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Osaki Avalon 4D Massage Chair

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Country of Manufacture: China
Massage Roller Quad Style: 4D Massage Roller
Massage Roller Track: SL-Track
Massage Roller Adjustments: 5 Intensity, Speed, and Widths
Glute Massage: Massage Roller
Removable Back Pad: Yes
Body Scan Technology: Yes
Foot Massage: Enclosed foot massage with reflexology rollers
Recline: Powered
Zero Gravity Recline: 2 Stages
Automatic Programs: 20 Automatic Programs
Manual Programs: 11 Manual Programs ( Point, Local, Full, Upper Back, and Lower Back )
Massage Techniques: Kneading, Flapping 1 and 2, Kneading and Tapping, Shiatsu 1 and 2, and Grasp
Deep Tissue Massage: Yes
Stretch Program: Yes
Memory Program: 2 Memory Programs
Heat Therapy: Heating Shawl
Total Airbags: 40 Airbags
Airbag Intensity Adjustments: 5 Intensity Adjustements
Calf Massage: Air Compression with Calf Kneading
Ottoman Length Adjustment: Automatic
Bluetooth Speakers: Yes
Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
Timer Setting: 10, 20, and 30 Minutes
Device Charging: USB and Wireless Charging
Air Massage: Shoulders, Arms, Calves, and Fet
Distance to Wall: 4"
Height Range: 5'0" - 6'1"
Controller Types: Touchscreen Controller and Quick Controls
Controller Languages: Chinese and English
Voice Control: Voice Activation
Dimensions Upright: 62" x 32” x 47.6”
Dimensions Recline: 78" x 32” x 33”
Seat Width: 20.1”
Recommended Weight: 260 lbs.
Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty


Osaki Manufacturer's Warranty

  • 1 Year In-Home Service
  • 2 Years Parts
  • 3 Years Structure

Osaki 1 Year Extended Warranty

  • 2 Year In-Home Service
  • 4 Years Parts
  • 3 Years Structure

Osaki 2 Year Extended Warranty

  • 3 Year In-Home Service
  • 5 Years Parts
  • 3 Years Structure

Guardian 5 Year Parts & Labor Extended Limited Warranty (Optional)

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Osaki 3D/4D Avalon Massage Chair

The Osaki Avalon massage chair is all about giving the best massage designed for your needs.

With its advanced AI Body Scanning technology, the Osaki Avalon massage chair will perform a massage with the help of its ache sensors, 4D rollers, full body air massage, specialized heating, and deep calf kneading.

All of these favored massage features were added to the Osaki Avalon to guarantee a long-lasting massage chair with plenty of massage variations.

Osaki 3D/4D Avalon Features

The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair comes with an AI series body scan

AI Series Body Scan 

AI technology is becoming a very popular source of technology in our lives, and now it is being incorporated into massage chairs!

During the Avalon’s body scan, it will collect data from special sensors that measure the user’s heartrate, oxygen saturation level, fatigue index, and microcirculation.

With all the collected data, the Avalon will create the most personalized healthy massage program.

The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair uses AI to detect muscle Tension

AI Muscle Tension Detection 

The touch sensor on the inside of the Osaki Avalon's armrest is another form of AI technology that measures muscle tension in your torso area.

After the chair finds your problem areas, it will create a custom massage session targeting those areas to give you the best relief.

The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair comes with an AI controlled rollers for a humanlike massage.

4D Massage Rollers 

With so much AI technology telling telling the Osaki Avalon what your what your body needs, the 4D rollers are ready to make it happen by providing the most human-like massage.

The rollers in the Osaki Avalon will give full body coverage by reaching up and down, left to right, and in and out with up to 7 intensity adjustments.

Full voice control of The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair

Voice Controls  

Take charge and let the Avalon follow your vocal commands.

You can ask the Osaki Avalon things such as changing auto programs, roller intensity, or the recline position.

Find the full list of all the commands in the user manual.

The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair comes with a touch screen tablet remote

Touch Screen Tablet Remote 

There is a lot happening in your massage that you may want to know.

Luckily, the tablet is always on display with the current massage session or AI data measurements so you can see what is going on.

The touch screen tablet allows for easy adjustment of the massage chair controls.

The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair offers a full body air compression massage

Full Body Air Compression Massage 

Enjoy a full body air compression message with the Osaki Avalon.

The Avalon has airbags that are located around the chair targeting the feet, calves, arms, and shoulders.

The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair offers deep calf kneading and specialized foot rollers

Deep Calf Kneading and Specialized Foot Rollers

In addition to air compression on the legs and feet, there are a pair of kneading rollers behind the calves and two sets of rollers under the feet.

To up the massage game, the calf airbags move up and down in a circular motion to provide extra compression on the legs.

The footrest is also enclosed, so you will receive that extra leg compression with full acupressure foot massage coverage, too!

Enjoy the perfect message with The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair due to the lase crafted steel SL-Track

Laser Crafted Steel SL-Track 

The Avalon has a durable L-shaped frame under the body. This L-shaped track is what allows the 4D rollers travel to massage your neck, shoulders, back, and glutes efficiently.

Heated Shawl 

Heated Shawl 

The Avalon has a heated shawl that can be kept behind the back to heat the lumbar area or brought over the front of the body to heat the torso and shoulders!

The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair comes with space saving zero gravity

Space Saving and Zero Gravity 

The Avalon only needs 5 inches of space from the back of the chair to the wall.

Even when Zero Gravity is turned on, you can recline fully.

Zero Gravity is a great position to receive a massage since it releases tension on the spine and joints and improves blood circulation.

The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair comes with twenty auto programs

Auto Programs 

There are 20 auto programs built into the Osaki Avalon on top of its other custom AI programs: 

  • Total Relax 
  • Chinese Massage 
  • Superior Enjoyable 
  • President Cozy 
  • Relieve Muscle 
  • Keep Fit 
  • Body Balance 
  • Office Regimen 
  • Thai Massage 
  • Health Recharge 
  • Full-body Stretch 
  • Energy Boost 
  • Neck & Shoulder Care 
  • Lunch Break 
  • Hip & Legs Fit 
  • Back Spa 
  • Spine Traction 
  • Sport Recovery 
  • Leg & Foot Relieve 
  • Sweet Dream 


enjoy the eleven manual massage modes of The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair

Manual Massage Modes 

There are also several manual techniques used throughout massages: 

  • Kneading 
  • Patting (I & II) 
  • Shiatsu (I & II) 
  • Shoulder Grasp 
  • Knead & Patting 
  • 4D Massage (I, II, III, & IV) 
save your favorite programs with The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair

Memory Programs 

Save your creations with the Osaki Avalon!

You can save up to three of your favorite manual massage programs and access them at any time without having to start over every time you use the chair.

This feature is great when you have multiple members of your household who also use the massage chair.

The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair can accommodate any height with an automatically adjusting footrest

Height Accommodations 

The Osaki Avalon incorporates a footrest that automatically extends and retracts according to the user’s height.

As the chair moves, the footrest will readjust to make sure the user is always given an accurate massage.

The height requirements for the Osaki Avalon are between 5’0”-6’1” with a suggested weight limit of 260lbs. The shoulder and seat width both measure 20 inches across.

custom lighting around the headrest of The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair

Custom LED Lighting 

A semi-circle of LED lights lines the headrest, the colors can be changed to suit your mood in the tablet.

The Osaki 3D and 4D Avalon Massage Chair as many customizable features

Additional Features: 

A few other features are surround sound Bluetooth speakers, a wireless phone charging station, a USB port, and a quick access control panel to adjust the massage chair.