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Osaki Vivo vs. Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid Massage Chair Comparison

In this comprehensive massage chair comparison, we’ll compare the similarities and differences between the Osaki Vivo and Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid dual track massage chairs.

Welcome to our in-depth massage chair comparison of two remarkable massage chairs that promise to take your relaxation experience to a whole new level: the Osaki Vivo and the Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid a fast-paced world where stress and tension seem to be constant companions, finding effective ways to unwind and rejuvenate has never been more important.

These two massage chairs stand out as exceptional choices, each offering a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, therapeutic features, and luxurious comfort. In this article, we'll delve into the intricate details of the Osaki Vivo and the Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid, exploring their design, massage capabilities, customization options, and overall performance.

Whether you're a connoisseur of relaxation seeking the ultimate massage experience or someone new to the world of high-tech massage chairs, we've got you covered. By the end of this massage chair comparison, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of what each chair brings to the table, helping you make an informed decision about which one aligns best with your relaxation needs.



  • 4D Massage Rollers
  • Dual Massage Mechanism
  • SL-Track System
  • Full Body Air Compression
  • Lumbar Heat Therapy
  • Triple Foot Rollers
  • Calf Kneading
  • Body Scan Technology
  • Auto Extendable Footrest
  • Zero Gravity Recline
  • Space Saving Technology
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Voice Control Technology
  • Shortcut Control Panel
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Number and Styles of Automatic Massage Programs
  • Style of Massage Techniques 
  • Number of Airbags 
  • Osaki Vivo has Three Arm Rollers
  • Osaki Vivo has Intelligent Health Detection
  • Pegasus Hybrid has Shoulder Fit Technology


4D Massage Rollers: The Osaki Vivo and Pegasus Hybrid Massage Chair are advanced massage chair models that incorporate innovative 4D massage roller technology. These massage chairs offer a highly immersive and customizable massage experience by utilizing 4D massage rollers, setting them apart from traditional massage chairs that use 2D or 3D rollers. 4D massage rollers are designed to replicate human touch and movement more accurately than their predecessors. The "4D" in the name refers to the ability of the rollers to not only move up, down, left, and right (as seen in 2D rollers) but also to vary the intensity and speed of the massage strokes. This adds an extra dimension of depth to the massage, allowing for a more precise simulation of human-like kneading, tapping, rolling, and even shiatsu techniques.

Dual Massage Mechanism: The Dual Massage Mechanism in these massage chairs is designed to offer eight massage rollers that are split into two groups. Four massage rollers target the upper body, and another set of four massage rollers targets the lower body. The Dual Massage Mechanism system is designed to replicate the techniques of a skilled human masseuse, using a total of eight massage rollers to deliver a highly effective and lifelike massage session. This is one of the best features found in our massage chair comparison,

SL-Track System: The SL-Track System is designed to replicate the natural curve of the human spine, offering an extended coverage from the neck down to the lower back and glutes. The extended coverage of the SL-Track System means that it covers a larger portion of the spine than traditional massage tracks. This comprehensive approach allows for the alleviation of tension, stress, and knots along the entire length of the back.

Full Body Air Compression: The Osaki Ai Vivo and Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid massage chairs feature an advanced Full Body Air Compression system, a technology that enhances the overall massage experience by incorporating strategically placed airbags to deliver a gentle yet invigorating sensation throughout the entire body. This innovative system is designed to provide users with a holistic and rejuvenating massage that targets various muscle groups and promotes relaxation. The Full Body Air Compression system operates through a network of airbags positioned strategically within the massage chair. These airbags are carefully placed in areas that correspond to different parts of the body, such as the shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, calves, and feet.

Lumbar Heat Therapy: These massage chairs incorporate a sophisticated Lumbar Heat Therapy feature that enhances the massage experience by providing targeted heat to the lower back region. This technology offers a range of therapeutic benefits, contributing to relaxation, muscle relief, and overall well-being. Lumbar Heat Therapy involves the integration of heating elements within the massage chair's design, specifically targeting the lumbar area of the user's back.

Triple Foot Rollers: The Triple Foot Roller system involves the integration of three distinct massage rollers located within the footrest area of the massage chair. These rollers are designed to replicate the techniques of a skilled human masseuse, providing an authentic and rejuvenating foot massage.

Calf Kneading: The Osaki Vivo and Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid massage chairs come equipped with an advanced Calf Kneading feature, a technology that enhances the massage experience by providing a soothing and therapeutic massage to the calf muscles. This innovative technology targets an area of the body that often carries tension and discomfort, contributing to relaxation, muscle relief, and overall well-being. Calf Kneading involves the integration of airbags within the calf portion of the massage chair. These elements replicate the kneading technique used by skilled human hands during massages

Body Scan Technology: Upon the user's initial interaction with the massage chair, the Body Scan Technology engages. The sensors and algorithms detect the user's body dimensions and create a precise map of their spine and body shape. This information is used to tailor the massage experience to the user's unique anatomy.

Auto Extendable Footrest: The Auto Extendable Footrest is designed to accommodate users of different heights. As the user initiates the massage chair session, the footrest adjusts its position to ensure that the user's legs are comfortably supported, regardless of their height. The motorized footrest can extend or retract based on the user's leg length. This customization ensures that the user's legs are properly aligned with the massage rollers and airbags, allowing for a more effective and enjoyable massage experience.

Zero Gravity Recline: The Zero Gravity Recline feature positions the body in a way that reduces gravitational pull on the spine and joints. This creates a sensation of weightlessness, enhancing relaxation and promoting a deeper sense of calm. When the massage chair is in the Zero Gravity position, the legs are elevated above the heart level. This position encourages the spine to assume a natural S-shaped curve, which reduces tension on the spinal discs and enhances overall spinal alignment.

Space Saving Technology: Space Saving Technology is particularly beneficial for users who have limited space in their living areas. The chair's ability to move forward while reclining allows it to occupy less space, making it suitable for placement against walls or in smaller rooms. The Vivo Massage Chair requires 9.5 inches of clearance from the wall and the Pegasus Hybrid requires 3.15 inches. 

Touch Screen Controller: The Touch Screen Controller features a responsive touch screen interface that is easy to navigate. Users can access different massage programs, adjust settings, and explore features with just a few taps. Whether users are tech-savvy or not, the Touch Screen Controller's user-friendly interface makes it accessible and convenient for everyone to navigate and customize their massage experience.

Voice Control Technology: Voice Control Technology eliminates the need for physical buttons or touch screens, allowing users to control the massage chair using their voice. This hands-free approach enhances convenience and accessibility. Users can use natural language to communicate with the massage chair. Simple commands such as "start massage," "increase intensity," or "focus on my neck" can be recognized and executed by the chair's voice recognition system.

Shortcut Control Panel: The Shortcut Control Panel offers one-touch access to pre-programmed massage options. Users can easily choose from a selection of massage styles, such as Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, or rolling, without navigating through complex menus.

Bluetooth Speakers: The Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid and Osaki Ai Vivo Massage Chair are equipped with integrated Bluetooth Speakers, a technology that adds an immersive and multi-sensory dimension to the massage experience. These speakers allow users to connect their devices and enjoy their favorite music, podcasts, or relaxation sounds while receiving a massage, enhancing the overall sensory enjoyment and relaxation.


Automatic Massage Programs: The Osaki Vivo and Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid massage chairs are equipped with a range of Automatic Massage Programs, an advanced feature that simplifies the massage experience by offering pre-programmed massage sequences designed to target specific areas of the body and provide various massage techniques. These programs allow users to enjoy a diverse range of massages without the need to manually adjust settings, enhancing convenience and relaxation. The Osaki Vivo comes loaded with 12 auto programs and the Pegasus Hybrid comes with a substantial 72 automatic massage programs. 

Number of Massage Techniques: The Osaki Vivo and Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid massage chairs offer a variety of advanced Massage Techniques, each designed to provide specific sensations and therapeutic benefits. These techniques simulate the movements of skilled human hands, creating a comprehensive and customizable massage experience that targets various muscle groups and addresses different relaxation and wellness needs. Here is a curated list of massage techniques for each massage chair: 

Osaki Vivo:

  • Kneading
  • Sync
  • Knocking
  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • 4D Shiatsu

Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Knocking
  • Shiatsu
  • Sync
  • Rhythm

Airbags: The airbags are strategically placed in areas such as the shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, calves, and feet. This coverage ensures that multiple muscle groups are targeted during the massage session. As the airbags inflate and deflate, they create a kneading and squeezing sensation that helps relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. This sensation mimics the movements of skilled human hands performing a massage. The Vivio has 52 airbags, and the Pegasus Hybrid has 48 airbags. 

Three Arm Rollers: The Massage Arm Rollers in the Osaki Vivo are designed to deliver a soothing and effective massage experience to the user's arms and hands. These rollers are strategically positioned within the armrests of the chair, offering a comprehensive massage that targets key pressure points and muscle groups in the arms and hands. In this massage chair comparison, this is a unique feature not found in most of the competition.

Intelligent Health Detection: Intelligent Health Detection is a remarkable feature integrated into the Osaki Vivo massage chair, elevating it beyond a simple relaxation tool to a comprehensive wellness companion. This innovative technology is designed to monitor and assess various health metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, microcirculation and weariness index. This provides users with valuable insights into their well-being during their massage sessions. The Pegasus Hybrid does not have this. 

Shoulder Fit Technology: The technology is designed to adapt to the user's shoulder shape and size. Using a combination of sensors, advanced algorithms, and motorized components, the massage chair tailors the massage experience to the individual's body. This ensures that the massage rollers and airbags accurately target the specific muscles and tension points in the shoulders. The width of the two shoulder pads can extend from 26 inches to 32 inches. The Osaki Vivo does not have this.


Choosing the right massage chair ultimately depends on your unique preferences and needs. The Osaki Vivo and the Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid Massage Chair both offer advanced massage technology, customization options, diverse massage programs, and targeted relief techniques.

Carefully evaluate the features, massage styles, and additional offerings of each chair in this massage chair comparison to determine which one aligns best with your desired relaxation experience. Whether you lean towards Osaki's personalized 4D massage or Daiwa's hybrid approach, either chair can become your personal oasis of relaxation in the comfort of your home.