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Osaki Paragon vs. Osaki Emperor Massage Chair Comparison

When it comes down to choosing between two massage chairs, the decision can be difficult especially when it can be such a large purchase for you. We will break down two 4D massage chairs from Osaki that share the same price but have some of their own unique features.

You may ask yourself, if these chairs are the same price and made by the same brand, what could be so different? Well, there are many specifications we have to look at such as height and weight requirements, strength of the chair, track type, and any other accommodations that are important to you.

Sometimes one chair over the other could have a stronger foot massage or one specific rolling technique that can make or break your choice. Let us start with a breakdown of similarities and differences between the Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon and Osaki OS-Pro 4D Emperor Massage Chair.



  • 4D Quad Rollers with heat 
  • L-Track roller system 
  • Stretch program 
  • Air Compression massage 
  • Calf kneading 
  • Encapsulated foot ottoman and Automatic extended foot rest 
  • Zero Gravity, although the Emperor has 2 levels 
  • Body scan 
  • Waist/hip airbags 
  • Space saving 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Osaki 
  • Heated foot rollers in the Paragon. 
  • The Emperor has 20 auto programs, the Paragon has 13. 
  • Height and weight requirements. 
  • Shoulder airbag adjustment in the Emperor.  
  • The Emperor has a touch screen tablet remote, the Paragon has a handheld wired remote. 
  • The Paragon has voice control 
  • Paragon app for smart phones. 
  • Emperor has quick access side panel controls 
  • Paragon Synchronic Therapy


4D Quad Rollers with heat: Both chairs have 4D rollers with a quad head design that give off soothing heat therapy as they massage along the back of the body. 4D rollers move up and down, side to side, and in inwards and outwards circular motions.  

L-Track Roller System: These chairs run their 4D rollers on an L-Track which allows the rollers to massage from the neck, down the back, and to the glutes.  

Stretch programs: Both the Paragon and the Emperor have a stretch program which your back and joints will thank you for. The Paragon incorporates a hip twist into their stretch! 

Air Compression massage: Both chairs have full body air compression on areas around the body like the arms, hands, calves, feet, waist, and shoulders. 

Calf kneading: Another similarity is the excellent calf kneading these chairs possess. The airbags in the calf region move in circular motions to knead the legs as they are squeezed. The Emperor’s center kneading piece has slightly deeper range of motion than the Paragon. 

Encapsulated foot ottoman with Automatic extension: Both massage chairs have an enclosed foot rest that provides more coverage to the top, sides, and bottom of the feet, almost like a massaging pair of shoes! The ottoman automatically extends to comfortably massage the legs and feet. The Emperor extends up to 7.1” and the Paragon extends up to 8.7”! 

Zero Gravity: These chairs have Zero Gravity recline that provides a weightless feeling with health benefits such as increased range of motion, increased circulation, and spinal decompression. The Paragon only has one stage whereas the Emperor has two, for a farther reclined Zero Gravity position.  

Body Scan: A body scan happens before a massage session to measure the shape and size of the body. This scan pinpoints where to massage efficiently which provides a custom massage to each user.  

Waist/Hip Airbags: Waist air compression massage is not a common feature on most massage chairs which really changes up the effects of a good stretch, luckily both chairs include this great feature! 

Space saving: Both chairs are space saving, the Paragon needs 3.15” from the wall and the Emperor needs 4.7”. 

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is must have so you can listen to your favorite songs, calming sounds, or audio books.  

Osaki: The Paragon and the Emperor are both Osaki brand massage chairs. Osaki is reputable company that makes most of the top selling massage chairs on the market today that customers love. Osaki manufactures their chairs in China with quality materials.


Heated foot rollers in the Paragon: The Paragon ups the foot massage by adding heated rollers that the Emperor does not have.  

The Emperor has 20 auto programs, the Paragon has 13: The Emperor has a much more modern massaging system with the capability to have 20 auto programs that are categorized by area of the body and manual uses.  

The Emperor accommodates shorter users: The Emperor’s height and weight requirements are 4’8”-6’3” and a maximum of 254lbs whereas the Paragon’s requirements are 5’0”-6’3” and a maximum of 260lbs.  

Shoulder Airbag Adjustment: The Emperor has adjustable shoulder airbags that can tighten the massage simply by pulling the airbags closer or pushed away to lessen the intensity.  

Battle of the Remotes: The Emperor has a touch screen tablet remote; the Paragon has a handheld wired remote. The touch screen tablet makes the experience so much more efficient so you can easily navigate your massage with a constant display of the chair’s functions instead of the digging through the handheld remote. 

Voice recognition: The Paragon uses intelligent voice control technology to stay hands free by telling the chair what to do with your voice; there are 9 phrases to choose from.  

Paragon App: Missing touch screen function? Download the Paragon App in the app store on your smart phone for a simpler version of the remote.  

Side panel controls: The Emperor has quick access side panel controls to adjust 4D intensity, start and stop the massage, pick an auto program, go to Zero Gravity, reposition the back or legs, add heat, and adjust the footrest retraction. There is also a wireless smart phone charger and USB port! 

Paragon Synchronic Therapy: The last difference is the Synchronic Therapy used in the Paragon. This sync technology allows the massage to come alive and move to the rhythm of your music via Bluetooth! 

Which Is The Right Chair For You?

After analyzing the big similarities and differences above, we can conclude that both chairs are indeed very similar. Most of the differences are either slight adjustments in sizes, controls, or heat placement. The Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon definitely has a hold on the techy side of things but we can see that the Osaki OS-Pro 4D Emperor has a more modern frame and way of functioning the actual massage. The Emperor will provide a smooth massage with more up-to-date techniques and auto programs. However, the Paragon has some similar techniques and programs even if there are not so many. With such close similarities and differences, it is time to ask yourself what you value more whether it be size, appearance, the Emperor's modern massage system and two stage Zero Gravity, or the Paragon’s hands-free voice control and Synchronic Therapy. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to your personal preferences. Think about what you are hoping to get out of a massage chair. Make sure to watch videos and read descriptions and specifications to find what your body needs. If you need some expert advice and opinion, do not be shy to call our massage chair specialist team at The Modern Back, contact us directly at 800-416-4304, visit our showroom, or chat with us online anytime! We also offer 0% financing options if you need some extra help to ensure a massage chair under your ownership.