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Big & Tall massage chairs are designed with Convenience, and Versatility to give well-fitted massages for the whole family.

Best Massage Chairs for Tall People 

Being able to completely relax and unwind without worry is why so many look forward to massage. Not only can you have a massage in your home at any time, but it will also be perfectly tailored to your body’s shape and size. This is especially important for those who are tall, since there are specific chairs made for you without having to give up comfort, or a favored massage technique. In this article we will talk about three massage chairs fit for tall people and why you should prioritize your needs. 

After compiling a list of the top three best massage chairs for tall users, the Titan Jupiter Premium LE, Luraco i9 Max Special Edition and the Daiwa Relax 2 Zero standout above the rest. Each of these chairs have a different feel than the other to match specific needs, not just stopping at checking of the box for inclusivity. To break it down, these three chairs are categorized depending on their key feature.  

Best Deep Tissue Massage Chair 

The Titan Jupiter LE is made for those between the heights of 5’0”-6’6” and weighs a maximum of 300 lbs. This is the perfect chair for those looking for a strong, effective massage and one of the best massage chairs for tall people. There are10 Auto Programs that each focus on different areas of the body using 3D rollers and 80 air compression bags. The Jupiter is favored for its harder roller heads that deeply massage from the neck, shoulders, back, buttocks, and lower glutes to relieve aches and pains. For the perfect deep tissue upper body massage, the Burmese Massage program may be just what you are looking for.

Another bonus to the Jupiter is its adjustable intensity to make the rollers and air bags tougher or softer at any point of the massage session. And with voice control, you can ask the chair to adjust the intensity with ease! A very special feature that is unique to the Titan Jupiter LE is its temple massage pillow that inflates to gently massage the sides of the head; it pairs well with a strong shoulder massage, too. A few other bonus features include 2 stage Zero Gravity, heat on the waist, legs, seat, and rollers, a dual action foot massage, Bluetooth, a tablet remote, and space saving technology!


Best Dual Roller Massage Chair

Those who have a taste for luxury will be happy to know that the Luraco i9 Max Special EditIon has everything you can dream of. To start off with measurements, the i9 Special Edition is one of the best massage chairs for tall people since it fits those up to the height of 6’10” and a maximum weight of up to 300lbs, the seat width also measures 22” across .To begin the process, a sliding entry door activates at the touch of a button for smooth, easy access entry into the chair. From there, sit back and get comfortable while you select one of the 9 auto programs, and the body scan begins.

To make the experience better, the i9 Special Edition has double the 3D rollers not only for more massage coverage, but for the capabilities of performing full body stretch which includes the arms, hands, back, and feet. One of the i9 Special Edition’s biggest features is how size inclusive it is. This chair not only scans the torso and glutes, but it scans the legs, arms, and shoulders to accurately adjust to your shape! There are many other features to experience in this chair, but a few that stand out are its calf and foot roller massage, Zero Gravity, full body heating, a blood pressure and heart rate monitor, leather upholstery, and the owners name personalized onto the chair and tablet remote. 


Best Massage Chair with Stretch

The Daiwa Relax 2 Zero has an S-Track frame which means only the back, neck, and shoulders will be massaged with rollers. However, this chair has an S-Track for a very important reason, full body stretch! Without the L-track leg, the Relax 2 can complete a full inversion stretch to decompress the spine. Another unique feature from the S-Track mechanics is the hip-swivel function that works by twisting the seat and inflating the hip air bags to relieve stiffness in the pelvic area.

With other key features such as a reflexology foot massage, calf massage, six auto programs, Zero Gravity, lumbar heating, and a full body air massage, the Daiwa Relax 2 Zero Massage Chair is sure to meet your needs of a deep stretch and a rejuvenating massage. As for height and weight requirements, the Relax 2 Zero can hold users between 4’8"-6'6” and up to 300lbs.



Knowing what you want out of your massage chair should come first before settling for a chair that only matches your height request. Even though your comfortability is a priority, there are many massage chairs out there that can match your massage preferences, your height, weight, and add a few extra features you would not have expected. The massage chair specialist at The Modern Back hope this article was a great starting place, but if you need more massage chair examples, we are always glad to help find what you need!  

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