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Infinity Circadian vs. Infinity Imperial Massage Chair Comparison 

In this massage chair comparison, we’ll compare two dual track massage chairs: the Infinity Circadian and the Infinity Circadian.

Experiencing a luxury massage session with an Infinity massage chair is right at your fingertips.

The Circadian and the Imperial are top of the line dual track chairs that come with a variety of advanced features including 4D technology, reflexology rollers, zero gravity recline, and voice control.

In this article, we'll compare and contrast the features to make it easier to find the best massage chair for you. Although there are more similarities between these models, they each have their own unique calf massage styles that set them apart.



  • Dual 4D Massage Rollers 
  • Flexable J-Track 
  • Total Sole Triple Foot Rollers with Reflexology 
  • Space Saving Technology 
  • TrueFit™ Body Scanning 
  • Voice Commands 
  • Air Compression 
  • SootheMe™ Nature Sounds & Bluetooth 
  • Zero Gravity 
  • Tablet Remote 
  • Chromotherapy Lighting 
  • Wireless Charging Pad 
  • Control Panel 
  • Both have lumbar heating but the Circadian has calf heating as well 
  • The Imperial has calf oscillation 
  • The Circadian has Tuina calf massage 
  • The Imperial has three memory settings whereas the Circadian has two 


Dual 4D Massage Rollers: The 4D rollers are split across the back and glutes to give the best full coverage massage.  

Flex Track: The J-Track bends farther back to better massage the lower back and glutes. This flexible version of the L-Track is also recommended for those who want a deeper, farther stretch. 

Foot Massage: These Infinity massage chairs have total sole reflexology foot rollers with three nodules lined up under the feet. This full coverage massage is not to be missed. 

Space Saving: Both chairs need 4” of space from the back of the chair to the wall to recline fully. 

Body Scanning: TrueFit™ technology pays extra attention to your size and shape to have every massage custom made for you. 

Voice Commands: Simply say “Hi Infinity” to active the voice control and then speak your command to the chair for it to begin. 

Air Compression: Air bags are lined all around the chair in places like the arms, feet, and hips for a therapeutic massage. 

SootheMe™ Nature Sounds & Bluetooth: With speakers built into the chair, you can turn on the SootheMe™ sounds and choose an option from the menu such as Rain, Fireplace, Thunderstorm, Car Ride, or Ocean Surf for a calming experience. 

Zero Gravity: Recline in zero gravity mode for better blood circulation, reduced spinal pressure, and an overall better way to wind down and relax.  

Tablet Remote: Access all the functions of the massage chair from the tablet on its display stand. The tablet shows the current massage session, roller intensity level, air compression levels, and more. 

Chromotherapy Lighting: Calming lights line the sides of the chairs to omit a soft haze of color to balance your energy in physical, emotional, and spiritual ways.  

Wireless Charging Pad: Set your phone down on the armrest and let it recharge while you do the same with a massage.  

Quick Control Panel: Opposite the wireless charging pad, there is a panel of buttons that let you make quick and easy adjustments to your massage, heating, recline position, and more.


Heating: The Circadian has calf heating as well as lumbar heat which both chairs share. 

Calf Massage: The Imperial Massage Chair has calf kneading with oscillation, or a rotating center column, for a deep massage. The Circadian’s calf massage portion is much longer, so more coverage, and uses a massage technique called Tuina which mimics human hands rubbing up and down the sides of the calves.  

Memory Settings: You can create and design custom massage sessions up to two times in the Circadian and three times in the Imperial massage chair. 

Which Is The Right Chair For You?

In conclusion, both the Circadian and the Imperial massage chairs are very similar with 4D rollers on a dual track mechanism, flexible stretching, heating, and easy to use voice controls.

What sets them apart are the different calf massages. The Circadian uses heat and extra compression with its Tuina calf massage and the Imperial uses oscillation to rub into the sides of the legs. The Imperial also has one more memory creation program than the Circadian.  

When deciding on the luxury massage chair for you, consider how it will fit your size, aesthetic, and massage needs. A representative is always available to open a live chat with you on our website or talk over the phone at 800-416-4304 and we'll answer any questions you may have.

There are always finance options at 0% interest as well, which makes the dream of having a massage chair one step closer to reality.