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Inada Robo Massage Chair

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Model: Robo
Color Options: Ivory/Ivory, Ivory/Black
Massage Track: S-Track
Massage Track Length: 32"
Space Saving: No
Intensity: Mild to Strong
Back Roller Type: 4D
Roller Width Adjustment: Yes
Adjustable Intensity: Yes
Adjustable Speed: Yes
Auto Pre-Programs: 22
Manual Techniques: 9
Zero Gravity: Yes
Heat: Yes, Back and Calf
Stretch Function: Yes
Foot Massage: Yes (rollers + airbags) 54 aircells
Calf Massage: Yes (airbags) hybrid 20 aircells
Hip/Waist Air Bag Massage: Yes (airbags)
Upper Arm-Shoulder Massage: Yes (airbags)
Arm Massage: Yes, (airbags) hybrid 38 aircells
Neck-Head Massage: Yes
Spot Massage: Yes
Deep Tissue: Yes
Body Scan: Yes, with AI hybrid mechanism
Inversion Therapy: No
Chromotherapy: No
Vibration: No
User Memory: Yes, with Facial Recognition
Control With Mobile App: No
Timer: 5-30 min
Pause Function: Yes
Leg Length Adjustment: Mechanical, extends up to 11"
Remote: Yes, Touch screen tablet
Rocking Technology: NO
Number of Airbags: 80
Bluetooth Speakers: Speakes only
Suggested User Height: 4"11 - 6'2"
Max User Weight: 275lbs
Dimensions Upright (L x W x H): 56.30"L x 39.37"W x 56.3"H
Dimensions Reclined (L x W x H): 85.43"L x 39.37"W x 43.31"H
Chair Weight: 254lbs
Manufacturer Origin: Japan


Inada3 Year Limited Warranty

Inada covers their massage chairs with a 3-year limited warranty. This will cover in-home service and parts for up to 3 years.

If you need service on yourInadaMassage Chair, contact their Customer Service at1-720-616-5003.


Inada5 Year Extended Warranty

Inada offers a 5 Year Extended Warranty for all of their massage chairs and is available for purchase up to 30 days after your purchase. DreanWave will cover in-home service and parts for up to 5 years.

Inada Robo Massage Chair

When making a life-enhancing investment in a massage chair, consider the expertly designed Japanese-made Inada Robo massage chair. The Inada Robo transcends the healing power from the hands of a professional masseuse by using a new AI concept that more accurately replicates the movement of human hands. Unrivaled in therapeutic benefits and stress reduction, Inada massage chairs represent the perfect blend of ancient shiatsu healing techniques and modern technology.



Inada was founded in Japan and has been expertly designing and developing massage chairs since 1962. The Inada Robo is the top massage chair Inada has produced yet and will bring you years of healing massage therapy.


The AI Hybrid Quad Roller of the Inada Robo massage chair is designed to surpass the abilities of the human hands with the development of a mechanism that has first and second finger joints. The roller rotates just like human wrists, so it has the precision of an actual massage therapist. The Inada Robo has the only roller mechanism in the world that has the ability to push the rollers out for a
deeper massage or draw the rollers in for a gentler massage.



Robo’s AI mechanism can detect muscle stiffness according to your unique size and shape and will adjust the massage to the best strength and speed for your needs. The speed of movement of the rollers adjusts according to the data received by the rollers during a massage. This way, stiff areas are massaged deeply and slowly, and relaxed areas with increased speed for better overall circulation. Once the stiffness loosens up, the massage rollers will be more rhythmic.


The Inada Robo allows you to log in to your massage chair using Facial Recognition technology. You can register yourself and other users with the touch screen tablet. Once registered, you can select your user profile by clicking your nickname or use the automatic login with facial recognition. The Robo also offers a guest login for friends or additional users.



The Inada Robo offers a Noise Reduction Dome to help you unwind and immerse your body and mind in ultimate relaxation. You can experience a quiet massage or connect your favorite smart device and enjoy music, audiobooks, or even guided meditation through the Bluetooth speakers in the dome.



In order to develop this technology, Inada studied the techniques used by massage therapists and continued to research the movement of human hands to develop a mechanism that has first and second joints just like fingers. A massage therapist actively changes the pressure, speed, and direction of their hands, so Inada Robo uses adaptable, rhythmic movements to match these massage techniques.


The Inada Robo massage chair will automatically complete a full body scan and detect your individual shiatsu points and store the data for each user. Each massage will be fully customized regardless of your height, body type, and the shape of your muscles.



Three-dimensional movement is achieved by a combination of mechanics and AI that allows the Inada Robo to feel more human-like than traditional air compression arm massage. The AI Hybrid mechanism allows you to feel a kneading massage as if massaged by human hands. Your entire calves are loosened by up and down movement while grasping your calves. The AI Hybrid mechanism reproduces a professional massage by moving up and down, left and right, and back and forth like human hands.



The Inada Robo massage chair uses heat pads in the lumbar area to help warm the core and loosen the muscles, preparing them for a massage.


The Inada Robo Massage Chair uses an S-track and 4D massage rollers to follow the natural curvature of your spine with precision. The 4D massage rollers allow the chair to replicate the feeling of a masseuse by moving up and down, side to side, in and out, and has a variable speed of movement that mimics human hands.


The Inada Robo massage chair offers 24 programs to help with any of your therapeutic needs:

  • Today’s Recommended Program - The Inada Robo massage chair will recommend a massage program customized just for you.
  • Lymph - A slow rhythmic massage is given in this program.
  • Full Body - This full body massage program is recommended for day-to-day health management to reset your body from daily fatigue.
  • Night - Through the promotion of blood circulation of your body, blood is circulated to the extremities, relaxing you and preparing your body for rest.
  • Morning - Blood flow from your body’s extremities to your heart is facilitated to promote recovery from fatigue, improve your metabolism, and refresh your body.
  • Stubborn Shoulder Stiffness - Muscles around your stiffened-up shoulders are massaged by warming with heat and stretching.
  • Swelling Relief - A massage is given to improve blood circulation that is likely to stagnate in the extremities and focuses on improving blood flow from your legs and lower body to your heart.
  • De-Stress - Parasympathetic nerves are activated to help awaken your feel-good anti-stress hormones.
  • Massage and Stretching - Stretching after unstiffening muscles by massaging enhances the effect of the stretch.
  • Warming Up – A combination of rapid movements and tapping is used to facilitate blood flow from your body’s extremities to your heart, the sympathetic function is stimulated to produce motivation and raise your spirits in this program.
  • Cooling Down – This program uses light stretching and massaging by encouraging blood to flow from your heart to your body’s extremities, putting you in a restful state.
  • Youth Fatigue Relief and Stretching Movement – This program uses stretching to promote overall body balance and recovery from fatigue.
  • Youth Improvement of Powers of Concentration – This gentle massage program is targeted for younger users to promote blood circulation and support increased concentration power.
  • Youth Music and Relaxation – This program promotes relaxation with music and a gentle massage.
  • Youth Posture Adjustment - This program focuses on the muscles surrounding the spine and is intended to help adjust posture.
  • Posture Adjustment - This program was designed to help correct bad posture which improves your overall mental and physical health.
  • Seated Zen Meditation - Your posture is adjusted to a reclined position to help you relax your breathing and soothing sounds provide an environment in which you can focus on meditation in a relaxed manner.
  • Total Stretching – This program was designed to provide a full-body stretch.
  • Forward Bending and Arching Stretch – This program was designed to relieve stiffened lower back muscles by stretching the back and abdominal muscles by bending the whole body backward and forward.
  • Left and right twisting stretch – This program was designed to relieve muscle tension around the hip joints, improve blood circulation around the stomach, and stimulate stiffened muscles around the pelvis.
  • Extending Stretch - Muscles around joints are stretched by stretching your arms and legs while holding them in place.
  • Dr. Yukari’s Yoga - With a combination of correct posture and breath control, yoga motion is adopted in this program under the supervision of Doctor Yukari Miwa (yoga world champion and yoga coordinator). Continuing this program every day keeps your body relaxed, improves blood circulation, and provides continued stress reduction.
  • Mother’s Love – This program uses soothing music and narration to help relax and comfort you.
  • External Sound Source – Listen to the music of your choice by connecting to your smartphone or music player.