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Titan Vigor vs. Osaki Ekon Plus Massage Chair Comparison

Researching 4D massage chairs can be difficult, so let’s have the massage chair specialists from The Modern Back help you out! In this massage chair comparison of the Titan Pro Vigor and the Osaki OS-Pro Ekon Plus we will highlight the many features and benefits shared by these chairs. Depending on your needs, there are extra features in each chair that might be major deciding factors for you such as a specific auto program or massage technique. Let’s look at the characteristics of both chairs and the key distinctions that set these chairs apart. Below is anexplanation of the similarities and differences with information onwhy these features should be taken into account.



• L-Track Roller System
• 4D Massage Mechanism
• Advanced 4D Adjustments
• Calf Kneading
• Specialized foot & Calf Rollers
• Enclosed Foot Ottoman with Automatic Extension
• Wireless Charging Pad
• Shortcut Control Panel
• Space Saving
• 2 Stage Zero Gravity
• Hip/Waist Air Compression Massage
• Bluetooth
• Price

• Titan Vigor has Heated Rollers, the Ekon has 3 levels of lumbar heat
• Different Style Remotes
• Titan Vigor Has 4 More Auto Programs
• Sizing Requirements


L-Track Roller System: Both chairs have an L-Track Roller System that covers the entire body from the neck to the glutes. 

4D Massage Mechanism: Both chairs in this massage chair comparison have cutting-edge 4D quad roller massaging mechanisms for the most lifelike experience. 

Advanced 4D Adjustments: The 4D roller’s speed, width and intensity can be adjusted in either chair. 

Calf Kneading: The ottoman in both of these chairs has a luxurious function called calf-kneading which moves the center of the footrest in a circular motion using rollers and air cells to massage and compress the calves.  

Specialized Foot & Calf Rollers: These chairs have specialized foot and calf rollers with cutting-edge reflexology foot and leg routines.  

Foor Ottoman: The enclosed foot ottoman is similar to a shoe, slide in your feet for a foot massage that reaches all around. The ottoman has automatic extension so there is no need to worry about being uncomfortable. 

Wireless Charging Pad: Both chairs come with a convenient wireless charging pads mounted on the arm of the chair.  

Shortcut Control Panel: With the quick access control panel on the chair's arm, you can simply operate either of these chairs without the remote. 

Space Saving: Both chairs have space saving technology. The Ekon needs 4 inches of space from the wall, the Vigor needs slightly more at 4.5 inches. 

2 Stage Zero Gravity: For that weightless feeling, apply Zero Gravity to your massage with the touch of a button. The knees are elevated just above the heart for better circulation, improved range of motion, spinal decompression, and joint pain relief.  

Hip/Waist Air Compression Massage: These chairs have hip airbags for a compression massage on the waist with related auto programs. 

Bluetooth: Enjoy surround sound speakers built into the head rest to listen and relax to your favorite songs, podcasts, or audio books.  

Price: Currently, both the Ekon and the Vigor are at the same price of $5,999.  


Titan Vigor has Heated Rollers: Enjoy a therapeutic session that simulates a hot stone massage from your neck all the way down to your glutes. The Ekon does not have heated rollers but it has three levels of heat in the lumbar region. 

Remotes: This is one of the biggest differences in the massage chair comparison. The Vigor has a touch screen tablet remote with easy-to-use functionality. The Ekon has a wired, buttoned remote on a stand so the user can see the display of the massage session on the LCD screen.  

Auto Programs: The Titan Ekon has 12 auto programs such as Royal Treatment, Sweet Dreams, Gentle Care, Stress relief, Waist and Hip, and 3 yoga options. The Vigor has 8 auto programs with options like Stretch, Gentle Relief, Swing, Demo, Rejuvenate, and Scrapping. Both chairs have many manual massages and techniques. 

Sizing Requirements: The Ekon allows users between the heights of 5’0”-6’3” and the Vigor allows users just one inch under at 5’0”-6’2”. The Ekon has a recommended weight limit of 280lbs and the Vigor recommends 260lbs.  

Which Is The Right Chair For You?

In this massage chair comparison we discovered that both chairs are very similar. Titan owns Osaki, so both chairs, the Ekon and Vigor are great high-end luxury options each with a very high intensity rating. Both chairs are strong, but the Titan places the Vigor above the Ekon for deeper kneading and a better calf massage. Even though these chairs are very similar, it is still a good thing because you will not be making a bad choice with either option. 

What matters most in the end is how well the chair fits your unique body, your preferred design style, and the specific kind of experience you’re seeking. If you would like some additional information about this massage chair comparison or some expert advice, contact us at 800-416-4304 or chat with us online if you have questions! To help make that dream of owning a 4D massage chair a reality, we also offer 0% financing options.