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Massage Chairs On Sale

  • AmaMedic Hilux 4D Massage Chair

    Original price $7,999.00 - Original price $8,677.00
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    Original price $7,999.00
    from $4,999.00
    from $4,999.00
    Current price $4,999.00

    Description Specifications Warranty Manual Reviews AmaMedic Hilux 4D Massage Chair   The ALL NEW luxurious AmaMedic Hilux 4D massage chair is...

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  • Infinity Genesis Max 4D Massage Chair

    Original price $9,699.00 - Original price $10,398.00
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    Original price $9,699.00
    from $8,699.00
    from $8,699.00
    Current price $8,699.00

    Description Specifications Warranty Manuals Reviews Infinity Genesis Max Massage Chair The Infinity Genesis Max 4D massage chair demonstrates...

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Discover Unbeatable Massage Chair Deals at The Modern Back!

The Modern Back offers unbeatable deals on massage chairs on sale all year round.

Our dedication goes beyond just price matching; we aim to exceed any lower price you find.

When it comes to choosing your most ideal massage chair, you can explore our range of options, including Budget-Friendly, Mid-Range, and Premium selections tailored to your specific preferences and requirements.

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our luxury massage chairs designed to cater to your comfort and well-being.

Discover a World of Massage Chairs: From Budget to Luxury, Find Your Perfect Relaxation Spot!

Explore a diverse range of massage chairs, from budget-friendly options to luxurious high-end models, each boasting distinctive features like 2D, 3D, and 4D massage rollers.

Dive into the world of ergonomically designed chairs tailored to suit various price points, promising a perfect blend of comfort and relaxation.

Relax in Style: Affordable Massage Chairs Tailored for Your Comfort

Affordable chairs, priced between $999 and $2000, provide a cost-effective solution for individuals looking to unwind and relax after a long day.

Within this price range, most chairs feature advanced 2D massage rollers that are intricately designed to offer a soothing and revitalizing therapeutic massage, tailored to meet the varying preferences and requirements of users.

This innovative technology ensures a customizable and rejuvenating experience, promoting overall well-being and comfort.

Due to more advanced technology, there are very few 3D massage chairs in this category.

Mid-Range Massage Chairs:

Massage chairs in this price bracket typically range from $2000 to $5000.

While there are numerous 3D massage chairs available, 4D chairs are scarce due to their more advanced technology.

Some 3D chairs may lack comfort and the lifelike feel of a 4D chair, but the experience can vary based on individual body sensations.

It's important to consider the additional features like zero gravity positioning, heat therapy, and customizable massage programs when choosing the perfect massage chair for your relaxation needs.

Luxury Massage Chairs:

Indulge in the ultimate comfort experience with our range of luxury massage chairs, starting at $5000 and offering a luxurious upgrade path.

These top-of-the-line chairs feature advanced 4D rollers, showcasing the cutting-edge of massage chair technology, and come packed with extra features for an even more indulgent treat.

Within this exclusive price range, anticipate nothing less than the smoothest and most human-like massage experience money can buy.


In summary, our selection of massage chairs on sale showcases a diverse collection of models ranging from top brands like Osaki, Daiwa, JPMedics, and more catering to different preferences and budget ranges.  

From therapeutic 2D massage to advanced 4D roller mechanisms, these chairs offer features like heat therapy, zero gravity recline, and various massage types to suit your personal wellness needs.

Each product includes significant savings, ensuring a tremendous value for shoppers seeking premium relaxation solutions at an affordable price.