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Titan Summit Flex vs. Ador Infinix Massage Chair Comparison

When it comes down to choosing a 2D massage chair, there are many factors that will determine which chair will be better suited for you. This comparison of the Titan Summit Flex and the Ador AD-Infinix Massage Chairs is designed to help you determine which is the right chair.

We'll take every feature into account from massage performance, heating, and sizing to air compression,. Now let’s get into some similarities and differences between the Summit Flex and the Infinix. This will ultimately highlight the important differencesyou need to know for making that final decision. 



  • 2D Rollers  
  • Side panel controls 
  • L-Track mechanism 
  • LCD Remote 
  • Space Saving 
  • Body Scan 
  • Air compression massage 
  • Zero Gravity 
  • Sync program/technique 
  • Foot massage 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Calf rollers in the Infinix 
  • The Summit Flex has 12 auto programs, the Infinix has 8 
  • Special adjustments in the Summit Flex 
  • Heat in the lumbar for the Infinix, the Summit Flex has lumbar and calf heat 
  • Chromotherapy in the Summit Flex 
  • The Summit Flex allows users 2 inches taller than the Infinix 
  • 3 levels of roller width adjustments in the Summit Flex 
  • 48 airbags in the Summit Flex and only 18 in the Infinix 
  • The Infinix has an 8” extendable foot rest, the Summit Flex has 7” 
  • Summit Flex 165.5° flexible L-Track 
  • The Summit Flex is super quiet, only producing as much sound as 50dB.  
  • Different exterior designs 


2D Rollers: These two massage chairs have 2D rollers that move up and down and left and right across the back and glutes.  

Side Panel Controls: The side panel controls on the Infinix’s arm allows the user to turn the chair on and off, select an auto program, activate Zero Gravity, and modify the back and leg reclining settings. The Summit Flex only has a dial on the panel to change the recline position and turn the chair on and off.  

L-Track Mechanism: Both chairs are equipped with a single SL-Track roller system that runs from the neck, down the back, and finishes at the glutes.  

LCD Remote: Each massage chair has a wired LCD remote with buttons. The screen has a slightly larger display on the Infinix.  

Space Saving: Although both chairs have space saving technology, the Summit Flex needs 4 inches of space from the wall whereas the Infinix only needs 2 inches.  

Body Scan: An intelligent body scan measures each user for a custom massage every time. 

Air Compression: Both chairs have air compression massage on the arms, shoulders, calves, and feet. Air compression aids in increasing circulation. 

Zero Gravity: With the knees elevated above the heart in a recline, you will feel weightless in Zero Gravity. Health benefits range from improved blood circulation, increased flexibility, spinal decompression, and joint pain relief. The Summit Flex also has two stages of Zero Gravity to allow the user to manually adjust the recline.  

Sync: The Infinix has a Music Sync auto program to match the rollers movement with the rhythm of your music via Bluetooth! The Summit Flex has a similar Sync technique in its manual settings.  

Foot massage: The Summit Flex gives a foot massage with rollers along the arches of the feet. The Infinix uses special reflexology rollers which run along the arches and sides of the feet for an amazing massage.  

Bluetooth: Speakers are built into the headrest of the massage chairs for a surround sound experience added to your music.


Calf Rollers:  The Infinix has two calf rollers behind each leg to tend to those tense muscles that need relaxing.  

Auto Programs: The Summit Flex has 12 auto programs and the Infinix has 8. The Infinix’s auto programs are all focused on recovery and refreshing, energizing massages. The Summit’s programs are each designed to target specific areas of the body such as the back and waist or areas like the the neck and shoulders. 

Special adjustments: Unlike most massage chairs, the Titan Summit Flex allows the user to adjust the width and speed of the massage in any auto or manual program! 

Heating: The Infinix has heat in the lumbar region of the chair, however, the Summit Flex has lumbar and calf heat to soothe your legs and knees. 

Chromotherapy: The Summit Flex has blue chromotherapy lights on the outside of the chair for relaxing ambient lighting while in a dark room. 

Sizing: The Summit Flex allows users between 5’0”-6’3” while the Infinix allows users between 5’0”-6’1”. Both companies, Titan and Ador, recommend a maximum user weight of 260lbs.  

Width Adjustments: The Summit Flex has 3 levels of roller width adjustments and 6 levels of speed adjustments. The Infinix roller width cannot be adjusted. Width is important if you want a massage to reach the far sides of the back or come close together for a narrower, spine focused massage.  

Airbags: The Summit Flex has 48 airbags and the Infinix only has18. More airbags mean more coverage, but sometimes a chair with less airbags means they are placed in the right effective areas.  

Extendable Footrest: The Infinix has an extendable foot rest up to 8” whereas the Summit Flex can only extend up to 7”. If you have longer legs, sometimes even an inch can make all the difference for comfortable placement.  

Flex Track: The Summit Flex has a flexible L-Track that can open up to 165.5°! This flexibility is not common in any L-Track massage chair and laying almost flat, the Summit flex gives an excellent stretch! 

Soft and Quiet Sounds: The Summit Flex is super quiet, only producing as much sound as 50dB so the moving machinery does not disrupt your massage experience.  

Colored Exterior: These chairs look visually different; the Summit Flex has a starker modern appearance with three variations of two-toned coloration. All variations have a white exterior with the choice of a black, brown, or gray interior. The Infinix is more subtle with a monochrome dark brown or taupe option, or a third two-toned option with a soft black exterior and a light gray interior.

Which Is The Right Chair For You?

After reading through the similarities and differences above, where do we go from here? Well, that’s where you come in. Take a step back and evaluate your wants and needs. Ask yourself what your body will value more in a massage. Are you looking for auto programs that spot treats specific areas of the body that Titan Summit Flex does? Or are you looking for uplifting auto programs in the Ador AD-Infinix designed to re-energize you after you wake up or at the end of a long day. Make sure to look at each chair's specifications to double check sizing for maxiimum comfort, too.  

Now, the choice is yours. Examine our Learning Center or other comparisons with these two chairs below. Don't forget to read descriptions, specifications, and requirements to determine what your body needs to enjoy the best massage you can. Get in touch with our massage chair specialists at The Modern Back for expert guidance and additional advice. Call us at 800-416-4304, visit our showroom, or chat with us online whenever you like! The Modern Back also provides 0% financing alternatives to ensure that you bring a massage chair home.