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Personal Comfort Smart Beds offer a compelling advantage over Sleep Number with prices that are consistently up to 30% less or more. Despite delivering comparable quality and features, Personal Comfort beds provide a more affordable alternative without compromising on comfort or customization.

The Modern Back is Florida’s largest massage chair showroom with a selection of top name brands and the latest technology.

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Sarasota, FL 34240

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Personal Comfort A6 Smart Bed

Sale starts at $1899.99
Retail Price at $2499.00

The Personal Comfort Advanced Series represents the finest overall value. These models include our fully computerized, cutting-edgeair control system has a medically approved pressure scale with 45 distinct number settings ranging from 5 to 50.

The A6 boasts a larger contoured gel-infused comfort layer to help you sleep better. The embossed stretch top cover of the A6 Advanced Series Beds keeps your body closer to the contouring benefits of the gel infused comfort layer, which is backed by an air flow comfort layer.


Personal Comfort A8 Smart Bed

Sale starts at $2249.99
Retail Price at $2749.99

The Elegance Series series contains practically every feature imaginable and is known for its superb quality and beautiful style. The Personal Comfort A8 bed comes with a digital pump system that uses a medically recognized pressure scale with 45 unique number settings

The A8 includes our innovative, reversible seasonal top cover. Our unique quilted cover includes a temperature neutralizing side to keep you cool while sleeping and a moisture wicking bamboo side to keep you comfy.


Personal Comfort R11 Smart Bed

Sale starts at $2599.99
Retail price at $3884.99

Personal Comfort believes in only giving you the best, which is why every bed in the Rejuvenation Series is temperature-neutralizing to keep you cool and comfy all night. Each King and Queen R11 bed includes separate air chambers for personalization.

Change your number setting with the handheld wireless remotes, or download the App to your smartphone for advanced functions and settings.


Personal Comfort R13 Smart Bed

Sale starts at $3499.99
Retail Price at $3699.99

The R13 come standard with a fully digital state-of-the-art pump system that uses a medically recognized pressure scale with 45 unique number settings, from 5 to 50. The 2-Zone technology allows for a comfort level that can be completely customized for individualized personalization.

The cooling copper-infused memory foam of the Rejuvenation series was designed to regulate temperatures to keep you cool while you sleep.


Personal Comfort R15 Smart Bed

Sale starts at $5099.99
Retail Price at $6199.99

The Personal Comfort R15 has the highest profile of all the Rejuvenation series mattresses with a 15' height designed to make you feel like you're sleeping on the clouds. The copper-infused memory foam will keep you cool by neutralizing bed temperatures and evenly dispersing body heat.

The many health benefits of Copper include anti-inflammatory properties, improved circulation and much more. The levels of comfort can be customized and adjusted from firm to soft depending on your personal preference.



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Easy to use Wireless Remote

Easy to use Wireless Remote

Personalize your comfort by adjusting your side of the bed

Each Personal Comfort smart bed has a wireless handheld controller. In real time, the wireless remotes properly assess bed pressure. To ensure accuracy, they use a medically accepted pressure scale.



The Personal Comfort® Split Head/Flex Head bed provides a completely customized sleeping experience. For a more peaceful night's sleep, sleeping partners can elevate the head of the bed without disturbing one another.

Split head Queen, King, and California King sizes are offered on all Rejuvenation series models. In addition, we have various Split Head Adjustable Bed alternatives to complement the Personal Comfort Smart Bed in a Flex Head size.

Proudly Protected With A Lifetime Warranty

Proudly Protected With A Lifetime Warranty

As a mattress industry leader, Personal Comfort combines cutting-edge technology with high-quality materials to provide you with a product that they can stand behind with a 25-year lifetime warranty.

The Personal Comfort® mattress is created by American National Manufacturing Company, the makers of the Original Smart Bed®, and is proudly designed in the U.S.A.

Personal Comfort Lifetime Warranty