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The Most Affordable Massage Chairs You Can Buy 

Finding moments to destress and to let your body relax with a massage chair can be highly beneficial for your wellbeing. The Most Affordable Massage Chairs on the market come with a wide variety of features without sacrificing on quality. In the comfort of home, you can indulge in the wonders of massage for total relaxation, stress and tension relief, and getting your blood circulated to keep your organs nice and healthy.

Massage Chairs can be pricey though, as most have lots of features and are higher quality, which can leave many wondering if a massage chair is right for them. Fortunately, there are massage chairs made for almost every budget, staying affordable without lacking quality. However, it is still very important to do your research and find the right chair for you, rather than settling on the cheapest chair and end up being unhappy with it. In this review, we will share some important pointers to remember when buying a massage chair along with five budget-friendly massage chairs that could be right for you!

Osaki Champ Massage Chair 

Osaki Champ

Starting at $112/mo*

The Osaki Champ is a massage chair that really is worth it for the value. Its one of the most affordable massage chairs with a therapeutic 2D roller system designed to deliver a smooth massage experience.

The Champ Massage Chair incorporates multiple massage techniques, including kneading, tapping, Swedish, and Shiatsu. This chair also offers zero gravity positioning, air compression massage, lumbar heating, 15 auto programs, and a L-Track frame to ensure the massage covers you from neck to glutes.


Ergotec Neptune Massage Chair

Ergotec Neptune

Starting at $142/mo* 

The Ergotec Neptune is one of the most affordable massage chairs that offers exceptional features. It is designed with a 2D L-track roller system, which follows the natural curvature of your spine for a more precise and effective massage.

With its space-saving design, the Neptune Massage Chair is perfect for individuals with limited space. This chair provides multiple massage techniques and auto programs, ensuring a satisfying and soothing experience.


Osaki Tecno 3D Massage Chair

Osaki Tecno

Starting at  $188/mo*

The Osaki Tecno massage chair is one of the most affordable massage chairs and combines cost-effectiveness with cutting-edge technology. With its 3D massage rollers, the chair offers a wide range of techniques and intensity levels. It also includes a body scan feature to make sure every massage is tailored to your shape and size.

The Osaki Tecno is an excellent choice for those seeking a cost-effective massage chair without sacrificing quality. With such a stunning exterior, you can tell how good the features will feel. These include Zero Gravity, heat therapy, 9 auto programs including stretch, reflexology foot massage, and quick panel controls


Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair

Inner Balance Jin 2.0

Starting at $146/mo*

The Inner Balance Jin 2.0 2D Massage Chair is one of the most affordable massage chairs on the market and brings the benefits of massage to the comfort of your home without skimping out on features. With its soothing 2D massage mechanism, this chair delivers a personalized and therapeutic massage experience.

The Jin 2.0 Massage Chair also features airbag compression, lumbar heat therapy, and zero gravity positioning, enhancing its ability to alleviate stress and promote relaxation. The Jin 2.0 has six pre-programed massages with an array of techniques for your own manual massage creations.   


Ogawa Active XL 3D Massage Chair 

Ogawa Active XL 3D

Starting at $246/mo*

The Ogawa Active XL 3D Massage Chair is a newer massage chair that proves you don't have to break the bank to enjoy a luxury massage. As one of the most affordable massage chairs you can buy, you'll get a comprehensive massage experience with a 3D L-track roller system, stretching programs, and airbag compression. The L-track design allows the rollers to extend from your neck down to your glutes, covering a larger portion of your body for a more immersive massage.

The Ogawa Active XL 3D also offers adjustable intensity levels, enabling you to find the perfect balance between relaxation and relief. Even though it appears to have a narrow frame, the seat width measures 22” across and holds users between the heights of 5’0”-6’2”. Its favored features are its reflexology foot rollers, easy-to-use touch screen tablet remote, quiet functionality, and its three memory settings.  


Summary and Pointers: 

Relaxation and stress relief are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and massage chairs provide an accessible way to achieve these benefits. The Osaki Champ, Ergotec Neptune, Osaki Champ, Inner Balance Jin 2.0, and Ogawa Active XL 3D are outstanding examples of affordable massage chairs that offer a host of features without breaking the bank. Each of these chairs brings unique attributes to the table, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your relaxation needs.

Be sure to account for possible delivery fees, taxes, and warranty when deciding on your budget. It is also important to read through each chair's features and specifications before making the final decision on a massage chair. Even the price matters too, spending below $2,000 generally won't get you a long-lasting massage chair. You will want to be positive that a specific chair will fit your size, be comfortable, and meet your needs for massage, whether that be prioritizing stretching or just wanting a good glute massage! Don't forget to check out our Black Friday Massage Chair Deals.

*This monthly loan payment is based on loan approval through our available massage chair finance options.