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Osaki 3D-JP650 Massage Chair

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Country of Manufacture: Japan
Massage Roller: 3D Quad Style Roller
Massage Roller Track: SL-Track
Massage Roller Adjustments: 10 Depth, 5 Speed, 3 Width
Glute Massage: Air Compression and Massage Roller
Removable Back Pad: 3 Layered Back Pad
Body Scan Technology: Yes
Foot Massage: Air Compression and Massage Roller
Recline: Powered
Zero Gravity Recline: 3 Stage Zero Gravity Recline
Automatic Programs: 15 Automatic Programs
Manual Programs: Spot, Partial, and Whole
Massage Techniques: Kneading, Tapping, Combination, Shiatsu, Rolling, and Knocking
Deep Tissue Massage: Yes
Stretch Program: Yes
Heat Therapy: Calves and Lumbar
Total Airbags: 28 Aircells
Airbag Intensity Adjustments: 5 Intensity Adjustments
Calf Massage: Air Compression
Ottoman Length Adjustment: Automatic
Bluetooth Speakers: Yes
Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
Timer Setting: 15 Minutes
Device Charging: USB and Wireless
Air Massage: Shoulder, Arms, Waist, Calves, and Feet
Distance to Wall: 7"
Height Range: 4'9"-6'3"
Controller Types: Touchscreen Tablet and Quick Controls
Voice Control: Alexa
Dimensions Upright: 55” x 31.1” x 44.5”
Dimensions Recline: 74.8” x 31.1” x 35.4”
Seat Width: 21"
Weight: 216lbs.
Recommended Weight: 296lbs.
Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty


Osaki 3 Year "Rock Solid" Warranty

Osaki guarantees that your qualified product will be replaced or repaired, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective because of faulty parts, workmanship or structural defects during the first THREE(3) years of ownership, excluding specific limitations. Osaki Covers Parts, Labor, and Structural Framework for the 1st year of ownership, Parts and Structural Framework for the 2nd year, and the Structural Framework for the 3rd years.


Osaki 4 Year Extended Limited Warranty

The 4 Year Extended Limited Warranty adds an additional year of in-home service parts and labor, an addition year on parts, and an additional year of coverage on the framework to the standard Osaki Warranty. The first 2 years Osaki provides in-home service covering both parts and labor. The 3rd year Osaki covers Parts and Framework, and the 4th year just the Framework is covered.

Osaki 5 Year Extended Limited Warranty

The 5 Year Extended Limited Warranty adds an additional two years of in-home service parts and labor, an additional two years on parts, and an additional two years of coverage on the framework the standard Osaki Warranty. The first 3 years Osaki provides in-home service covering both parts and labor. The 4th year Osaki covers Parts and Framework, and the 5th year just the framework is covered.

You may obtain service advice by contacting the Osaki Customer Service department toll-free at 1-888-848-2630.

Guardian 5 Year Parts & Labor Extended Limited Warranty (Optional)

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Call Guardian Plan 800-527-8485 or email gwarranty@guardianproducts.net for more details.

Osaki 3D-JP650 Massage Chair 

The Osaki JP650 massage chair, made in Japan, is an innovative massage chair with cutting-edge technology designed to provide maximum comfort and relief. It comes equipped with a variety of massage techniques, zero gravity recline, heat therapy, and an a range of preset massage programs that cater to each individual user. The JP650a's modern design and advanced functionality make it an excellent choice for indulging in at-home massage therapy.

Osaki 3D-JP650 Massage Chair Features

Osaki 3D-JP650 Extra Large Arm and Calf Massage Feature

Comfortable Interior 

The entire chair is designed to accommodate a wide range of body types and sizes. With a seat width of 21", larger arm and leg portions, and a height limit of 6'2", the JP650 is more comfortable and breathable than other massage chairs.

Osaki 3D-JP650 3D Massage Feature

3D Massage System 

For a rejuvenating massage, the JP650 has four 3D roller heads that move side to side, up and down, and in and out. The rollers can be adjusted to 10 different levels of deep intensity! This means you can always get a strong massage when you need it.

Osaki 3D-JP650 Touch Screen Tablet Feature

Touch Screen Tablet 

A tablet is mounted in a stand on the JP650's arm for easy access to massage programs and intensity adjustments.

Smart Space Saving Technology and Zero Gravity 

Smart Space Saving Technology and Zero Gravity 

Place the massage chair 7 inches away from the wall and you will still be able to recline fully. The recline feature allows you to lean back into one of three Zero Gravity positions. The knees are elevated above the heart in Zero Gravity to improve blood circulation and reduce joint and back pain over time. The three options differ in how far the chair reclines backwards.



This L-shaped track enables the 3D massage rollers to massage the neck, back, and deep beneath the thighs, resulting in a full-body massage.

Osaki 3D-JP650 Air Compression Feature

Air Compression 

Air compression bags line the shoulders, arms, waist, calves, and feet in addition to the roller massage. Air compression massage is excellent for keeping you still during the massage while also getting your blood pumping.

Osaki 3D-JP650 Lumbar and Calf Heating Feature

Heating Elements  

Heat can be applied to the chair's lumbar and outer calf areas. Allow it to relax your muscles while it kneads away tension.

Osaki 3D-JP650 15 Auto Massage Modes Feature

15 Preset Massage Programs: 

Neck & Shoulder Care – Focuses on massaging the neck and shoulder area. 
Waist Care – The back and hips are massaged along the spine. 
Full Body Re-energize – Full-body massage. 
Lower Body Care – Massages the waist, legs, and feet. 
Upper Body Care – Massages the neck and back. 
Morning – Smoothly stretches the body to start the day off right. 
Relax – Stress-relieving massage. 
Recovery – A calming massage. 
Sleep Active – Slowly massages the body to get ready for bed. 
Stretch – Decreases joint pain and improves range of motion. 
Revitalize – An energizing full-body massage.  
Rhythm – Rhythmic massage therapy.  
Healing – A gentle massage. 
Sports – An invigorating massage promoting relaxation.

Osaki 3D-JP650 7 Manual Massage Modes Feature

7 Manual Massage Modes: 

Kneading I  
Kneading II 

Osaki 3D-JP650 Side Control Feature

Side Control Panel 

To power on the chair, change the 3D intensity, and reposition the back and legs, the JP650 has a small control panel in the arm section.

Osaki 3D-JP650 Foot and Calf Massage Feature

Foot and Calf Massage 

Each foot has three acupressure foot rollers on the bottom. Every point of the foot will be covered by a smooth massage for a relaxing massage every time. There are also rollers behind each calf to massage those aching legs.

Osaki 3D-JP650 Pillow Pad

Comfort and Support 

To maximize comfort, there are three layers of padding behind the head and neck. Each layer can be removed to achieve the ideal level of custom comfort, support, and massage strength.

Osaki 3D-JP650 Footrest Feature


The chair's ottoman manually extends to the user's height. This means that the JP650 is spring-loaded and extends based on your height and foot pressure. The footrest can be extended to a maximum of 5 inches.

Osaki 3D-JP650 Bluetooth Speakers Feature


Speakers line the inside of the headrest and connect to your device, allowing you to listen to music while receiving a massage.