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Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid vs. Infinity Genesis Max Massage Chair Comparison

The Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid and Infinity Genesis Max are two advanced, high-quality massage chairs with modern-day features. Most features that customers are looking for in a massage chair can be found in the Pegasus and Genesis Max. These two chairs are very similar on the surface, and it can be hard to spot the differences between the two. Let us help you find them! On this page we will be going over the similarities and differences between the Daiwa Pegasus and the Infinity Gensis Max.



  • Full Body Air Massage
  • Zero Gravity Recline
  • Body Scan Technology
  • Heat Therapy Region
  • Rocking Technology
  • Automatic Leg Extension
  • Adjustable Shoulders 
  • Calf Rollers
  • Triple Foot Rollers
  • Stretch Program
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Smartphone App
  • Space Saving Technology 
  • USB Charging Station
  • Pegasus Hybrid has a Dual Track and Genesis Max has an L-Track
  • Genesis Max has Waist Twist
  • Genesis Max has Sleep Mode + Sleep Sounds
  • Pegasus Hybrid has Voice Controls
  • Pegasus Hybrid Has Expanding Shoulder Technology
  • Auto Programs
  • Massage Techniques (Manual Massages) 
  • Massage Rollers


Full Body Air Massage: Get a full body air massage that feels like the real deal. Airbags are found throughout both massage chairs and mimic the feel of human hands compressing the body and pushing out pain. The Pegasus Hybrid comes equipped with 48 airbags and 5 levels of intensity. The Genesis Max comes with 64 airbags and 5 levels of intensity. 

Zero Gravity Recline: Experience the weightless feel of zero gravity. Zero gravity recline decompresses the spine and boosts circulation. Both of these massage chairs come with the zero gravity recline feature, however, the Pegasus Hybrid comes with a second zero gravity position that allows for an even further recline. 

Body Scan Technology: An advanced body scan system is implemented into both the Pegasus Hybrid and Genesis Max. Before the start of each session, the massage chair will perform a body scan which maps out key points of the body. This helps create an optimal massage experience for each user’s shape and size. 

Heat Therapy: Melt away into a world of comfort with heat therapy technology. Heat therapy relaxes and loosens tense muscles, enhancing the overall massage experience. The Pegasus Hybrid and Genesis Max both feature heated pads located in the lumbar region. 

Rocking Technology: Relax your body and reduce stress and anxiety. Rocking technology rocks the massage chair back and forth, helping reduce stress and improve sleep. 

Automatic Leg Extension: The Pegasus Hybrid and Genesis Max feature leg rests that automatically extend outwards or inwards. The Pegasus Hybrid’s footrest can extend up to 5.5- inches and the Genesis Max’s footrest can extend up to 3-inches. 

Adjustable Shoulders: Get a shoulder massage that actually targets your shoulders. The Pegasus Hybrid and Genesis Max feature adjustable shoulders, allowing the airbags to accommodate for each user’s length and size. 

Calf Rollers: Need more attention for your calves? The Pegasus Hybrid and Genesis max both come with two calf rollers per calf. 

Triple Foot Rollers: Put your tired feet to rest. Get an excellent foot massage that rejuvenates the feet with triple foot rollers. Triple foot rollers relieve tension, improve circulation, and renew the soles for you to march through the rest of the day.

Stretch Program: The Pegasus Hybrid and Genesis Max both come with the sought-after stretch program. Get the perfect full body stretch you have been looking for!

Bluetooth Speakers: Enjoy your favorite songs and sounds as you relax in the Pegasus Hybrid or Genesis Max. These two massage chairs allow you to connect any Bluetooth-compatible device to its speakers for you to enjoy. 

Smartphone App: Control your massage chair with your phone! The Pegasus Hybrid and Genesis Max have apps that you can download onto your phone or tablet that allows you to activate massage programs and features. 

Space Saving Technology: Worry less about room for your new massage chair with space saving technology. The Pegasus Hybrid and Genesis Max feature space saving technology that allows you to place the back of the massage chair closer to the wall. The Pegasus Hybrid only requires to be 0.25-inches away from the wall and the Genesis Max only requires to be 2-inches away from the wall. 

USB Charging Station: Recharge your devices! With a conveniently placed USB charging station, you can recharge any compatible device as you relax in the comfort of the Pegasus Hybrid or Genesis Max. 


L-Track VS. Dual Track Design: The Pegasus Hybrid uses 8 rollers and a Dual Track mechanism to deliver a thorough full-body massage that feels like an entire team of therapists massaging your body simultaneously. The Genesis Max uses 4 rollers on an L-Track which allows the rollers to travel from the neck and down to the glutes. The Pegasus Hybrid and Genesis Max both have a track length of 49-inches. 

Waist Twist: The Genesis Max comes with a unique waist twist feature. A set of seat airbags perform a therapeutic waist twist for further release and relaxation. The Pegasus Hybrid does not do this. 

Sleep Mode + Sleep Sounds: The Genesis Max comes with a sleep mode feature that will keep the chair in a reclined position once your massage program has ended. This allows you to drift away into a state of comfort and deep sleep. In addition, sleep sound therapy comes with 10 different nature sounds loaded on the massage chair’s sound system. The Pegasus Hybrid does not have this.

Expanding Shoulder Technology: The Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid integrates ShoulderFit™ Technology to deliver a massage that caters to your specific needs with a shoulder width that can extend from 26 inches to 32 inches.

Voice Controls: Too comfortable to move? No worries, the Pegasus allows you to control features and activate programs simply by using your voice. All you must do is say “Hello Daiwa” and proceed with one of the lists of commands. The Genesis Max does not have this.  

Auto Programs: The Pegasus Hybrid and Genesis Max both come loaded with automatic massage programs, however, they each have a different number of styles and massage programs. Here is a cumulative list of auto programs for each chair:

Infinity Genesis Max Auto Programs:

  • Sports Refresh 
  • Extension
  • Rest & Sleep
  • Working Relief
  • Neck & Shoulder
  • Waist & Spine
  • Healthy Breath
  • Deep Shiatsu
  • Massage Extend
  • Relaxation
  • All Air
  • Demo

Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid Auto Programs:

  • Recovery
  • Extend
  • Relax
  • Refresh
  • Upper Body Auto
  • Lower Body Auto
  • Royal Treatment
  • Stress Relief 
  • Gentle Care

Massage Techniques (Manual Massages): Similarly to the auto programs, the Pegasus Hybrid and Genesis Max come with massage techniques, but they have different styles and numbers between them. Here is a list of techniques for each chair.

Infinity Genesis Max Massage Techniques: 

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Knocking
  • Shiatsu
  • Sync
  • Rhythm 

Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid Massage Techniques: 

  • Kneading up/down
  • Tapping
  • Knocking
  • Shiatsu
  • Sync
  • Rhythm
  • 3D Shiatsu
  • Breathe 
  • Revive

Massage Rollers: The Pegasus Hybrid comes installed with 3D style massage rollers and the Genesis Max has 4D style massage rollers. Both chair’s massage rollers have adjustable speed, intensity, and width.

Which Is The Right Chair For You?

The Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid and Infinity Genesis Max are two very similar massage chairs with a wide variety of techniques and features. The Pegasus Hybrid comes with some notable features such as an advanced voice control system and unique manual massage techniques. Likewise, the Genesis Max has an amazing waist twist feature and a relaxing sleep mode that will make you drift off into your dreams. These are two wonderful massage chairs that have features many customers strive to have in their massage chairs. 

When it comes down to it, it is always about personal preference. Sometimes, a massage chair with more features does not always make it better. Each massage chair’s rollers and features act differently from chair to chair. Listen to what your body needs and go from there. If you have more questions, please reach out to us! You can contact us directly at 800-416-4304 or chat with us directly online. Let us help you get your dream massage chair.  We also offer Finance Options to help make owning a massage chair easier.