rollers are also heated! This means the heat will reach everywhere the rollers travel from the neck, back, and glutes. 

The Titan Jupiter massage chair uses scraping nodules that move around under the feet to provide an acupressure massage.

Dual Action Foot Massage 

This foot massage is certainly different. Instead of just one roller under the feet, there are scrapping nodules that move around to provide an accurate acupressure massage. The nodules are small in shape and to get the best feel, a Zero Gravity recline that lifts the legs allows for more pressure under the feet.

The Titan Jupiter massage chair comes equipped with 10 auto programs all related to relaxing the body with maximum relief.

Massage Programs and the Touch Screen Remote 

There are 10 auto programs all related to relaxing the body with maximum relief. Maximum relief should not be taken lightly as most of the programs are relatively intense. There is definitely no need to worry if this massage chair will not be strong enough for you. A few of the auto programs are Waist Massage, Power, Stretch, Blood Circulate and Recovery. Another program, Senior, has a softer feel with slow strokes; the massage chair will also rock back and forth like a rocking chair. Massage techniques used in these programs can be Knocking, Tapping, Kneading, Shiatsu, Knead & Knock, or Knead & Tap. All of these programs and more will be found on the touch screen tablet remote. 

To summarize the Titan Jupiter Premium LE massage chair, it is an efficient, powerful massage chair with deep kneading and heat to relieve any muscle ache. Even the two stage Zero Gravity recline cannot be overlooked. The Jupiter is just one of those massage chairs that has it all, and for a great price. In the end, remember to think of what your body needs out of a massage, from roller type to track type, it can all make a difference. Thank you for reading The Modern Back’s Review of the Titan Jupiter LE. If you have any questions or would like some additional advice, contact us directly at 800-416-4303 or chat with us here online! 

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The Titan Jupiter Premium LE is one of the Best Massage Chairs of 2023 with deep tissue massage therapy at any time of day.