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Osaki Highpointe vs. Osaki Emperor Massage Chair Comparison

Certain qualities can make or break your decision when searching for the ideal massage chair. There are many features and benefits shared by the Osaki Highpointe and Osaki Emperor when compared to one another in this Massage Chair Comparison.

Depending on your needs, there are extra features in each chair that might be major deciding factors. We'll look at the characteristics of both chairs as well as the key distinctions that set them apart from one another and explain why these features should be taken into account.



  • L-Track Roller System 
  • 4D Massage Mechanism 
  • Touchscreen Tablet Remote 
  • Calf Kneading 
  • Wireless Charging Pad 
  • Shortcut Panel 
  • Specialized foot & Calf Rollers 
  • 16 Automatic Programs with 5 Massage Styles 
  • High-Quality Luxury Models 
  • Osaki OS-Pro 4D Emperor has Heated Rollers. 
  • Osaki Highpointe has a Unique Heating Shawl 
  • Osaki Highpointe has 12 More Air Cells 
  • Osaki Highpointe has Intelligent Voice Control 
  • Osaki OS-Pro 4D Emperor is less than half the price of the Highpointe 
  • Osaki OS-Pro 4D Emperor has an Enclosed Foot Ottoman 


L-Track Roller System: Both chairs have an L-Track Roller System that covers the entire body from the neck to the glutes. 

4D Massage Mechanism: Both the Highpointe and Emperor have a cutting-edge 4D massaging mechanism for the most lifelike experience.

Touchscreen Tablet Remote: These chairs each have a touchscreen tablet controller that is extremely user-friendly. 

Calf Kneading: One of the best similarities found in this Massage Chair Comparison. The ottoman in both of these chairs has a luxurious function called calf-kneading, which uses rollers and air cells to massage and compress the calf region. 

Wireless Charging Pad: Both chairs come with a convenient wireless charging pad that’s mounted on the arm of the chair. 

Shortcut Panel: With the quick access control panel on the chair's arm, you can simply operate either of these chairs without the remote. 

Specialized Foot & Calf Rollers: These chairs have specialized foot and calf rollers with cutting-edge reflexology foot and leg routines. 

16 Automatic Programs with 5 Massage Styles: Both of these chairs have 16 automatic massage programs with a choice of 5 massage techniques, allowing for total customization. 

High-Quality Luxury Models: Two new models, the Emperor and Highpointe Massage Chair, are Luxury Massage Chairs made with many high-quality premium features. 


Osaki Emperor has Heated Rollers: Enjoy a therapeutic session that simulates a hot stone massage from your neck all the way down to your glutes in the Osaki Emperor Massage Chair.  

Highpointe has a unique Heating Shawl: A special feature available only in the Highpointe is a heated shawl that you can drape over the front of your body to warm your core, enhance the effectiveness of your massage, and keep you comfortable and relaxed. 

Osaki Highpointe has 12 More Air Cells: The Osaki Highpointe Massage Chair has 15 additional airbags for additional air compression massage.  

Highpointe has Intelligent Voice Control: The system is simple to use with just your voice thanks to the intelligent voice controls. 

Emperor is Less Than Half the Price: If price is a deciding factor, the minimum advertised price of the Emperor is $7000 less than the Highpointe which is a significant distinction in this Massage Chair Comparison..  

Emperor has an Enclosed Foot Ottoman: The Emperor Massage Chair has an encapsulated foot ottoman that surrounds your feet entirely in air compression. The Highpointe uses an open-toe design that can accommodate any size of foot and has an equally sophisticated reflexology program. 


Which Is The Right Chair For You?  

In conclusion, throughout this Massage Chair Comparison, we found that both chairs are pretty equal in terms of technology and luxury features. Other innovations included with the Osaki Highpointe 4D Massage Chair include the unique heating shawl, 12 additional airbags, and intelligent voice control. On the other hand, the Osaki Emperor 4D Massage Chair comes with an enclosed foot massager and costs thousands less than the Highpointe.  

What matters most in the end is how well the chair fits your unique body style and the specific kind of experience you’re seeking. Contact us at 800-416-4304 or chat with us online if you have questions about these chairs or this Massage Chair Comparison. To help make that dream of owning your favorite massage chair a reality, we also offer 0% financing options.