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Osaki DuoMax vs. Osaki Solis Massage Chair Comparison

In this comprehensive massage chair comparison, we’ll compare the similarities and differences between the Osaki DuoMax and Osaki Solis dual track massage chairs.

When it comes to full coverage massages and luxury feel, the Osaki DuoMax and Osaki Solis massage chairs are right on the money.

These two chairs are high-quality premium chairs, both with wonderful massages, however, usually we are looking for only one chair so let’s break down the similarities and differences between them.

Even though the Osaki DuoMax and the Osaki Solis are of relative price and are made by the same brand, there is still a lot that separates them.

In this massage chair comparison we will compare both models and explain our findings to help you discover which chair matches your needs better. 



  • Price 
  • 4D Rollers 
  • Air Compression Massage 
  • Dual SL Track 
  • Zero Gravity 
  • Voice control and side panel controls 
  • Height Range 
  • Touchscreen Tablet Remote 
  • Enclosed Ottoman and Foot Massage 
  • Removable Padding 
  • Calf Rollers 
  • Seat Width 
  • DuoMax Heath Detection Program 
  • The Solis can recline up to 190° where the DuoMax does 165° 
  • The DuoMax has double the rollers 
  • There is twice as much calf massage coverage on the Solis 
  • Calf Kneading on the DuoMax 
  • There are two more Auto-Programs in the DuoMax 
  • Both have space saving although the Solis needs an extra 4.5 inches 
  • DuoMax has Air Ionization Therapy 
  • More heating in the DuoMax 


Price: These premium massage chairs are almost the same price right now. The Osaki DuoMax is $1,000 more at $12,999.00. 

4D Rollers: Both chairs have 4D rollers that cover the neck, back, buttocks, and glutes. These rollers move side to side, up and down, and in and out. The DuoMax massage chair has 5 4D, speed, width and intensity adjustments and the Osaki Solis has 6 4D adjustments with 5 speed levels.  

Air Compression: Airbags surround the body giving a light to strong squeeze depending on your preference or selected program. 

Flexible Dual Tracks: This is a key feature in this massage chair comparison. Osaki has designed a truly flexible SL-Track system able to use separate rollers on the upper and lower body that work in tandem. With such a flexible track, the chairs can still recline relatively far, especially the Osaki Solis.  

Zero Gravity: This position reclines back and elevates the knees to line up with the heart, relieving pressure on the spine, increasing blood circulation, and improving flexibility with every use.  

Voice Control and Side Panel Controls: Controlling the chair's actions with your voice lets you stay relaxed and focused without interrupting your massage. There are also buttons on the arm of the chairs to make simple quick adjustments. 

Height Range: Both Chairs fit users between the heights of 5’0”-6’1” with weights up to 350lbs.  

Tablet Remote: These chairs each have a touchscreen tablet remote that always displays the current functions of the massage session. 

Enclosed Ottoman and Foot Massage: Having an enclosed ottoman is like wearing a shoe, but this one massages with rollers underneath your feet with compression airbags on the tops and sides of the feet.  

Removable Padding: Both layers of the head rest can be removed to better feel the rollers on your neck and shoulders. You can even relocate the padding behind your back for some lumbar support.  

Calf Rollers: Different from calf kneading, a set of rollers are placed behind the calves to massage the legs with little nodules.  


Seat Width: Even though both chairs have the same height and weight requirements, their seat widths are different. The Osaki DuoMax’s seat is 19” across which is fairly average, whereas the Osaki Solis massage chair measures 21” across for a roomier seat. 

Heath Detection Program: The Osaki DuoMax has a built-in health monitor which measures heart rate, blood oxygen levels, fatigue index, and more. After collecting this data, the chair uses AI technology to help design a custom program around your needs! 

Stretching: This is the biggest difference in this massage chair comparison. Both chairs have flexible tracks, although the Osaki Solis reclines up to 190° which means it gives an excellent stretch with two different stretch programs to choose from. If stretching is your thing, the Osaki Solis will not disappoint! 

More Rollers: The Osaki DuoMax has four rollers on the upper body and four under the glutes, which is double the rollers on the Osaki Solis. Even though the Osaki DuoMax provides more coverage, both chairs have a similar massage feel.  

Calf Massage: The Osaki DuoMax has calf kneading in addition to rollers, but the Solis’ calf portion is double in length (approximately 13.5” long) to let your entire lower leg get massage.  

Auto-Programs: There are 18 wonderful Auto-Programs in the Osaki Solis and 20 in the Osaki DuoMax.  

Space Saving: Both chairs are considered space savers, although the Osaki Solis needs 10 inches from the wall whereas the Osaki DuoMax only needs 5.5 inches.  

Air Ionization Therapy: The Osaki DuoMax has built-in negative air ionization therapy on the headrest. Negative ions have been studied to improve energy and lessen stress.  

Extra Heating Elements: There is heat in both chairs, but the DuoMax has a movable heated shawl for the back or for over the body, along with two heated cores made of jade. These cores are in-between the rollers, contouring the body as you receive the massage. The Solis’ heat comes from graphene placed along the lumbar area. 

Which Is The Right Massage Chair For You?

Both Osaki chairs in this massage chair comparison are similar in feel, but each have their own features that can make all the difference for you. In addition, both of these chairs are rated as two of the Best Massage Chairs of the year.

The Osaki DuoMax massage chair has more personalization when it comes to its health detection and heating, but the Osaki Solis massage chair is calm, spacious, and smooth with its inversion stretching elements. There is no right or wrong choice, as both are similar, but be sure to really think about what it is you want out of your massages.  

In the end, the most important consideration is how well the chair accommodates your own body, whether or not you favor a particular design aesthetic, or a certain kind of experience you are looking to have.

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