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Best Massage Chairs for Seniors  

There are often more specific massage styles seniors should receive and some that should be avoided. When looking for a massage chair, it would be more beneficial for seniors to receive Swedish massage, Yoga massage, Zero Gravity, light stretching, reflexology foot massage, and any other soft or generic session that increases blood circulation. Even with a gentle massage, it is also important for seniors to avoid excessive massage to lessen rubbing or friction against the skin, deep tissue massage, strong calf massage, too much heat, and high intensity massages. In this article we will go over three great massage chair options that are the most inclusive for Senior’s needs.  

The three best massage chairs for Seniors would have to be the JPMedics Kumo, the Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0, and the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid. These chairs are also some of the most popular models we have in The Modern Back’s showroom, which we have dedicated a lot of time to understand. With that being said, we have categorized these chairs according to their best feature that would benefit seniors. 

Best Soothing Massage Chair 

The JPMedics Kumo is a Japanese massage chair with a soothing luxury feel and is one of the best massage chairs for seniors.

JPMedics Kumo 

The JPMedics Kumo is a favored Japanese made massage chair for its soothing luxury feel you cannot find anywhere else and is one of the best massage chairs for seniors. In addition to this chair’s gentle massages, it has some other very useful features. These features are voice controls, 4D heated rollers, a simple touch screen, a short demo program, an intensity adjustment dial, Zero Gravity, 3 memory settings, and 12 auto programs. The Kumo has an L-Track to allow the massage to reach from the back of the neck, down the spine, and underneath the glutes. With a great upper body massage, the Kumo also has a light calf massage, and a reflexology foot massage which is one of the best massages for a senior. Speaking of best massages, this chair has Swedish massage, too! Swedish massage is one of the most common styles, but is exactly what seniors need, something not to weak but not too strong with just the right amount of stretching.TheJPMedics Kumo can hold users up to 265lbs and those between the heights of 5'0"-6'3".

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Best Healthy Massage Chair 

The Ogawa Master Drive Ai is one of the best massage chairs for seniors with a variety of luxury features.

Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 

Most massage chairs are designed to improve your general wellbeing; however, the Ogawa Master Drive AI 2.0 goes a step further. With AI technology, the Master Drive is able to use its Chair Doctor feature to run a health report over your body. This means the Master Drivecan scan your body to determine the tension in your torso which then makes a custom-tailored massage session according to the scan. The health scan also measures your emotional state, your heart rate to determine levels of stress and discomfort, and your blood oxygen levels which all aid in designing your custom session. As for the feel of the 4D massage rollers, it has a gentle feeling that is comparable to the JPMedics Kumo that was mentioned above. Some of the Master Drive’s other notable features are a reflexology foot massage, 27 auto programs such as Swedish massage, Zero Gravity, lumbar and calf heating, voice commands, and mood-enhancing lights.The Ogawa Master Drive is one of the best massage chairs for seniors with a variety of luxury features.

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Best Massage Chair to Increase Flexibility

The Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair comes with countless benefits that make it one of the best massage chairs for seniors.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid 

This premium massage chair, the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid, has a special track that is split in two, called Hybriflex™. This technology allows the chair to complete a full inversion stretch to decompress the spine. On a low intensity, this program is great for seniors who would like to increase their flexibility over time without using an inversion table that might be dangerous for them. Another great feature that comes from the split track is that there are double rollers for double massage coverage! Four 3D rollers are focused on the lower back and under the glutes, and two that massage the upper back, neck, and shoulders. Some other features the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid has are a two stage Zero Gravity recline, lumbar and knee heat therapy, a tablet remote, air compression, and a whooping 36 auto program each with a written description under them. The Supreme Hybrid is great for those between the heights of 4’8”-6’6″ and weigh up to 300lbs. The Supreme Hybrid comes with countless benefits that make it one of the best massage chairs for seniors

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Knowing your body’s needs and taking your health into account for massage will only make it easier to find a massage chair for you. Even if a certain chair catches your eye, always be sure to read its features and do your research to determine if that chair will match most of your important needs.  

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