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Platinum Aura Mat Full Pro PLUS 7428 Firm - Photon Advanced PEMF InfraMat Pro

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Approx. Size: 74″ x 28″ x 1.5″ (185 cm x 70 cm x 4 cm)
Approx. Weight: 26 lbs (12 kg)
Advanced Controller: Time and Temperature settings, advanced PEMF with programmable features, auto-shutoff
EMF Protection: Advanced filtration system and extra EMF-blocking layers
Number of layers: 21 functional layers
Materials: High-quality, nontoxic
Voltage: USA power 110-120V, 260W
Warranty :5-year limited warranty


5-Year Limited Warranty

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If a product is defective, and the defects do not include physical damage caused by incorrect or negligent use, within 5 years of receipt of the product, you may obtain a free replacement from HealthyLine (may be new or refurbished [renewed] depending on availability and the condition of your mat). First, please, contact us at support@healthyline.com and explain the problem in detail, get a Return Goods Authorization number (RGA) and ship it back to us to 925 Shepherd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208 for a free replacement.

Please note: If the product you return does not appear to be defective or has clearly been damaged by the user, we will ship it back to you (at your expense) or offer a trade-in or dispose of it if you refuse to take it back.

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The Platinum Aura Mat features amethyst aura gemstones that undergo a delicate and sophisticated treatment process to create a gemstone mat unlike any other. Amethyst aura is created through a galvanic process during which amethyst and titanium are placed in a pool of ultrapure water. An electric current is then applied, allowing titanium ions to bond to the surface of the amethyst. When this intricate process is completed, it gives the gemstones an iridescent, glimmering appearance. Each individual amethyst aura stone is then hand-selected to be inserted into the Platinum Aura mat—ensuring that only the finest gemstones are included. Not only do these gemstones have a captivating radiance, but the treatment process also amplifies the stone’s natural energy to help you achieve greater mental fortitude, clarity of mind, and flow of energy.

We also included all 5 therapies and our most advanced technology. This includes a customizable PEMF system that allows you to adjust the PEMF frequency, intensity, waveform, and pulse duration—giving you the ability to tailor the PEMF to your health and wellness needs. It even has 12 PEMF presets, such as relaxation or overall regeneration, that can be activated at the press of a button. Aside from that, the mat has far infrared and negative ion therapies that reduce tension deep within the body, improve circulation, and help you cleanse yourself of toxins. The amplified energy of the amethyst aura also enhances these therapies. Lastly, the surface of the mat is lined with 60 individual photon lights to give you vibrant, glowing skin. All of this translates to optimal health and wellness on the inside and out.

To feel your best, you need the best—achieve it with the Platinum Aura Mat!


-Gemstones heat up to 160 F (70 C)

-Far Infrared rays wavelength range is 5-14 μm

-Wellness Enhancing PEMF with changeable:
a. Waveform (Sine, Square)
b. Frequency (1 to 30Hz with 7.83 Hz default)
c. Pulse duration (medium, fast, ultra-fast)
d. Intensity (10% to 100% Settings)
e. Time (20 min, 1 Hr)

-60 Rejuvenating Photon Lights, 660 nm

-Calming Negative Ion Therapy, up to 3000/cc

-Aura amethyst: 9.2 lbs,

-Tourmaline: 1 lbs,

-Obsidian: 0.8 lbs,

-Jade: 0.2 lbs,

-Quartz: 0.5 lbs


-Provides full-body experience
-Advanced PEMF with programmable features
-60 photon lights
-Lined with tourmaline, aura amethyst, obsidian, jade, and quartz
-Good for overnight sleep




-Produces the greatest amount of negative ions
-Improves the body's ability to recover energy and detoxify itself
-Fragile in structure, potent in benefits

Aura Amethyst

Aura Amethyst

-Powerful energy that provides healing on all levels
-Resonates with and recharges all chakra points
-Promotes better focus, creativity, and mental prowess



-Helps the body function more efficiently by returning your energy and mood levels closer to normal
-Jade emits a low heat that produces a calming sensation good for relaxation and meditation
-We utilize all-natural jade mined in China that is cut and polished to the ideal size found on your mat




-Type of volcanic rock similar to Basalt, which is often used in hot stone massage sessions
-Metaphysical properties shield against internal and external negativity
-Helps the body better cleanse itself



-Is considered the master of all healing crystals
-Has the ability to magnify healing vibrations of other crystals that it has contact with
-Is used to amplify the properties of other crystals and gemstones in a mat