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Osaki OS-Maxim LE 3D Massage Chair

by Osaki
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Manufacturer: Osaki
Country of Manufacture: China
Roller Type: 3D
Roller Length: 43"
Roller Track Type: L-Track
Roller Width Adjustment: Yes
Roller Glute Massage: Yes
Roller Speed Adjustment: Yes
Roller Intensity Adjustment: Yes
Removable Back Pad: Yes
Body Scan Technology: Yes
Foot Rollers: Yes
Recline: Power
Zero Gravity: Yes
Inversion Therapy: No
Auto Programs: 8 Programs
Stretch Program: Yes
Deep Tissue Massage: Yes
Massage Techniques: Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Shiatsu, Clapping, Rolling
Manual Programs: Yes
Spot/Partial Massage: Yes
Memory Setting: No
Vibration: No
Heat: Lumbar
Total Airbags: 18
Air Massage: Arm, Calf, Foot, Hand, Upper Arm and Shoulder
Airbag Intensity Adjustments: Yes
Ottoman Length Adjustment: Automatic
Hideaway Ottoman: No
Timer Setting: 10 to 20 Minutes
MP3 Player: Yes
Remote Type: Slim LCD Remote
Chromotherapy: Yes
Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
Pieces: 1
Dimensions Upright (L" x W" x H"): 60.6"L x 29.9"W x 47.2"H
Dimensions Recline (L" x W" x H"): 72.4"L x 29.9"W x 40.2"H
Height Range: 5'0" - 6'2"
Recommended Weight (lbs): 270lbs.
Weight: 280lbs
Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty
Big Box Size (L" x W" x H"): Not Available
Big Box Contents: Not Available
Small Box Size (L" x W" x H"): Not Available
Small Box Contents: Not Available
Shipping Weight:
Not Available


Osaki Manufacturer's Warranty

  • 1 Year In-Home Service
  • 2 Years Parts
  • 3 Years Structure

Osaki 1 Year Extended Warranty

  • 2 Year In-Home Service
  • 4 Years Parts
  • 3 Years Structure

Osaki 2 Year Extended Warranty

  • 3 Year In-Home Service
  • 5 Years Parts
  • 3 Years Structure

Guardian 5 Year Parts & Labor Extended Limited Warranty (Optional)

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Osaki Maxim LE 3D Massage Chair

The newly reimagined Maxim Limited Edition is Osaki’s best-selling massage chair and comes with advanced 3D technology and an ergonomic L-track roller system for an exceptional full body massage experience.  

The Osaki Maxim LE 3D is exclusively engineered with the latest massaging roller system, making it one of the smoothest, quietest, and most reliable massage chairs on the market. 

For faster responses and smoother transitions between massage actions, the Maxim LE 3D comes equipped with an innovative tri-core processor.  

With 3D rollers for deep tissue massage, a long L-track system, zero gravity positioning for even weight distribution, heat therapy, and so much more, you’ll receive a a comprehensive relaxation experience with the Osaki Maxim LE. 

Osaki Maxim 3D LE Features

The Maxim LE 3D massage chair features a 3D roller system with adjustable depth up to 3.5 inches and multiple speed and width settings, allowing users to customize the intensity of their massage.

Advanced 3D Massage

The Maxim LE 3D massage chair comes equipped with a 3D massage roller system with an adjustable depth of 3.5" and 5 levels of speed plus 2 levels of width adjustment.

3D technology moves the rollers in and out from the backrest, giving you complete control of the overall intensity of the massage. Unlike most other 3D Massage chairs on the market, the 3D Roller depth can be adjusted at any point during the massage, whether you are in an auto or manual mode.

The Osaki Maxim LE 3D massage chair features advanced roller track technology that delivers a customized massage from the neck down to the upper hamstrings, using an L-track system and a computer body scan to tailor each session to the user's body.

Ergonomic SL-Track Massage

The Osaki Maxim LE 3D massage chair comes with Osaki’s latest roller track technology that delivers massage from your neck, all the way down to your glutes and upper hamstrings.  

The L–track roller system works with a computer body scan at the beginning of each session to give each user a customized massage designed for their individual body. 

The Maxim LE's airbag system is designed for efficiency, utilizing a streamlined approach with 32 strategically placed air cells that provide a full-body air compression massage, covering more surface area and applying consistent pressure.

Specialized Airbag Massage

The entire airbag system of the Maxim LE was designed with efficiency in mind by offering a stream-lined design that delivers a full-body air compression massage while using less airbags.

With 32 strategically placed air cells, the Maxim 3D LE applies more consistent pressure throughout the chair and covers more body surface than its previous generations.

Automatic Footrest Extension

Automatic Footrest Extension

The Osaki Maxim LE massage chair is equipped with an Automatic Extendable Footrest that can extend up to 7 inches to accommodate various user heights, automatically adjusting and retracting to find the perfect length before starting the massage.  

At the beginning of each massage session, users simply press down with their feet once the footrest reaches the desired position. 

The Osaki Maxim 3D LE Massage Chair offers eight preset automatic programs that combine various massage techniques like Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Shiatsu, Clapping, and Rolling for a diverse therapeutic experience.

Automatic Programs

The Osaki Maxim 3D LE Massage Chair comes equipped with 8 different preset automatic programs that use a combination of Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Shiatsu, Clapping, and Rolling massage techniques:

Gentle: This program is full body massage using soft kneading and soft tapping techniques.

Relax: This program was designed to help prepare your body for rest or sleep.

Therapy: This program was designed to help your body recover after rigorous activity.

Vigorous: This program is a full-body deep tissue massage designed to restore energy.

Demo: This program was designed to demonstrate all 6 massage techniques.

Swedish: This program was designed to relax the entire body with long, smooth massage strokes.

Thai: This is a full-body stretch massage program using kneading and rolling techniques.

Chinese: This is a full body massage designed to help increase circulation. 

 The Osaki Maxim LE 3D features a zero-gravity function that distributes body weight evenly to create a sensation of weightlessness, with the option to recline automatically or manually adjust using the remote during massage sessions.

Zero Gravity Position

The Osaki Maxim LE 3D is equipped with a zero-gravity feature to evenly distribute body weight, providing a feeling of weightlessness during the massage session.

The Maxim will recline automatically during each massage session or you can manually adjust the chair by using the remote.

The Maxim LE is designed with space-saving technology that allows it to be positioned just 2 inches from the wall when fully reclined, as it moves forward on its base into the Zero-Gravity position to optimize space in your home.

Space-Saving Technology 

The Maxim LE comes standard with space-saving technology allowing the chair to be placed within 2 inches of the wall when fully reclined.  

While the chair reclines into the Zero-Gravity position, it slides forward on its base, reducing wasted space in your home. 

The Osaki Maxim LE features heating pads in the lumbar region to enhance roller and airbag massages, increasing blood circulation and relaxing tight muscles to better prepare the body for massage.

Heating on Lumbar

The Osaki Maxim LE comes equipped with heating pads positioned in the Lumbar area as a perfect complement to the roller and airbag massage.  

Heat therapy can increase blood circulation and loosen tissue and tight muscles, preparing the body for massage. 

The Maxim 3D LE massage chair includes Bluetooth technology and Chromotherapy Lighting, allowing users to connect mobile devices and play relaxation music through high-quality speakers in the headrest during massages.

Bluetooth Speakers with Chromotherapy Lights

The Maxim 3D LE massage chair comes equipped with Bluetooth technology and relaxing Chromotherapy Lighting.

During your massage session you can connect your mobile device to play your favorite relaxation music through high-quality speakers in the headrest.