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Mother's Day Massage Chair Buying Guide

 The Modern Back offers massage chairs that make a long-lasting gift that’s always available to benefit the body and soul.

Mothers work tirelessly every day to take care of their families, and they deserve a little pampering and relaxation. A massage chair makes a great long-lasting gift always available to benefit the body and soul. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving. By using a massage chair regularly, your mother will experience an increase in blood circulation, muscle tension relief, and a reduction in chronic pain in addition to instant relaxation and stress alleviation.

Here's Our Mother's Day Recommendations:

The Osaki Sigma massage chair is a wonderful start to a therapeutic massage at home with deep tissue massage and lumbar heat.

Moms Who ❤️ Soft Therapeutic

Osaki Sigma

A wonderful start to a therapeutic massage at home can be found with the Osaki Sigma massage chair. With its comfortably cushioned seat, and relaxing lumbar heating, the Sigma has just what is needed to make mom unwind with ease.


After working on their feet all day, the Emperor Massage Chair will provide an accurate body scan to map out all aches and pains.

Moms Who ❤️ Intense Massage

Osaki Emperor

For moms who need a harder massage, the Osaki Emperor uses4D rollers to really dig deep and remove those stubborn aches. After working on their feet all day, the Emperor will provide an accurate body scan to make sure all of her pains will be massaged away and taken care of.


All Moms ❤️ This Massage Chair

All Moms ❤️ This Massage Chair

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid practically has everything you can get out of an at home massage experience. The Supreme Hybrid can be gentle or thorough in any of its 36 auto programs and even provide a full inversion stretch! With virtuously endless possibilities of massage, you could never go wrong with a Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair.


Benefits of Massage Chairs For Mom:

On-Demand Rest & Relaxation: For women who spend a lot of time on their feet, lifting large objects, or performing repetitive tasks, a massage chair can be very beneficial. In addition to its physical advantages, daily use of a massage chair can improve sleep quality and boost mental wellness by lowering anxiety and depression. Another benefit of having a massage chair is the ability to use it at any time!  

No Appointment Necessary: Your mother will never have to make an appointment at a spa again or think she can only have a specialty massage once a year. Giving a massage chair as a Mother's Day gift will have a long-lasting positive impact on their health and happiness. Show your mother how much you care about her health the same way she has cared about yours. This useful and impactful present will surely be treasured for years to come. 

The Gift That Keeps Giving: When it comes down to finding a gift for your mom, think of how impactful a gift can really be. With a massage chair, she will have it for a long time and can use it every day knowing you wanted to give her something to cherish. Now what is more important than cherishing her health and wellbeing? Your mother deserves to relax in a beneficial way that supports her circulatory system and mental clarity. This gift will always be worth the time it gives your mother to feel the best she can be.