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Osaki OS-Pro Alpina Massage Chair Review

We appreciate you reading our review of the Osaki Alpina Massage Chair. The OS-Pro Alpina is stunning from the outside. The exquisite stitching in the shape of a honeycomb on the interior of the back and the wood grain accents on the armrests and outer wings are just two examples of the attention to detail used by Osaki Massage Chair designers. One wouldn't think twice placing this chair in their living rooms as an eye-catching and useful addition to any design. 

With the excellent and simple tablet-style touch screen remote, the automatically extended leg rest, heated lumbar, bluetooth speakers, and the unique Ache Sensor function, the Alpina is one of our top-sellers. The finger sensors on the chair's armrest identify the user's body's ache points, and the chair then automatically zeroes in on those "ache" locations. A few added bells and whistles is Bluetooth technology and chromotherapy lighting.


The OS-Pro Alpina is covered in high-grade synthetic leather, like the majority of massage chairs on the market today. The design has a modest footprint, straightforward lines and curves, and an almost conventional reclining look. The chair is simple to maintain and clean. And, it has been developed with a variety of body shapes in mind: 

  • Anyone with a small to medium-sized stature seeking a firm 2D S/L-Track without spending extra money on a 3D chair for deep tissue massage. Unbelievable Price for Firm 2D L-Track, Automated Legrest, and Tablet-Sized Touchscreen Remote! 

  • Anyone with a height ranging from 5'0" to 6'5" and weighs less than 265lbs. The Alpina is more for average sized users and not considered a Petite Massage Chair.The seat width is 18” which is typical for a massage chair and can go up to 21.5” in big & tall massage chairs


When available for $2,499, this expert Pick 2D L-Track massage chair offers the finest price/performance ratio! A rather firm 2D feel is provided by this model. The L-Track is shallow, the roller mechanism is firm, the neck and shoulder are amazing for a 2D massage chair, and the deep tissue for the glutes is excellent. The internal faux leather of this stunning chair is of the highest quality and features elegant stitching. An excellent immersive experience, this. particularly when discounted at $2,499! 



  • If you want a relaxing, gentle massage and do not require any additional depth or intensity, we would recommend the gentle Ogawa Active L Plus.   
  • At a discounted price of $2,499, you won't find a higher-quality full-body massage chair with a firm massage, an automated legrest, and a user-friendly touchscreen tablet. Don't pass up this bargain! 




REMOTE: The Alpina has an extremely user-friendly touch screen, tablet-style remote control. Navigation is simple and a lot less complicated with this form of point-and-shoot operation than it is with some of the older, bulkier remotes. It's simple to navigate and find the program you want. The chair has 12 different, pre-programmed Auto Programs, including ones for digestion and aging vigor. 


FIRMNESS: The OS-Alpina provides a firm massage in 2D. With 2D technology, there is no depth adjustment; instead, the rollers move up and down the L-Track while massaging in horizontal strokes. The massage is performed with massage rollers that start at the base of the head, move down the spine, pass underneath the glutes, and finish at the hamstring. This chair is a fantastic value if you prefer a firmer massage and do not need a range of intensities! 


L-TRACK (neck to glutes coverage): The OS-Alpina features a full 47" L-Track design; the massage rollers start your massage at the base of your skull and work their way down the spine before passing below your glutes and ending at the hamstring. For people with sciatic nerve pain or those who lead active lifestyles, the L-Track extension is fantastic. 


AUTOMATIC LEGREST: Pay attention to this! It will be difficult to find a high-quality massage chair with an automated legrest for this cost. Most are spring-loaded, which is less ideal in my opinion. To keep the legrest extended to accommodate longer legs, a spring-loaded legrest requires user pressure to be maintained. The chair has a superb recline and foot extension, making it incredibly comfortable to sit on. With a little pressure from your feet, the leg rest stretches and retracts automatically as sensors stop it. This sets the massage chair for the best calf and foot massage and adjusts to the user's leg length. The chair has two rows of foot rollers that rotate while massaging the soles of the feet, providing an excellent reflexology foot massage. Learn more about this feature that uses trigger point relief to reduce pain and stimulate nerve endings to help those with plantar fasciitis. 


12 AUTO PROGRAMS: The OS-Pro Alpina Massage Chair has 12 Auto-Programs, as was previously indicated. These include Deep Tissue, Recovery, Wake Up, Sleeping, Healthy Regimen, even Spleen Digest and Older Vigor. More auto-programs than other chairs at the same price bracket, almost twice as many. There are six different massage techniques, some of which can be combined when in manual mode. There are also 5 speed/intensity settings that may be manually changed to your preference. When it comes to massage demands, I have discovered that no two persons are the same. These are fantastic choices because everyone is different. Excellent options for manual mode! And, you can choose from and combine a variety of strategies. To effectively target a massage, it is simple to micro-adjust the rollers slowly up or down, in or out, while leaving them parked in one place to work out knots. 


ZERO GRAVITY: The Zero Gravity position, which reclines the chair and elevates the legs above the heart into a weightless position, is a given for an Osaki massage chair. Due to the position's extreme comfort, more pressure and a little deeper massage are possible. 

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