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Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid Massage Chair Review 

Uniting cutting-edge technology with unparalleled comfort, the Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid promises an immersive massage experience.

As one of the newest massage chairs of 2023, the Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid has surely lived up to its expectations.

With 8 outstanding rollers on a split-track, its ShoulderFit™ size expansion, voice controls, 24 auto programs, Shiatsu Wave™ Calf Massage, and triple reflexology foot rollers, the Pegasus Hybrid has quickly soared to the top.

Since this chair is the evolved version of the beloved Daiwa Pegasus 2 Smart Massage Chair, it still has that smooth, deeper touch but upgraded to one of the most human feelings out there.

To continue this review, we will look at the Pegasus Hybrid’s top features, design, performance, and user experience.

The Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid comes with 8 massage rollers that work in perfect harmony to mimic the motions of human hands.

8 Roller System  

With 8 rollers in a massage chair, you cannot get any closer to the feel of actual human hands. Daiwa has truly spent their time mastering the skill of quality and precision.

After testing the chair in The Modern Back’s showroom, it is apparent how skillfully the rollers knead into the neck and shoulders, feeling like thumbs pushing into the exact right places.

As for the glutes, the massage is powerful, although not painful.

This chair was surely built for those who favor neck, shoulder, and upper body massage. 

The Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid integrates ShoulderFit Technology to deliver a massage that truly caters to your specific needs.

Body Scanning with ShoulderFit™ Technology 

The precise roller massage could not be done without the accurate body scan and ShoulderFit™,which physically reshapes the chair to the user’s shoulder width.

After the body scan that positions the rollers to your height, you can manually adjust the shoulder width of the chair to fit your shape to experience the perfect tailored massage.

To include petite and larger folks, the Pegasus Hybrid’s shoulder width can extend outwards from 26 inches to 32 inches.

As for overall sizing, the chair fits users between 4’8″ – 6’6″ and a weight up to 300lbs.

Made with meticulous focus on delivering comprehensive relief, the Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid uses 48 strategically placed airbags.

Full Body Air Massage and Heat 

The Pegasus Hybrid has 48 air bags distributed around the shoulders, arms, hips, legs, and feet.

Since the chair is fully adjustable, you can choose to have your massage on all air for full body compression with intensity adjustments.

You can also have air on specific areas of the body you want to target, such as neck and shoulder for light stretching, or calves and feet to relieve tension.

In addition to air compression, you can apply heat to any session, whether that’s with all air, all rollers, or just relaxing in Zero Gravity. 

The Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid Massage Chair takes relaxation to new heights with its innovative Shiatsu Wave™ Calf Massage.

The Lower Body 

Going straight to the calves, the Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid has a new feature called Shiatsu Wave™ where two spinning rollers line the sides of each leg to mimic the feel of a rolling wave.

This method of Shiatsu massage therapy was heavily calming in addition to the airbags compressing the calves.

For more lower body action, the feet have triple reflexology rollers which were designed to target specific areas of the feet that are linked back to other organs in the body.

The Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid Massage Chair introduces its groundbreaking Smart-listen Voice Control Technology.

Voice Controlled Massage 

By saying “Hello, Daiwa” to activate the Smart-Listen Voice Control Technology, you can ask for your desired massage to be performed.

Voice controls are great for allowing you to stay relaxed in your seat instead of sitting up to navigate through the tablet.

Another fast way to change, select, or adjust your massage would be with the quick panel control on the arm of the chair with buttons like Zero Gravity activation or turning on heat. 

The Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid massage chair has 24 programs with 3-time settings giving you a wide array of massage chair programs.

Pre-programed Massages 

There are 24 pre-programed massages in the Pegasus Hybrid, however, there are three settings of time for each program which can drastically change the massage session.

This means 10 minutes in the Power Yoga program will perform more styles and techniques with its longer extension to the session.

So, initially there are 72 programs. Massage techniques such are Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu, Sync, and Rhythm are included in the programs.

Some of those programs areStress Relief, Light Rubdown, Royal Treatment, Acupoint Massage, Sweet Dreams, and Gentle Touch. 


The Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid Massage Chair has some of the best new features added to the massage chair world, however there are a few cons that should be mentioned.

Even though this is a split-track chair, it does not have the capabilities to perform a full stretch.

To get back stretching out of this chair, trying auto-programs like Waist and Hips, Back and Spine, or Power Yoga which might be the best choices.

The foot massage is also notably lighter than expected but still present; to get a stronger feel from the feet, you can adjust the leg rest closer for your legs to be pushing harder against those rollers.

Even with these two cons, they weren’t enough to take away the enjoyment and relief from its massages.

Especially that one-of-a-kind neck and shoulder massage or the Shiatsu calf rollers. With its smooth, deep notes of invigorating calm, the Daiwa Pegasus Hybrid is not a chair to be missed.