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Osaki Xrest vs. Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair Comparison

While trying to choose the best massage chair, some characteristics might make or break your decision and in this massage chair comparison, you’ll discover that the Osaki OP-XRest and Daiwa Supreme Hybrid have a lot in common in terms of features and advantages.  

There are quite a few differences in each chair that could be important deciding considerations depending on your needs. We'll examine the features of both chairs as well as the primary differences that distinguish them from each other and discuss why these qualities should be taken into consideration. 



  • Explore our outstanding features
  • Touchscreen Tablet Remote
  • Calf Kneading
  • Shortcut Panel
  • Specialized foot & Calf Rollers
  • High-Quality Luxury Models
  • Supreme Hybrid has a 21” seat width vs. 17” with XRest
  • XRest has an Air Ionizer
  • Supreme Hybrid has 6 Rollers and XRest only has 4
  • XRest has App Controls
  • Supreme Hybrid Has Dual Track Rollers for Inversion Therapy
  • XRest has a Smart Muscle Pain Detector
  • Supreme Hybrid Height Range is 5” taller
  • XRest has Shoulder Massage Nodes• Supreme Hybrid is Priced $1500 Less
  • XRest has an Encapsulated Foot Ottoman
  • Supreme Hybrid Has Heated Knee Therapy
  • XRest has Intelligent Voice Control
  • Supreme Hybrid Has 36 Automatic Programs and XRest only has 16


4D Massage Mechanism: Both chairs come with an advanced 4D massage mechanism for the most human-like feel.  

Touchscreen Tablet Remote: These chairs both come with an easy-to-use touchscreen tablet remote.  

Calf Kneading: Both of these chairs have a luxurious feature called "calf-kneading," which involves the ottoman compressing and massaging the calf region using rollers and air cells. 

Wireless Charging Pad: These chairs both have a convenient charging pad on the arm of the chair that you can use to recharge your mobile device. 

Shortcut Panel:  With the quick access Panel on the chair's arm, you can simply operate either most of these chair's functions without the use of the remote. 

Specialized foot & Calf Rollers: Both chairs come equipped with advanced reflexology foot and leg programs.  

High-Quality Luxury Models: The XRest and the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid are both Luxury Massage Chairs made with many high-quality premium features.  


 Supreme Hybrid has a 21” seat width vs. 17” with XRest: You’ll get a much roomier seat the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair with 4 extra inches of width compared to the XRest. This is a crucial feature because most massage chairs tend to feel cramped and snug depending on your height and weight. 

XRest has an Air Ionizer: According to research, a negative air ionizer can not only clear your air of contaminants but also assist with reducing stress and increasing your vitality. 

Supreme Hybrid has 6 Rollers and XRest only has 4: The supreme Hybrid has a unique 6 roller system that feels like an entire team of massage therapists. Two rollers massage your back while four rollers simultaneously massage your glutes and hamstrings.  

XRest has App Controls: You may control all the chair's features straight from your phone by downloading the XRest App on your smartphone. 

Supreme Hybrid Has Dual Track Rollers for Inversion Therapy: The Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair has superior stretch capabilities with an innovative Dual Track Roller System that is essentially two separate roller tracks. The dual track makes it possible for the Supreme Hybrid to deliver the ultimate spinal decompression stretch with inversion therapy.  

XRest has a Smart Muscle Pain Detector: In order to create a massage program that’s tailored to your unique needs, the Xrest uses a Smart Muscle Pain Detector to identify tension in your upper and lower back. 

Supreme Hybrid Height Range is 5” Taller: This may undoubtedly be a deciding factor if you’re taller than average. The Supreme Hybrid can accommodate people up to 6'5" in height versus XRest with a max height of 6’2”.  

XRest has an Advanced Shoulder Massage: The XRest uses 20 shoulder airbags and shoulder massaging nodes to provide a comprehensive shoulder and neck massage. 

Supreme Hybrid is Priced $1500 less: If price is a deciding factor, the minimum advertised price of the Supreme Hybrid is $1500 less than the XRest.  

XRest has an Encapsulated Foot Ottoman: The Osaki XRest has an encapsulated foot ottoman that surrounds your feet entirely in air compression with a maximum foot size 13. The Supreme Hybrid uses an open-toe design that can accommodate any size feet and has an equally sophisticated reflexology program. 

Supreme Hybrid Has Heated Knee Therapy: The thermal knee massage uses heat and airbag modulations to stretch stiff tendons and reduce unpleasant inflammation in one of the body's most injury-prone areas. 

Xrest Has Intelligent Voice Control: The smart voice controls for the Xrest Massage Chair make it easy to operate your massage chair using only your voice. 

Supreme Hybrid Has 36 Automatic Programs and XRest only has 16: The Supreme Hybrid comes equipped with 36 thoughtfully programmed massage sessions so you’ll never have a shortage of massage sessions to explore.

Which Is The Right Chair For You?  

In conclusion, these chairs are somewhat comparable when it comes to quality and technology. But the Supreme Hybrid comes with a significant number of additional benefits including an innovative Dual Track Roller System, spinal decompression, more width and length, additional automatic programs, heated knee therapy, more rollers, and it costs less. The Osaki Xrest Massage Chair on the other hand an air ionizer, mobile App, Voice Controls, and encapsulated feet.  

What it comes down to in the end is personal preference and the overall user experience. What specific type of experience are you looking for in a massage chair? If you need some assistance or have questions about either of these chairs, contact us directly at 800-416-4304 or chat with us online. We also offer options for 0% Financing if you need a little help making that dream of having your own massage chair a reality.