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Osaki Alpina vs. Ador Infinix Massage Chair Comparison

It is time to pick your favorite 2D massage chair! In this comparison we have put the Osaki OS-Pro Alpina and the Ador AD-Infinix up against each other by gathering their similarities and differences to pin-point which one will check off more of your personal preferences. This comparison is a summary of these massage chair’s features, for a deeper understanding of the features, check out the Alpina and the Infinix’sproduct page or visit our Q&A Learning Center! Now let’s get into the similarities and differences between the Osaki OS-Pro Alpina and the Ador AD-Infinix massage chairs below.



  • L-Track Mechanism 
  • Heat in the Lumbar 
  • 2D Rollers 
  • Body Scan 
  • Air compression massage with hip massage in the Alpina 
  • Zero Gravity 
  • Reflexology foot massage 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Calf rollers in the Infinix 
  • Infinix side panel controls  
  • Vibration massage in the Alpina 
  • Alpina has a touch screen tablet 
  • The Alpina has 12 auto programs, the Infinix has 8 
  • The Alpina has an ache sensor 
  • Space saving in the Infinix 
  • The Alpina has Chromotherapy 
  • The Alpina allows users 3 inches taller than the Infinix 
  • Deep tissue massage in the Alpina 
  • The rollers width cannot be adjusted in the Infinix 
  • The Infinix has a Music Sync auto program 


L-Track Mechanism: The L-Track roller system travels down the back of the body from the neck to the glutes. 

Heat: Both chairs have lumbar heat to gently soothe the back while the rollers ease the pain away.  

2D Rollers: For a standard neck, back, and glute massage, the 2D rollers glide behind the body going left and right and up and down.  

Body Scanning: An automatic scan measures the body’s shape and size to make sure the rollers massage where they need to.  

Air Compression Massage: Air bags surround the arms, shoulders, claves, and feet which are designed to improve blood circulation. The Alpina has additional airbags on the sides of the hips and thighs.  

Zero Gravity: During your massage, you can choose to recline into Zero Gravity for added health benefits such as improved circulation, increased range of motion or flexibility, and spinal decompression.  

Reflexology Foot Massage: The reflexology rollers under the feet spin to massage acupressure points to improve circulation. When the airbags inflate, they hold the feet firmly and press them into the rollers for a stronger massage.  

Bluetooth: Bluetooth speakers are on both sides of the headrest for a surround sound experience with your music.  


Calf Rollers: The Infinix has two twisting roller heads with nodes behind the calves for a kneading massage. With inflated air bags on the sides of the calves and feet, the leg and foot massage in the Infinix is one of a kind.  

Side Panel Controls: The Infinix has side panel controls on the arm of the chair to turn the chair on and off, pick an auto program, use Zero Gravity, or adjust the back and leg recline positions.  

Vibration Massage: The Alpina massage chair's vibrating seat helps relieve stiff muscles, enhance blood circulation, and reduce tension for the best way to relax. 

Touch Screen Tablet Remote: For quick access and easy navigation, the Alpina is equipped with a touch screen tablet remote. The Infinix has a wired remote control with buttons and an LED display.  

Auto Programs: The Alpina has 12 auto programs and the Infinix has 8. These are a similar amount of auto programs but each chair has its own unique programs.  

Ache Sensor: The Alpina is equipped with an ache sensor that monitors tension across the body. The Alpina will then tailor a massage to your problem areas in order to alleviate your pain! 

Space Saving: The Infinix just needs to be 2 inches away from the wall, saving you tons of room space. 

Chromotherapy: Blue chromotherapy lights encircle the Alpina's Bluetooth speakers to create a calming atmosphere.  

Sizing: The Alpina allows users between the heights of 5’0”-6’4” with a recommended weight requirement of 240lbs. The Infinix has the same height minimum but goes up to a maximum of 6’1” with a weight recommendation of 260lbs.  

Deep Tissue: The Alpina has a deep tissue massage that the Infinix does not have. This is a stronger program aimed to relieve deeper built muscle tension.  

Roller Width: If you ever need to change the roller width for a wider reach on the shoulders or a narrower massage closer to the spine, the rollers can be adjusted on the Alpina. The roller width cannot be adjusted on the Infinix. 

Music Sync Auto Program: The Infinix has an auto program that can sync your massage to the music you play via Bluetooth for an uplifting and rhythmic experience.  

Which Is The Right Chair For You?

Now that you have read through the similarities and differences between the Osaki OS-Pro Alpina and the Ador AD-Infinix massage chairs, let's review the variations. Both chairs have a 2D roller L-Track mechanism, so to decide between the two chairs, we need to focus on the unique features that stand out to your needs. A big difference for you can be the calf rollers on the Infinix, if you wanted a strong foot and leg massage, this chair would definitely check off a box. The Infinix also has its Music Sync program to listen and feel your music! But what about uniqueness? The Alpina does not have calf rollers or music sync, but it has a touch screen remote, seat vibration, a deep tissue massage, and an ache sensor. With all of that in mind, take a moment to think about what matters to you more. Picture yourself in the chair with the features you cannot live without.  

It is up to you now. Take what you have learned here and check out our Learning Center or other comparisons below with these two chairs to narrow it down even more. Don’t forget to read descriptions, specifications, and requirements to find what your body needs to feel comfortable. If you would like some expert advice and opinion, feel free to call our massage chair specialists at The Modern Back. Contact us directly at 800-416-4304, visit our showroom, or chat with us online anytime! The Modern Back also offers 0% financing options to ensure you get a massage chair into your home!