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JPMedics Kumo vs. Ogawa Master Drive 2.0 Massage Chair Comparison

Soft luxury massage comes from the JPMedics Kumo and the Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 Massage Chairs. Both of these chairs are the top models from their brands with unique but simple features that make massaging at home easy and useful.

When it comes down to picking between the Kumo and the Master Drive, we have to look at specifications such as height and weight requirements, strength of the chair, track type, price, and highlight any other important preferences on your wish list. However, your search will not be so hard after narrowing it down to these two models. These chairs are similar in feel, but let us dig deeper to show the real similarities and differences that will hopefully reveal a clear winner with everything you need.



  • 4D Rollers 
  • L-Track roller system 
  • Roller Width adjustments 
  • 3 custom memory settings 
  • Manual program techniques 
  • Zero Gravity 
  • Air Compression 
  • Heated calf and knee massage 
  • Reflexology foot rollers 
  • Chromotherapy 
  • Auto body scan and extendable leg rest 
  • Removable back pad  
  • Touch screen table remote 
  • Petite 
  • The Kumo is made in Japan 
  • M.5 Gen Microprocessors in the Master Drive 
  • Heated rollers on the Kumo, the Master Drive has heated lumbar and seat 
  • Kumo’s L-Track is 10 inches shorter 
  • The Master Drive’s Brushless Motors 
  • Kumo has 12 auto programs, the Master Drive has 27 
  • High-tech AI chair doctor body scan in the Master Drive  
  • The Kumo is $2,000 more 


4D Rollers: These chairs each have a set of 4D rollers that knead into the body with ease. 

L-Track roller system: The L-Track allows the 4D rollers to reach from the top of the back of the neck, down the back and buttocks, and finishing at the glutes.  

Roller Width adjustments: The rollers can easily be adjusted narrower as in closer to the spine, or wider to cover the shoulder blades and sides.  

3 custom memory settings: Each chair has the ability to save any 3 manually made programs in any technique to revisit as often as you wish.  

Manual program techniques: Create the program of your dreams with a variety of techniques such as kneading and tapping with a spot, partial, or full-body massage.  

Zero Gravity: Get ready to feel weightless with a health massage on your back to help with spinal decompression, joint pain, and circulation. The Master Drive has a second Zero Gravity position that reclines farther back.  

Air Compression: Both chairs have around 60 airbags that will compress the shoulders, arms, hands, hips, calves, and feet.  

Heated calf and knee massage: Something these two massage chairs share that is very similar are their heated calf and knee massages. The expertly places airbags provide maximum relief in your aching knees and sore calves.  

Reflexology foot rollers: The Kumo features tri-action rollers under the feet to cover all of your acupoints. The Master Drive focuses the foot massage for better feel in the entire body to promote blood circulation and better sleep.  

Chromotherapy: Both chairs incorporate chromotherapy lighting into the head rest to energize the mind and body with mood enhancing lighting in a variety of colors and patterns.  

Auto body scan and extendable leg rest: A body scan will happen at the beginning of each massage session to measure where the rollers need to go and how far to extend the leg rest according to height.  

Removable back pad: These chairs both have a relatively soft massage, so for those who love the elements of these models but wish for a stronger massage, simply unzip the back cushion to really feel those rollers up close. 

Touch screen table remote: A touch screen tablet makes navigation so much easier than going back and forth with noisy beeping buttons.  

Petite: Petite users will feel the most comfortable in these two chairs. The height requirements are both 5’0”-6’3”, however the seat widths are relatively narrow. The Master Drive is a little wider in the seat and can hold up to 320lbs, and the Kumo can hold up to 265lbs.  


Made in Japan: The Kumo is designed and manufactured in Japan! 

M.5 Gen Microprocessors in the Master Drive: The microprocessors allow for faster speeds, higher accuracy, and more universal massages for everyone.  

Heating: As previously mentioned, both chairs have heat in the calves, however the Kumo has heated rollers that cover the entire L-track length for that hot stone feel, and the Master Drive has heat in the lumbar and seat.  

L-Track Lengths: The Master Drive’s track measures 54”, however the Kumo’s L-Track is 10 inches shorter at 44”. 

Master Drive Brushless Motors: These brushless motors by Ogawa are designed to give longevity to the Master Drive while keeping the motors as quiet as possible for the ultimate relaxing experience.  

Auto Programs: The Kumo has 12 auto programs, the Master Drive has 27. Even with tons of pre-programed massages, sometimes they can start to feel similar, make sure to ask yourself if more massage variety or less is something that matters to you. With less auto programs, they are generally more accurate in what they are designed to do whether it be a stretch or shiatsu massage.   

AI Chair Doctor: A high-tech AI chair doctor body scan is built into the Master Drive. This scan uses PPG technology to measure your heart rate and stress levels with an additional set of control sensors to sense your emotional state. After the chair collects the data from the scan, your problem areas will be displayed on the tablet and a special custom massage will begin.  

Price: There are many unique features the Master Drive has which makes it stand out from anything it is compared to. The Kumo ends up being $2,000 more, but maybe a straight forward Japanese styled massage is what you are looking for to meet your massage needs. 

Which Is The Right Chair For You?

The luxury feel of the Kumo is truly unique in itself with a must try feel. The Master Drive AI 2.0 wants to max out your massage experience to make sure you will never need anything else out of a massage chair. We can definitely conclude that it is hard to debate between a high-end, quiet luxury chair to an exuberant chair with endless possibilities. Depending on your wish list, the choice could be obvious, although trying the chair could make it even clearer. We read all of these great descriptions and ratings, but at the end of day it comes down to what you want and how each chair feels on your body. We have learned that both chairs, the JPMedics Kumo and the Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0, give softer 4D massages, have quality calf and knee massages, and acupressure foot massages. The Kumo values clean luxury over high-tech, so, go with your gut and choose a massage chair that meets your values too, even if you cannot try the chair first. 

Think about the features and feels you wish to receive from a massage and delve deeper into what they offer. Make sure to read each chairs description and specifications with an eye open to anything that might not work for you such as size requirements or specific roller or track types you need. If you would like some expert advice and opinion, our massage chair specialist team at The Modern Back is ready to help! Contact us directly at 800-416-4304, visit our showroom, or chat with us online anytime. We also offer 0% financing options if you need some extra help to ensure you get a massage chair into your home.