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Once you sit in the Genesis Max, you’ll realize this is why we need massage chairs, and this is how robotics and technology has outdone and outdated humans.

But not in a bad way, in a comforting way that makes you lay back and relax and rest assured that all of our technological efforts have paid off and are surpassing the expectations of some of the pickiest buyers out there.  

On-Demand Massage Day or Night

On-Demand Massage Day or Night

Get on-demand relief day or night with humanlike 4D rollers and programs designed to prepare your body for rest or revitalize you when you need an energy boost.

The rollers hit you in the lower back at just the right time to send that stress packing and help remind you to focus on wellness and let technology do what we programmed it to do.

And as you recline into a deep level of zero gravity, you’ll feel weightless while your spine begins to decompress as your body weight is evenly distributed.  

Top Benefits of The Infinity Genesis Max:

STRESS-RELIEVING: Think about those sleepless nights when you’re feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders and feel completely unsettled, just hop into your massage chair and forget your problems, put your worries into perspective and relax.

Focus on releasing tension. Let it go. Stop stressing. Unwind, you deserve it. Indulge in a little stress relief that’s going to have lasting effects on your mood and attitude.  

COST-EFFECTIVE: We no longer need to go out spending exorbitant fees on massage therapists when we can make a one-time investment in ourselves that will benefit us any time of day or night, all year long.

All the stress relief you’ll ever need is right in the comfort of your own home when you invest in a massage chair.  

RESTORATIVE: The advanced leg program uses air compression to apply pressure to the ankles while a fingertip feeling gently massages the bottoms of your feet and you’ll Instantly just lay back and forget about whatever is weighing on your mind.

And when your massage session ends, you’re brought to an upright position. But all good things must come to an end and it's unhealthy to get too much massage if you're body isn’t used to it.  

REVITALIZING: So tomorrow if you wake up feeling groggy, get right into this chair because the Genesis Max has a massage program that will get your blood pumping and make you feel invigorated and ready to start your day.

It's amazing what touch can do. It's not human, but it's human-like and designed by humans to mimic human touch and this is why we need massage chairs.