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Infinity Luminary vs. Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair Comparison

The Infinity Luminary Syner-D and Daiwa Supreme Hybrid are two advanced massage chairs with luxury designs and top-end, pain-relieving features. Everything you are looking for is found in one of these massage chairs.

With the recent introduction of the Infinity Luminary, our customers have been looking more at the differences between this chair and the Supreme Hybrid.

On this page, we will be going over the differences between the Infinity Luminary Syner-D and Daiwa Supreme Hybrid. This is a time-consuming task to try and do on your own. So, let us help do the work for you in our in-depth massage chair comparison!



  • Split Flex-Track Design
  • Full Body Air Compression Massage 
  • Body Scan
  • Heat Therapy
  • Two-Position Zero Gravity Recline
  • Space Saving Technology
  • Triple Reflexology Foot Rollers
  • Auto Extendable Footrest
  • Touch Screen Tablet
  • Wireless Charing Pad + USB
  • Quick Access Control Panel
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Massage Rollers
  • Number of Airbags
  • Auto Massage Programs
  • Massage Techniques (Manual Massages)
  • Luminary has Calf Rollers
  • Luminary has Air Ionizer
  • Luminary has Sound Therapy
  • Luminary has Memory Programs
  • Luminary has Voice Controls
  • Luminary has Chromotherapy
  • Supreme Hybrid has Inversion Therapy


Split Flex-Track Design: The Luminary and Supreme Hybrid both provide the best possible length of coverage and relief with a sophisticated split flex-track design. A split-track design has two sets of rollers, one set with 2 rollers for the upper body and another for the lower body with 4 rollers. This is the most advanced feature in this massage chair comparison. 

Full Body Air Compression Massage: Get a massage that rejuvenates the body and relieves pain. The Luminary Massage Chair and Supreme Hybrid come equipped with airbags that target the arms, shoulders hips, legs/calves, and feet. These two chairs also allow you to adjust the airbag intensity as well. 

Body Scan: Before a massage session begins, both of these chairs will perform a thorough scan of your body. A body scan maps out key points that are vital to a massage, allowing it to optimize the chair’s adjustable features to your size and length. 

Heat Therapy: These two massage chairs both come equipped with heating pads found in the lumbar region. However, the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair also comes with heating pads for the knees/calves, whereas the Luminary does not.  

Two-Position Zero Gravity Recline: Experience the weightless feel of zero gravity recline. With the push of a button, the Infinity Luminary Massage Chair and Supreme Hybrid will send you into zero gravity recline. This feature elevates the feet and knees above the heart, decompressing the spine and boosting circulation. Included is an additional level of zero gravity that allows you to recline even further back. 

Space Saving Technology: Worry less about making room for your new massage chair. The Infinity Luminary can be placed as close as 4 inches away from the wall. The Supreme Hybrid’s back can be placed 3 inches away from the wall. 

Triple Reflexology Foot Rollers: Restore your soles and march through the day. With triple reflexology foot rollers, your feet will be covered from heel to toe with pain-relieving comfort. In combination with air compression therapy that targets the feet; there is no better way to get a foot massage at home.

Auto Extendable Footrest: Need more leg room? No worries, the Luminary and Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair both feature footrests that can automatically extend to a desire length.

Touch Screen Tablet: Controlling a massage chair couldn’t be more relaxing. These two massage chairs come attached with touch screen tablets that allow you to control your massage chair in any way you like. In addition, the tablets are mounted on swivels, allowing you to position the angle of the screen to a desired position. 

Wireless Charging Pad + USB: Recharge your device while you relax. A conveniently placed wireless charging pad and USB port allows you to charge any compatible device as you recharge your body. 

Quick Access Control Panel: The Luminary and Supreme Hybrid both come installed with a quick access control panel, allowing you to activate and adjust massage chair features. 

Bluetooth Speakers: Listen to your favorite music and sounds. With high-quality Bluetooth speakers located next to the headrest, you can immerse yourself into a world of comfort with any Bluetooth compatible device.


Massage Rollers: These two massage chairs come installed with advanced massage rollers. However, the luminary features 4D style massage rollers and the Supreme Hybrid features 3D style massage rollers. In addition, both massage chair rollers have adjustable speed, intensity, and width. 

Number of Airbags: Both massage chairs feature full body air compression therapy. However, The Supreme Hybrid comes equipped with 50 airbags and the Luminary has 32 airbags. 

Auto Massage Programs: Both massage chairs feature auto massage programs, but they each come loaded with some different programs. 

Massage Techniques (Manual Massages): The Luminary and Supreme Hybrid both come loaded with manual massages. However, they each provide a different amount and styles of manual massages.

Calf Rollers: These two massage chairs offer a great calf massage with airbag technology. The Luminary takes it a step further with calf roller installed into the leg rest, targeting the back of the calves for the ultimate relief.

Air Ionizer: The Luminary comes specially equipped with an integrated air ionizer. Small vents located near the headrest facilitate healthy oxygen to your body by emitting negatively charged ions and reducing pollutants. This is a unique wellness feature found in this massage chair comparison. 

Sound Therapy: Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation with the Luminary’s nature sounds and soundscapes. The Supreme Hybrid does not have this. 

Memory Programs: The Luminary allows you to save up to three custom massage programs to the chair’s memory. The Supreme Hyrid does not have this.

Voice Controls: Too comfortable to move? The Luminary makes it possible to activate features and programs with your voice. To activate voice controls, simply say “Hi Infinity” or “Hey Infinity.” The Supreme Hyrid cannot do this. 

Chromotherapy Lights: Set the mood and help yourself relax with the Luminary’s chromotherapy lights. Lights on the side of the chair will illuminate colors of your desire. The Supreme Hyrid does not have this. 

Inversion Therapy: The Supreme Hybrid offers a special feature called “inversion therapy.” These programs give a deep, inverted stretch that releases tension and relaxes the body. The Luminary cannot do this.

Which Is The Right Chair For You?

Both the Supreme Hybrid and the Infinity Luminary Syner-D Massage Chair are fantastic chairs, making it a hard decision to choose which one is best. The Luminary offers a variety of unique features such as chromotherapy and calf rollers. The Supreme Hybrid Daiwa also comes with some unique features such as inversion therapy and is a well-rounded massage chair. The two chairs a similar, but only one will be right for you. 

When it comes down to it, listen to what your body needs. Everybody has a personal preference, which is why it is important to consider what you need. Have more questions about this massage chair comparison? Contact us right away at 800-416-4304 or chat with us directly online. We are always happy to help! We also offer Finance Options to help make owning a massage chair easier.