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Infinity Luminary vs. Osaki Xrest Massage Chair Comparison

If you’re shopping for the perfect massage chair, there are some key features that could possibly make or break your final decision. In this massage chair comparison, you’ll find that the Infinity Luminary to the Osaki XRest, have quite a few similarities in both chairs.  

There are additional benefits and features in each chair that can play a huge role in the deciding factor depending on your personal needs. We’ll take a look at the features of both chairs and the main differences that set them apart from each other and explain why these features are important factors to take into consideration.



  • 4D Massage Mechanism 
  • Touchscreen Tablet Remote 
  • Intelligent Voice Control 
  • Calf Kneading 
  • Wireless Charging Pad 
  • Shortcut Panel 
  • Specialized foot & Calf Rollers 
  • High-Quality Luxury Models 
  • Air Ionizer 
  • Luminary has a 21” seat width vs. 17” with XRest 
  • XRest has App Controls 
  • Luminary has a Dual Track Roller System with Inversion Therapy 
  • XRest has a Smart Muscle Pain Detector 
  • Luminary Has 6 Rollers, XRest has 4 
  • XRest has Shoulder Massage Nodes 
  • Luminary Height range is 3” taller 
  • Luminary is Priced $2000 less 
  • XRest has an Encapsulated Foot Ottoman 
  • Luminary has Sound Therapy 


4D Massage Mechanism: This is an important feature to have in common in this massage chair comparison. Both massage chairs come with the most advanced 4D massage mechanism that delivers a fluid human-like massage experience.  

Touchscreen Tablet Remote: Both of these chairs come with a user-friendly touchscreen tablet remote.  

Intelligent Voice Control: The Intelligent Voice Controls for both chairs make it easy to operate most of the functions by using only your voice.  

Calf Kneading: Calf-kneading is a luxury feature found only in high-end massage chairs. Both of these chairs use rollers and air cells to knead and compress the calf area. 

Wireless Charging Pad: Both of these chairs have a convenient charging pad on the arm that you can use to recharge your mobile device. 

Shortcut Panel: You can easily operate most of the chair's functions using the quick access shortcut panel on the arm of the chair without using the remote.  

Specialized foot & Calf Rollers: Both of these chairs come equipped with advanced reflexology foot and leg programs.  

High-Quality Luxury Models: The Infinity Luminary and Osaki XRest are two new models that are both Luxury Massage Chairs developed with many high-end premium features.  

Air Ionizer: Both chairs come with an integrated air ionizer that reduces hazardous pollutants and emits negatively charged ions through a small vent near the headrest to promote healthy oxygen intake. 


Luminary has a 21” seat width vs. 17” with XRest: You’ll have a more spacious seat in the Infinity Luminary with 4 extra inches of width when compared to the Osaki OP-Xrest. This might be an important feature depending on your height and stature. This can be as deciding factor if size is an important factor in this massage chair comparison,

XRest has App Controls: You can control all the chair's features straight from your phone by downloading the XRest App. 

Luminary has a Dual Track Roller System with Inversion Therapy: Dual Track Rollers are the latest innovation in massage chair technology. This gives the chair much better stretch capabilities and can deliver spinal decompression and inversion therapy, standard L-Tracks cannot. 

XRest has a Smart Muscle Pain Detector: The Xrest's Smart Muscle Pain Detector detects tension in your upper and lower back and adjusts the massage program to meet your individual requirements. 

Luminary Has 6 Rollers, XRest has 4: The Luminary comes with two rollers on the back and four for the legs and glutes. Both sets of rollers work independently and feel like a whole team of massage therapists massaging your whole body simultaneously.  

XRest has Shoulder Massage Nodes: The Xrest Massage Chair is an Advanced Shoulder Massager that uses 20 airbags and shoulder massaging nodes to deliver a meticulous neck and shoulder massage. 

Luminary Height Range is 3” Taller: This may very well be a deciding factor if you are a taller person. The Luminary Massage Chair can support people up to 6'4" in height, while the XRest can only accommodate users up to 6'1". 

Luminary is Priced $2000 less: If cost is an important consideration, the Luminary has a minimum advertised price that’s $2000 less than the Osaki Xrest

XRest has an Encapsulated Foot Ottoman: Osaki XRest has an encapsulated foot ottoman that surrounds your feet entirely in air compression but keep in mind this is for size 13 and under. The Luminary has an open-toe design that can accommodate any size of foot. 

Luminary has Sound Therapy: You can select from a range of sounds on the menu and immerse yourself in relaxing soundscapes. 

Which Is The Right Chair For You?

To summarize this massage chair comparison, both of these chairs are somewhat comparable when it comes to luxury features and technology but quite different in many ways. The XRest is a much smaller chair overall and uses a standard L-Track Roller System with limited stretch capabilities. The Infinity Luminary Massage Chair is less expensive and comes with the latest roller system that can deliver inversion therapy and spinal decompression. Both of these chairs come with a few additional advancements that the other chair doesn’t have so in the end it depends on your needs. 

The bottom line is personal preference and what’s important to you; Size, price, stretch, shoulders? What kind of massage chair experience are you looking for? If you need some assistance or have questions about this massage chair comparison, contact us directly at 800-416-4304 or chat with us online. And, if you need a little help making this dream of owning your favorite massage chair a reality, we offer 0% Finance Options