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Infinity Circadian vs. Infinity Luminary Massage Chair Comparison

There are a few important qualities that could make or break your decision when looking for the perfect massage chair. There are several similarities between the Infinity Circadian and the Infinity Luminary when comparing these luxury models.

Depending on your individual needs, there are extra advantages and characteristics in each chair that could be an important deciding factor. In this massage chair comparison we'll examine the features of both chairs and the key distinctions that make them unique from one another and we’ll explain why these features are significant considerations.



  • Dual-Track Roller System 
  • 4D Massage Mechanism 
  • Touchscreen Tablet Remote 
  • Intelligent Voice Control 
  • Calf Kneading 
  • Wireless Charging Pad 
  • Shortcut Panel 
  • Specialized foot & Calf Rollers 
  • High-Quality Luxury Models 
  • Sound Therapy 
  • Luminary has an Air Ionizer 
  • Circadian Has Heat in the Lumbar and Calf Regions
  • Luminary Has Lumbar Heat
  • Luminary Has Deep Calf Kneading
  • Circadian Has 2 Memory Presets
  • Luminary Has 4 Memory Presets
  • Luminary Has Voice Commands


Dual-Track Roller System: Dual Track Rollers, the most recent advancement in massage chair technology, are included in both of these massage chairs. Because of this, the chair has significantly better stretch capabilities and can provide inversion therapy and spinal decompression, which ordinary L-Tracks cannot. 

4D Massage Mechanism: One of the best features in common i this massage chair comparison is the 4D system. Both of these chairs use the most cutting-edge 4D massage rollers, which provides a fluid massage experience with a more human-like feel. 

Touchscreen Tablet Remote: The Luminary and Circadian Syner-D have a remote that's an easy-to-use touchscreen tablet which is much more beneficial than basic push-button remotes.  

Intelligent Voice Control: It's simple to control most of the features on either chair using just your voice thanks to Intelligent Voice Controls. 

Calf Kneading: Only Premium Massage Chairs offer the luxuries of calf kneading. The calf region is massaged and compressed using air cells and rollers in both chairs. 

Wireless Charging Pad: Both models come with a convenient charging pad positioned on the arm of the chair that you can use to charge your mobile device. 

Shortcut Panel: The quick access shortcut panel on the chair arm makes it simple to operate most of the chair's features without needing the remote. 

Specialized foot & Calf Rollers: Both of these models come equipped with very comprehensive reflexology foot and leg programs.  

High-Quality Luxury Models: The Infinity Circadian and Luminary are two new luxury models developed by Infinity massage chairs and come with many high-end premium features.  


Luminary has an Air Ionizer: The Infinity Luminary Massage Chair comes with an integrated air ionizer designed to promote healthy oxygen intake and reduce hazardous pollutants by emitting negatively charged ions through a small vent near the headrest. This is the most unique feature found in this massage chair comparison.

Circadian Has More Heated Areas: Both chairs offer lumbar heat as an option to add during your massage session to help loosen tight muscles in your back, but the Infinity Circadian Massage Chair also includes heat in the calf area. 

Luminary Has Deep Calf Kneading: The Infinity Luminary comes with carefully positioned calf-kneading rollers that are used in combination with rotating oscillating pads to relieve aching, fatigued calf muscles. Compression therapy with variable levels of intensity is provided by many air cells concurrently expanding and deflating. 

Circadian has 2 Memory Presets and Luminary Has 4: You can create your own manual massage programs and save them to enjoy as your very own personalized massage programs. You can save 2 customized massages with the Circadian, but you can save up to 4 of your own programs with the Luminary Syner-D

Luminary Has Voice Commands: The Luminary offers hands-free intelligent voice control technology so you can easily change the massage programs by simply using your voice. 

Which Is The Right Chair For You?

In conclusion, the two chairs in this massage chair comparison are an excellent match up when it comes to technology and luxury features. The Infinity Circadian offers additional thermal heat in the legs and comes with 2 extra manual massage programs. The Luminary includes deep calf kneading, voice control, and an air ionizer to enhance your experience and air quality.

Both of these chairs have superior stretch programs that will rival any yoga class. And since both of these models are priced equally, the final decision will ultimately depend on your personal preference.  

Depending on which kind of massage chair experience you’re looking for, we’re here to help give you our expert advice and tips. If you have questions about this massage chair comparison, contact us directly at 800-416-4304 or chat with us online. We also offer 0% Finance Options if you need a little help making that dream of owning your favorite massage chair a reality.